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  1. Just went back and looked and it is there. One item had a red flag. While I was clicking around checking things out it turned black. Now I will have to check other mods. The old version is still there too.
  2. It would be nice if someone could make some of those "beloved" mods compatible with KSP v 1.12.5. For instance FAR is only compatible with V 1.3.99. It is needed for other mods that "might" be compatible.
  3. I hope so. I have started DLing a few mods and they are all old and have issues. Also dependencies on old mods that are not compatible with KSP v1.12.5.
  4. Just wondering if this mod is still supported? I recently installed it and it seems to be working fine except for one thing. There are no lights. No cockpit lights or landing gear lights. It would be nice if they worked.
  5. Not to change the subject, but I have always gotten to this forum through a link from the Wiki. This morning that link went down. I click on it and nothing happens except a blank screen. I then typed in this forum in the search bar and got here fast. Is this a general issue or is it a personal problem?
  6. It seems the deployed science tried to send science when no satellite was in range as it has sent 10% instead of 100%.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I do not think it is mods, but is baked into KSP. Almost all my mods are just visual mods and the gravity Kraken and Kerbnet have been problems for years.
  8. Really? I deployed the control box first, then the power with an engineer. Then the science with a scientist. Actually I have no set way to deploy stuff and that time I chose the engineer first. Will have to redeploy and see what happens.
  9. Been messing with mods. This cockpit flies. But this cockpit flies better.
  10. ZOOOOMMM!!! Right over your head! That is a picture of 57 year old STAINLESS STEEL and chrome. Also, that paint is 57 years old too. In the weather all those decades. Where is the rust? A little surface rust is starting to show on the paint. Not the stainless steel. Teslas are rusting out right now today. Please try to keep up.
  11. https://imgur.com/I7Le1GL Ahem. This the front end of my unrestored 90% original 1967 Ford F250 pickup. It has a stainless steel grill and headlight nacelles and a chrome steel bumper. This is the industry standard, not the Tesla. Also, this can carry the Cybertruck, but the Cybertruck can not carry this. The loss of profitability of Tesla has been predicted as the government programs to boost EVs are ending and there is now competition in the EV market.
  12. The Tesla sports car Musk fired into space is a pre Musk Tesla. He bought into the company and then ousted the founders and kicked them out. Lots of lawsuits. The Cybertruck is a disaster. One is not allowed to sell it before one has owned it for at least one year. The penalty is a $50,000 lawsuit. The Cybertruck's price is now in free fall and many companies such as CarMax are refusing to buy them at all. One youtuber just managed to get rid of his by trading it in and hoping he does not get sued.
  13. I had just upgraded my pc with new motherboard, cpu, and ram so that is in good shape. Upgraded the gpu and then when the specs came out found out it was still below standards. And it is by far the most expensive GPU I ever bought at almost twice as much as the one it replaced. but it plays everything else really well.
  14. Since KSP2 is dead, I DLed some spaceplane mods and have been doing lots of dumb stuff. This is V1 and it actually worked, sorta. Up to V4 now. Another V1. V3 is better.
  15. I have been running this install of KSP since V1.18. It is currently in year 932 of V 1.12.5. It runs fine except for some things. First Kerbnet does not work. It gives dozens of false positives and also does not see things you are standing next to. Then there is the Kraken. I want to build colonies but can not as stuff falls apart, flies off the ground, or simply explodes. This seems to be related to gravity as things are fine on Kerbin but Minmus is a no go. Likewise Duna and Ike. Then there is Dres where I had to abandon the base because the Kraken made doing anything at all difficult. So my question is: Is the gravity Kraken bad for everyone or is this a personal problem? Would a reinstall help?
  16. Been learning how to do gravity assists to get out there better and it seems to work.
  17. Watched ShadowZone's video and read this thread. The lesson learned is that one cannot build a house on a foundation of sand. It sure was a pretty house, but it has all crumbled into wreckage. At this point it is best to start over with a strong foundation first, or just walk away.
  18. Recently installed the MK2.5 mod using CKAN and it installed and works fine. But one thing bothers me and that it has no lights, not even landing lights. Is there any way to get lights working?
  19. Is that why everything slides across the ground? Is that why things simply explode just because they are close to other things?
  20. Does anyone know if they just tried to fix the KSP source code or if they started over from scratch? I've been watching KSP2 videos and have seen some of the same KSP bugs in KSP2. It looks like they used old code and not new code.
  21. Welp, it rolled out fine. Going back in, not so much.
  22. @Alpha_star I play KSP at 3440x1440 and fps varies from 40-120 fps. I really notice it when the fps gets low and will not play anything that gets even worse fps. My worst fps comes when many large vehicles are close together, like when refueling at a spaceport. When alone even my largest rocket of almost 4,300 tons gets ok fps. When people with top of the line rigs get single digit fps with a single small rocket in KSP2......................
  23. I have an average rig so updated it to what I hoped was good enough for KSP2, then saw people with rigs that cost as much as cars were struggling. Decided to wait until colonies came out to buy, but it didn't make it that far. Since I never played it I have no real opinion, so am neutral. My opinion is that they messed up by trying to reinvent the wheel. They could have just built it using the lessons learned in KSP, then used KSP assets to get it going, then upgrade them as they went along.
  24. This. At this point backporting things from KSP2 are what I am interested in. How hard would things like easter eggs be?
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