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  1. Oh, hi. I discovered the problem later. I had all the parachutes in their own stage and for some reason that stopped them from deploying. I have since moved them to a lower stage and they are working properly now. This shows what I did wrong.
  2. Because it just plain works. It is there from the start of a career and is still useful later on, at least for me. Early on. On Laythe too.
  3. There are some interesting ideas there and I gotta try some of them out. This is what I'm up to today. Why did that happen?
  4. I started using the Thud right away in my career and am still using it for landers. It just works. The Wolfhound has been pushing craft all over the Kerbol system and is still being used out to Laythe. Again, it just works.
  5. I recently started landing on Laythe and the parachutes acted wonky. The first small lander worked just fine with the parachutes opening as expected. The second large lander had problems. The parachutes refused to open at all. Yes I saved, so made many attempts trying different solutions. The only thing that worked was to create action groups to open the drogue and main parachutes. Playing with settings made no difference. Note that I did not touch any settings in the VAB and they were all pure stock. This has never happened to me before on Kerbin or Duna.
  6. I will probably buy KSP2 sometime in the future when it has the features I want. There is no reason to buy it now in its current condition. I have done early access in the past and will not do it again. There is no upside to being a beta tester. As for the price, with all the price gouging going on everywhere, it is no surprise that T2 is doing it too. As for that launcher, it may not be harmful now but that means it will not be changed in the future. T2 can not be trusted, so I will wait.
  7. That spaceplane isn't perfect, but it takes off, flies, and lands just fine. It just needs a little more range. Just had a really close shave, this time with a rocket. My first landing on Laythe. To Laythe! So far so good. Fuel? We don't need no stinking fuel! The parachutes work! Who needs landing legs anyway? Laythe base is operational and collecting science.
  8. Had a bit of an adventure. Went to the Mun to rescue a Kerbal. Made it back to the carrier. It is a new design and needs more testing. Takeoff! But because this one was up by the North pole it used too much fuel. Kinda sorta miscalculated the burn point and found water instead of land. Another perfect landing!
  9. Try it using CKAN. That sets it up for you and makes sure you are using a compatible version.
  10. Decided to build a rover carrier using the cargo ramp. First issue is that the rover has to be narrow to fit the ramp, but it seemed to fly well. Tested it by rescuing a Kerbal on Bop. After refueling on Minmus it went to Bop and landed fine. The rover seemed to work fine in spite of being narrow. Flags are always needed. Then flew to Bop base, refueled, and took off for Kerbin. I hope there is land down there. There was. It turned out to be very efficient. Gotta build better rovers for it.
  11. Spaceplanes. I am a lousy pilot and never learned how to rendezvous, so the only way to get out there is with spaceplanes. They have wheels on them so can double as rovers when needed.
  12. A claw works fine. You might have to change a setting to allow fuel flow through it or use hoses. I found the hoses to be glitchy. Later I switched to just using KIS/KAS. Just running a hose over is easier.
  13. Just out of curiosity and because I have never used the debug menu I gave it a try. Didn't change anything but turned it on, then took out a MK2 with ladders and the change was dramatic. It normally gets up into orbit quite well but suddenly it could not even go supersonic. Not even close. Reverted to the hanger and tried again and it flew normally again. That debug menu seems to be buggy to this noob.
  14. I've been running EVE redux for a while with the stock config and recently deleted that and added Astronomers Visual Pack. All is fine except for an oddity. Now there is fog or low clouds on Ike and Mun. This is distracting and at times can be dangerous as the fog can hide obstacles from rovers. Is there a setting to get rid of this?
  15. Hmm, could that drag be caused by the ladders location? Is the drag still high when the ladders are located back on the fuselage? On my MK3s the ladders are mounted on the cockpit but the MK2s have them mounted back a bit and i never noticed any drag from them. I never use the debug menu and don't know how to turn it on.
  16. Yes I use ladders on my MK2 and MK3 SSTOs and have not noticed much drag from them. This one has ladders and the worst drag is caused by the 2 outer rapiers being slightly misaligned. Other than that is looks pretty clean.
  17. That is a tip that I did not know about until this thread. The difference in a properly place piece and a badly placed part. is dramatic. In this spaceplane the outer two rapiers were badly placed but looked good. The difference in drag is dramatic.
  18. As others have stated it works for all engines I have tried it on. I have not tried the Whiplash or other rocket engines like the Wolfhound. So far only the aerospike and nerv get shrouds. Here is a look at nerv and Rapier engines with nose cones in them. You can see the nose cone in the Rapiers but not the nerv. Also, use the tiniest nose cone in the nerv and a larger one in the rapier.
  19. The devs are ok with using that nosecone trick to reduce drag as when it is done to the aerospike and nerv engines they get a shroud over them.
  20. Is the aerospike engine centered in its mounting? They can get offset which causes drag. Also, a shroud can be installed on it to greatly reduce drag. Take a small nosecone, rotate it 180 degrees, and then install it behind the aerospike. Then move it forward until it is almost invisible.
  21. I recently installed AVP with the 8k textures onto EVE Redux. Scatterer and Waterfall are also installed. All is well and I am happy with it except that so far there is fog or mists on Ike and Mun. I find this jarring and would like that gone. Is it possible?
  22. Addendum: Taking off into orbit and landing has been the test with Astronomers Visual Pack. With 2k textures it got 80fps. With 4k textures it got 70 fps. With 8k textures it got 137 fps. I'm not confused. Nope, not one little bit. Pretty sure there was some sort of conflict before because 40 fps was common before.
  23. Are you on Steam? I have heard that enabling the Steam cloud causes new installs to be loaded from old saves including mods.
  24. The Parking Brake mod helps a lot too, but does not always stop that turning.
  25. What I had before was light on clouds and I was getting dissatisfied with it anyway. So, looking at the relationships I started with A. Astronomers Visual Pack and the 2K textures. Got way more clouds and in the first run fps is way up too. This might be a keeper. It's odd because I tried AVP a couple of years ago on a weaker system and it tanked fps.
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