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  1. Yes, but you want to keep the .dll for the part variant switching.
  2. So removing the mod is the solution? What's the purpose of having it downloaded then?
  3. From some experimenting, the extras shipped with the latest version need a little modification for clouds to work when all of them are used. They should use "@EVE_CLOUDS" instead of "EVE_CLOUDS" in the first line, else the cloud config is overwritten, and there are no clouds.
  4. AVP has configs for OPM. Else you can use OPMVO with EVE and scatterer 0.632 or less.
  5. Hey there! I've run into a minor issue with the 2,5m fuel tank, metal version, but other parts might be affected as well. It seems like it is slightly transparent, so as to parts' shadows being visible despite them being behind the tank, and out of sight. See pictures for more detail. It is definitely more noticeable when the camera is moving. Is this a known issue, or something caused by scaterrer, eve or tufx?
  6. Hi! I've created a pull request to add indicator lights to USI's latest experiment parts.
  7. Swapping the experiment definitions of the radio science and environmental scanner, it now works. There might be a character combination in the situation reports of the radio science which messes things up.
  8. There seems to be a small issue with the "Environmental Scanner" experiment in the latest release. There is no option to log the data, in all situations: Trying to fix the issue, it seems there is something wrong with the experiment definition itself, if I replace it with another one the "log data" button is available again. I wasn't able to find the problem though. This was tested on a bare-bones install, with only USI (different install from where the picture was taken, but the issue persists).
  9. You need 5400-5600 m/s of dv to reach orbit in 2,5x rescale, against 3400 m/s in stock, that may be your issue. Stock parts are still well performing with rescale, no need for configs; your rockets will just end up being larger. Since the titan comes from BDB, maybe ask in the respective thread? Balancing part performance is not the goal of rescale, but of the part mods themselves
  10. Update v0.1.2: Changes to the placement of fuel tanks: Now all tanks of a certain diameter are grouped in the same node. Cryotanks of the same diameter always come one node later, as they provide an advantage for cooling. These changes should make career mode more bearable early on, as most of the part limit gets taken from fuel tanks. Changes to remote guidance unit placements. Tying in to the above, added SAS upgrades for probes and rgu's, so that you can use rgu's for nice looking ascent vehicles, and probes for satellites, without being at a disadvantage by using probes. The upgrades are available for all unmanned command units. Moved the ion propulsion line as a child of nuclear propulsion Added balance patch of Tharsis (CryoEngine) and Corgi (ReStock+) in cryo mode, to have better thrust for their size. Tweaked the cost respectively. Changed Data and Science storage of labs Added balance patch to increase Cheetah and Bobcat (Making History DLC) thrust by 1.25x for more adequate performance. Directly inspired by JNSQ's patch. Added "Telemetry report" from Probe Before Crew under the MIT license. Various changes about techtree placements which I may have forgotten about. Added Modular Launchpad placement patch: Now all parts are available from the start. The thought behind this, is that they don't help you advance your career and you don't need to waste precious science early game for nice looking launch pads.
  11. Spectra is supposed to be for the stock system afaik, you probably had two eve configs at the same time.
  12. Check out @Snark's new mod: It automatically calculates the geostationary orbit's radius (shown in the tracking station), and dynamically adjusts itself for any system, also scaled . So you can now the synchronus orbit for every body in the system.
  13. Do the synchronous orbit numbers also work in rescaled systems, or are they hard coded?
  14. Has it been considered to add a patch to add the gold foil textures to the structural panel parts? The Restock version looks off when pairing them with the probe cores.
  15. The folder structure of the spacedock download looks odd. Should't the contracts all be inside a "RAD" folder? Currently it's GameData\ContractPacks\RADcontract_xyz instead of GameData\ContractPacks\RAD\RADcontract_xyz.
  16. There is a mod called "customAsteroids" which allows for more customizability in Asteroid spawning. There also are configs specially made for opm.
  17. Can confirm, especially Eve is looking funky. The rest of the bodies seem unbroken, but they do look somewhat different from previous scatterer versions, eg. a more saturated blue for Kerbin.
  18. If the messages from above are still correct, I suppose you won't put any time in this @Poodmund?
  19. Ah my mistake, almost got it in the right thread though .
  20. I've just loaded up ksp with the new scatterer release, and am getting some funkiness that might require fixing (I know opm doesn't officially hold compatibility for 1.12 in the title)
  21. @linuxgurugamer I've made a pull request to add what I discussed above. If it is too much I can modify it again to only includee station cores instead of station cores + habs. I've held back from removing the crew capacity requirement yet. And was it the right file I modified? is there a special purpose for the cfg-disabled?
  22. So regarding the sspxr contracts: I've tested adding the new parameters for station cores, and it seems to work (at least they show up in the contract card in mission control). I was thinking though, to change the requirements to "size x core + size x habitat", instead of just "size x core". That would mean the requirement to have 4 crew capacity would be redundant, as the smallest combo already gives you 4 crew capacity. Thoughts on that? I was also thinking to write contracts to add centrifuges and airlocks, to emphasize station construction and maintaining. But I believe there is already an "add crew capacity" contract, so I don't know if it would be worth it though, since centrifuges are habitats already. And forcing you to add a centrifuge over a habitat might take away the flexibility you have over how you design your space station. hope that was kind of clear...
  23. Is it possible though to make this 'automatic'? I've been playing on 2.5x rescale, and noticed it wasn't possible to complete the barnstorming contracts, since the maximum allowed altituted was then below the ground. Adding a few meters manually in the config made it possible though, but it's kinda tedious.
  24. Yes that's it! I'll look into fixing the conflict(s) soon-ish, I am just low on time since University is taking most of it right now. I tried fixing the indentations a while back, but I remember it was doing funky stuff, so I kind of gave up on trying to fix it.
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