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  1. Is this the gateway towards rapid reusability of craft, or will there be additional methods of refueling landed craft, such as fuel pipes?
  2. It's really the best form of propulsion, isn't it?
  3. That was my line of thinking as well. I remember there being changes to how Kerbals were rendered when the EVA suits got updated. Thank you very much for the information. I can get a new version pushed out here soon. No worries
  4. Excellent explanation, thank you very much. I can't wait to see what the interface looks like!
  5. I'm sorry I didn't get my thoughts out correctly - what I'm referring to is not the VAB placed on the ground but the equivalent to the VAB that allows the player to place new surface modules. BAE (Base Assembly Editor) maybe?
  6. I'd like to know what the colony analogue to the VAB will be like. Is there a certain point that KSP 2 could be played like a city builder?
  7. I'm open to making improvements. This is the first I'm hearing of this issue, so thanks for bringing it up.
  8. The magenta square artifact is caused by using a older version of PlanetShine. PlanetShine compiled for 1.8.1 and higher doesn't feature that magenta square.
  9. I believe this belongs in the KSP 1 discussion forum, unless you somehow have early access to KSP 2 in which case please share. That being said, your predicament is a perfect use case for Extraplanetary Launchpads. Give it an install, and drag your junk craft into the recycler. Free parts, free rockets!
  10. This is excellent to hear. KSP 2 is shaping up to have a much more natural progression system than KSP 1.
  11. Truly wonderful that our window into each and every Kerbal's last moments became clearer.
  12. Feature videos detailing the various aspects of KSP 2's gameplay are making a return this winter! Here's another teaser on Twitter.
  13. So, uh, what does phase 3 look like?
  14. I suspect this might be the case given the dev team's love for Nertea's Near Future Technologies suite. This has already been addressed by using water to cool metallic hydrogen engines in-atmosphere and caesium while in a vacuum (hence magnetic nozzles).
  15. The developers have retroactively referred to KSP1's "Liquid fuel" engines as actually being methalox engines. Further confirmation can be found in the bottom-right corner. See how the fuel for the current stage is referred to as "ME"?
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