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  1. You have two modes: - high thrust, low efficiency : LF+OX+LH2 with tank proportions 1:1:2 - low thrust, high efficiency: LH2+OX with tank proportions 1:1 Ideally you want to switch mid flight once you reach greater altitudes. Since it is a booster engine you need a lot of thrust on the launchpad, so you use the less efficient mode. But for max efficiency you should pack more LH2+OX and a tad bit of LF+OX+LH2 just for the beginning of the flight for extra oomph. This is just a dummy example: Such a booster will still mainly run on LH2+OX once high enough. From top to bottom I have a LH2 tank , LF+OX tank, and then big LH2+OX tank
  2. From my testing, I think you need two tanks: one regular LF+OX and then another tank of the same size with LH2. I think this didn't leave any residual fuel.
  3. Did a little mission to Dres: Sending a ScanSat satellite to polar orbit (2.5x scale) Burning into orbit around Kerbin: On escape from Kerbin: Mid-course inclination change: Final Dres Insertion into polar orbit
  4. Friendly reminder to those who want to try out the dev version of NF Electrical to also download SystemHeat (which is not listed in the dependencies for the previous versions). Else the reactors won't be able to produce any electricity... A pending pull request on github already exists, and it includes the fix.
  5. As for how much fuel you need in a tank, you can simply calculate the volume, and then copy the amount per volume from another mod like bdb. Balancing thrust and ISP you can do by trial and error maybe, while starting from 1/4 the irl values as you mentioned.
  6. I wonder, why not build drag cubes for the whole vessel and each stage independently, which would be built from the drag cubes from each part, so instead of having lots of drag cubes at once, have bigger drag cubes which represent stages as single entities? Of course the drag cubes would have to be recalculated each time you unexpectedly loose a part in flight.
  7. I find the devs from Coffee Stain Studios nail this pretty well with Satisfactory's weekly community updates via community managers. If they run into issues, they usually use this form of communication to inform the players, they don't just share the good stuff either. We get it in the form of forum posts for KSP 2, but the video format CSS is going for makes the communication feel even more direct and honest.
  8. The new hatch animations are awesome! It adds so much more to immersion. The mod in general is great and makes building stations and then exploring them first person so good
  9. Update v0.1.4 Added balance patches for CryoEngines and NFLV to bring them more in line with stock performance Updated placement of some parts Added support for ExtraDockingPorts
  10. The thing is, science should be more diverse than what is in KSP 1 for most experiments, right click and done. I personally enjoy BG and ScanSat Experiments, because you have some time associated with the experiments. A single temperature reading would be useless IRL, and you wouldn't send a manned expedition either to study the temperature around a planet. So instead of incentivizing return for every experiment, it should only be for the likes of surface samples etc. Also: animations! Makes it always more fun to collect some useless points haha
  11. I didn't touch the textures, only brought the scatterer configs up to date so that they work with the latest version (which I am not sure wouldn't infringe the license). @Poodmundwould be more suited to talk about the licensing of his work though. If you want to improve on the scatterer configs, it is fine by me.
  12. For your rocket to be unmanned, you need to have no kerbals on board, however to remain able to control it you need a probe core (StayPutnik, Octo, Hecs etc.). Kos does not change anything to that, don't know about remote tech though.
  13. I am super excited about the possibilities for new IVA's and first person playability (if it ever comes )
  14. This might go in the direction of shelshok's demand, but in an undesirable way, as it is rather a bug: When activating the camera on the display, and going eva after, the last camera picture seems to stay rendered. See the video below (skip to 1:25 until I manage to click the right buttons). It seems it also breaks my waterfall plumes, but I'd have to do more investigation on that. If needed I can send logs and modlist. Quickloading fixes the issue, but not the plumes though.
  15. Sorry for reviving, but this pack has been broken since quite a few scatterer versions came out, and I thought I'd try my best at fixing it. I've made new configs for the new scatterer version at https://github.com/TakashiSenpai/PoodsOPMVO. I haven't had much experience with the previous scatterer, so setting some values was quite a shot in the dark, and I tried my best to recreate the atmospheres. Thatmo is quite a difficult one to get right. Some fine tuning on the values, and especially the config points is still necessary, but let me know what you think @Poodmund. Here are tracking station views: ( I don't know what causes the ring texture in the center bottom though...)
  16. For when multiplayer gets implemented it would be nice to have the ability to spectate other players vessels. Maybe even interact at the same time, where pilot gets control over thrust and attitude, scientist over experiments and engineer over ship systems etc. Just imagine being able to recreate Apollo with some friends and work together to make a succesful mission
  17. Dabbled with the new release for a few minutes. In the editor, it would be nice (don't know how feasible) to see the shortcuts for mass adding items, like shift = +10, ctrl = +1, alt = grab all etc. Also a shortcut for mass removing them could be handy. Don't know if it's just me but the text in the ui seemed kind of blurry. When holding J, no tooltips are shown only "=====" One quick test in orbit: welding a ladder went smoothly. Trying to weld a monopropellant tank resulted in Bill's disintegration, but the craft was kept intact somehow. Second test with a new engineer, still had some problems: - grabbing was easy, quite a long distance too. - I figured out "k" would screw parts together, but I couldn't find the keys for rotating the parts beforehand - A healthy dose of explosions
  18. Yes, but you want to keep the .dll for the part variant switching.
  19. So removing the mod is the solution? What's the purpose of having it downloaded then?
  20. From some experimenting, the extras shipped with the latest version need a little modification for clouds to work when all of them are used. They should use "@EVE_CLOUDS" instead of "EVE_CLOUDS" in the first line, else the cloud config is overwritten, and there are no clouds.
  21. AVP has configs for OPM. Else you can use OPMVO with EVE and scatterer 0.632 or less.
  22. Hey there! I've run into a minor issue with the 2,5m fuel tank, metal version, but other parts might be affected as well. It seems like it is slightly transparent, so as to parts' shadows being visible despite them being behind the tank, and out of sight. See pictures for more detail. It is definitely more noticeable when the camera is moving. Is this a known issue, or something caused by scaterrer, eve or tufx?
  23. Hi! I've created a pull request to add indicator lights to USI's latest experiment parts.
  24. Swapping the experiment definitions of the radio science and environmental scanner, it now works. There might be a character combination in the situation reports of the radio science which messes things up.
  25. There seems to be a small issue with the "Environmental Scanner" experiment in the latest release. There is no option to log the data, in all situations: Trying to fix the issue, it seems there is something wrong with the experiment definition itself, if I replace it with another one the "log data" button is available again. I wasn't able to find the problem though. This was tested on a bare-bones install, with only USI (different install from where the picture was taken, but the issue persists).
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