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  1. Thanks for the update, Nate. I respect your judgement and look forward to hearing more from you folks at Intercept. Stay safe and fly safe!
  2. A large info dump regarding Kerbal Space Program 2 has been posted to Imgur here. As a site note: we're getting nurseries! TLDR Transcript (work in progress)
  3. While this is disheartening news, I am relieved to hear that the Kerbal Space Program 2 developers are taking the appropriate steps to make the game as great as possible. Thank you for the update, and stay safe!
  4. In-game. The solar panels differ from real life.
  5. Where'd we learn that? I'm rather excited for Jool to get a facelift.
  6. I share your enthusiasm! Also, welcome to the forums!
  7. Taking advantage of the new colony-powered progression, I like it. I'm going to use my first Mun colony as a staging ground for Duna colonization, and later a Jool drydock. I plan on launching my first interstellar craft from Jool much like in the cinematic reveal trailer.
  8. I'd like to try the new "Progression" mode and do a spoiler-free playthrough exploring all the bodies on my own accord without consulting this forum. I think that's the best way to challenge and delight myself. Looking forward to unlocking the Daedalus drive. Then, I'm going to get work modding to my heart's content.
  9. From the footage we've seen so far it appears extremely large megastructures are indeed possible at a decent framerate, so its safe to say at least some performance gains have been made with KSP 2 over its predecessor. I'm going to conservatively guess that smaller structures akin to the ones we make in KSP 1 will be gentle on the framerate and that the part count has been extended to a couple hundred, but not thousand parts before experiencing frame drops.
  10. This is absolutely incredible! I've taken a look through your code and I'm very impressed at the work you've done on simulating hyperbolic trajectories. I can easily see this becoming a fully-fledged game for mobile devices.
  11. Yes! That was my primary motivation for patching up this lovely mod.
  12. I'm personally of the school of thought that metallic hydrogen technology will precede Project Orion nuclear propulsion in the tech tree.