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  1. Those procedural radiators are looking (puts on glasses) pretty cool
  2. In what ways will these improvements be applied? Will colonies have full background simulation even when out of focus?
  3. Either's fine by me, but good to see you on the forums again! FYI there are two withstanding issues: debug mode was disabled in my last re-compile, and Kerbals in EVA mode do not receive planetshine. I'd fix both, but I've been unable to compile DLLs with Visual Studio on my new machine for some time.
  4. Help a layman astronomer out here - what type of star did we see in the last video?
  5. Looking at the GameObject hierarchy, we can confirm KSC-2 and Island Airfield launchsites, as well as several easter eggs.
  6. Thank you. Will be updating that this weekend, hopefully. Thanks for the report, I haven't even attempted to spin up PlanetShine in 1.12. Will take a look soon.
  7. That's the default, I believe the nozzle extension is for vacuum operation.
  8. @KSPStarcould we get some more specifics? That is to say, specific impulses for atmospheric and vacuum flight?
  9. My fireworks are usually unplanned, but this is great too!
  10. Snacks are obviously confirmed.
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