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  1. Feature videos detailing the various aspects of KSP 2's gameplay are making a return this winter! Here's another teaser on Twitter.
  2. So, uh, what does phase 3 look like?
  3. I suspect this might be the case given the dev team's love for Nertea's Near Future Technologies suite. This has already been addressed by using water to cool metallic hydrogen engines in-atmosphere and caesium while in a vacuum (hence magnetic nozzles).
  4. The developers have retroactively referred to KSP1's "Liquid fuel" engines as actually being methalox engines. Further confirmation can be found in the bottom-right corner. See how the fuel for the current stage is referred to as "ME"?
  5. Let's list out the propellants (confirmed ISRU in bold): Liquid fuel (methalox?) Oxidizer Monopropellant (hydrazine?) Xenon gas Metallic Hydrogen Helium-3 (ICF?) Nuclear pellets What fuel do we expect the fusion torchships to consume?
  6. I've seen references to metallic hydrogen and nuclear pellet factories, so that's three types of factories so far.
  7. I'm operating under the assumption that what we see here is third-generation colony tech. You wouldn't be dropping these modules down to the surface - rather the colony at this point is already large enough that it can manufacture its own modules and simply plop them anywhere.
  8. Thanks for the report, I'll take a look when university relents a bit.
  9. And it is very much a work in progress and has thus been labeled "pre-release". I highly recommend going back to 1.9, which has gotten an official (and stable) release.
  10. I'm incredibly excited for Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) drives as seen orbiting Jool in KSP 2's announcement trailer.
  11. Stick with the 1.8.1 release on CKAN. 1.9 and 1.10 support is still very much in flux, but as soon as those two versions are finalized they will be made available through CKAN so updating will be easy.
  12. That doesn't preclude planet pack DLC. Personally I'm very much in favor of giving Intercept my money for more planets, however I want: - Replacement planet packs (like Whirligig World, Alternis Kerbol, JNSQ, etc) - Challenge planet packs (SLIPPIST-1, Extrasolar, Low Light Levels, etc)
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