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  1. Brachistochrone trajectory planner, please and thank you.
  2. No worries. Those of us familiar with version control understand the frustration of a feature working before the last pull request.
  3. I know we're focusing on the terrain right now, but look at those new landing legs! Edit: And the IVA view!
  4. I'm very excited for this. Terrain resolution changes in KSP1 were the number one cause of stutters. Unity Jobs is fairly mature and enjoyable to work with. I wish the Entity Component System framework was more mature, there's a clear use case for PartModules where MonoBehaviour just doesn't cut it.
  5. DOTS is far from production-ready. It's still a preview package and there are occasional game-breaking API changes, and I believe custom serialization is still a pain.
  6. I'm impressed. Those are some excellent design decisions. I hope to hear more about KSP2's optimizations in the future!
  7. That was an excellent read. I very much enjoy the technically-inclined dev diaries.
  8. Oh I should change that - thank you for the reminder.
  9. That's where Kerbals find most of their parts anyways.
  10. These planets are already so pretty you could put a ring on them.
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