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  1. That was my first thought, but you can ony change values, not currencies; at least in the default cfg. This does make sense from a milestone perspective, but wouldn't allow for more flexibility, i.e. if you were to use system rescales (talking out of own interest here ^^), then you might not have enough capacity to reach orbit with just 18t rockets. Maybe you could mitigate that issue by modifying the max weight values. In the end it wouldn't be the linear progression path, where you upgrade where/when you need it...
  2. Might be off topic, but: there is the mod "dockrotate" around, which I've used and never had issues with before (drifting) so I must wonder if the root cause is how the rotating code works in the first place?
  3. Update v0.1.1: Moved Parts Added Cost Rebalance Support more Mods (see first post) Tweaked Techtree Nodes
  4. Hello all! I've tried career mode quite extensively, and enjoyed having some restrictions. However, while it is fun to have to manage funds in the early game, it gets really difficult to strike the balance with advanced parts, like the engines from far future tech, which are extremely expensive. One of the aspects that appealed to me, was that you had to upgrade your KSC in order to progress. You can tweak it with custom barn kit in career to adjust the buildings costs etc., but is there a mod / would it be feasible to replicate this in science mode? Like as in also start from a lv1 KSC and then spend science points to upgrade each building, with increased costs each time.
  5. Awesome work, really looking forward to where this goes. It's still very early to ask questions, but does it mean we can override the kerbals weight and volume limit by using their kis and not stock inventory (thinking of the function of having several kerbals, who when together can carry more), or were the volumes just placeholders for testing? Also do you intend to make it override the stock inventory system? Right now, they seem to run in parallel, but what if you only wanted to use the kis layout without always having to click on the paw each time, would it be possible to "disable" the stock inventory?
  6. From Making History, the cheetah and bobcat don't get a plume by waterfallRestock, which it then provides
  7. Does this mean that... we're getting launch towers as well?
  8. I am not entirely sure if it is related to restock, but I am encountering a misbehaviour with the stayputnik probe. It ought to be made out of stalinium, since it can endure impacts of 130m/s with the ground without a scratch. Is this a stock bug, or do the meshes have something to do with it? Relevant installed mods: Restock, Sigma+Rescale 2.5x.
  9. Have been trying to get it to work in 1.12.2; the orbits get tilted correctly it seems, however Urlums texture doesn't want to tilt 90°, or is it not supposed to? Mods: EVE-Redux; Kopernicus, OPM, Rescale (2,5x), scatterer, OPMtilt, SigmaDimensions, Spectra, PoodsOPMVO (both tried with and without).
  10. Yes. You can do some copy-pasta magic from the official 1.11.x compatible release to resolve this issue. Make sure to check your log to see what parts are affected (iirc it's the 2,5m centrifuge that has a cfg snippet missing).
  11. Technically, yes. The parts won't show up in the game if you delete their configs, textures etc, but that is the not-so-elegant solution, especially if you accidentally delete some important files.
  12. https://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/k-12/airplane/specimp.html Isp = F / ((dm/dt) * g0) => dt = dm * g0 * Isp / F and that you already managed to integrate
  13. I am playing a hard career with a 2.5x rescale, ctt (+Better Early Tree and Logical Progression) with science and funds both on 50% plus part entry costs enabled and if you don't use contract packs it's extremely hard (and much less fun). Those that I use is Exploration Plus (in conjunction to the normal Exploration contracts), Field Research, Tourism Plus and Bases and Stations. It is kinda grindy but fun in the early game to get tech to be able to go to orbit and beyond, but I recommend to not set funds penalties over 100% (which is the normal setting, and which determines how much building upgrades cost). While I am not very familiar with KTT, I know it is perfectly doable to get a probe into orbit and even to the mun in under 18t, even in rescaled systems, and without patched conics. From then on you should normally have enough funds to get those upgrades which open up the game and make satellite contracts much easier, the true, non cheesy, cash cow for early game. What is really missing is sounding rocket contracts, that are well implemented in RP-1, which would make unmanned starts much easier (I know the survey contracts exist, but they suck imo and are unreliable, as most require crew reports in my experience). I just realized that I might have misread your post...
  14. Does the Refund on Recovery fix the bug with negative funds, eg. when recovering high amounts of rare metals/refined exotics from USI?
  15. I'd love to see more of actual gameplay features, ie if anything/what is happenning or changing from ksp1 in terms of career or science gameplay.
  16. Quick question: does deleting the configs and other files for legacy parts, if not needed improve the game load time and in-game performance? Especially when running a lot of other mods?
  17. Why does this patch work for the MPO probe, but not for the MTM? The cost for the latter is only the xenon cost. My formula would be cost = mass * 6000 * SAS level, if it is present (so it wouldn't apply to the stayputnik) @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Pods]&#vesselType[Probe]] { @cost = #$mass$ @cost *= 6000 } @PART[*]:HAS[#category[Pods]&#vesselType[Probe]&@MODULE[ModuleSAS]:HAS[#SASServiceLevel]] { @cost *= #$/MODULE[ModuleSAS]/SASServiceLevel$ } For the MPO I get 0,395*6000*3 = 7110 which is correct, but for the MTM I get a cost of 15200, although it should be 0,415*6000*2 = 4980; it also works with every other probe core except the MTM!
  18. It worked! They just didn't have restock texture/models, but I am sure that's what you were working on.
  19. I haven't been able to play since then, and can only test again in a few days; I'll try it out then.
  20. You can whitelist some parts so that restock doesn't touch them. (don't know how to tho).
  21. Hi! I just downloaded the pre-release and noticed that the parachutes don't show up. I have restock installed, maybe it has to do with that?
  22. In case of Emergency, please put your seatbelt on and brace for impact lithobrake.
  23. The game is still there, it isn't like everybody will stop playing after 1.12...
  24. Logical Progression 0.1.0 License: CC BY-NC 4.0 Description This mod is the successor to ImprovedTreeEnginePlacement. It is an expansion to the entire community tech tree, Logical Progression therefore already contains ITEP, mainly focused for better career gameplay. It is an attempt to streamline and linearise the progression through the technology, no more random unlocks, or basic parts that are pushed far down the tree for no logical reason (hence the name!). You get parts you want and not a random mix of parts from different categories. It is primarily destined to support my own suite of mods, but I am putting it out so anyone who desires to can also try it out for themselves. It conserves the CTT to the highest extent possible while adding a minimal amount of new nodes. Almost all parts have been moved to new tech nodes, here is a brief summary of what it boils down to: parts get unlocked in growing order of size. Most parts with the same cross-section get unlocked in the same nodes, with one exception being the rocket fuel tanks. The tree now has a line for fuel tanks, trusses & station parts, couplers & docking ports & engine mounts, robotics, aerospace, aviation engines, landing, science & isru, ion & plasma propulsion, probes & antennas, drone cores, electrics, radiators, colonization & habitation, logistics. You won't find radiators or antennas in electrics, nor will you find science experiments elseswhere than in the science nodes. Some sacrifices had to been made so some patches can be debatable. Roadmap Currently planned is a cost and entry cost rebalance of almost all the parts following a clear structure, but that won't be for anytime soon, propositions are welcome. My idea for now is to base the costs on weighted combinations of mass, thrust, isp, crew capacity and type of part, allowing for easy but efficient and clear patching. i.e. for fuel tanks, cost = mass, entry cost = 5 x cost; for engines the separation between very efficient (nuclear, cryo) needs to be made, so that kerolox still is attractive. Supported mods FFT NF (all mods) USI KIS ReStockPlus Stock Making History Breaking Ground SSPXR CryoEngines HeatControl Interkosmos Kerbal Atomics ScanSat Benjee20_Suits (New) BonVoyage (New) Spacedust (New) SystemHeat (New) Notes: No patches are provided for making history 5m parts (as of now) since NFLV replaces them, and my patches target those parts. SSPXR v2.0.0 is currently supported, and further patches will be provided for the upcoming 5m parts. I will also look into the part placement of KSP 1.12 once it comes out. Dependencies Community Tech Tree Better Early Tree Module Manager Download https://github.com/TakashiSenpai/LogicalProgression https://spacedock.info/mod/2774
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