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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2662942286 This guide shows you where to find the engine.
  2. You can use Breaking Ground robotics to add a robotic arm to the base that can dock to the plane, or install Kerbal Attachment System and use the RTS-01 resource transfer pipe to move fuel to the plane without docking.
  3. @king of nowhere Congratulations on your third Kerbalism grand tour! I've been following the mission report for a while, and it was an incredible journey. You should try Alternis Kerbol mainly for Tylo, its gravity is increased to 4g and it has a very short but thick atmosphere.
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2662942286 KSP 1.12.2 revamped the Swivel engine and hid the old one. By going into the advanced sort menus, you can find the old engine. The link goes to a guide with pictures that shows where to find it.
  5. Research Kits are a resource, like fuel. There should be an option to change the storage for those parts, then you can change it to hold research kits.
  6. Parts like the Coach modules and the 1.25m to 1.875m adapter can store Research Kits inside.
  7. You can launch more research kits from Kerbin using the MOLE containers, and there might be a way to make them from ore using MOLE's converters, I'm not sure.
  8. @18Watt Congratulations on completing the Ultimate Challenge! Your mission report has been added to the Hall of Fame and you can now add the Ultimate Challenge badge to your signature.
  9. If you have Breaking Ground, you could try putting the docking port on a robotic arm to adjust its position to match the other port. Alternatively, if your mining rover or transfer ship is crewed you can install Kerbal Attachment System and use the resource transfer pipe to transfer the ore without doing any docking. With some practice, you could land the transfer ship right next to the base and cut out the rover entirely, putting the KAS port or robotic arm on the base instead.
  10. Abbreviation for Breaking Ground.
  11. Do you have the Breaking Ground DLC? Also, was your save created after getting BG? (Probably a dumb question but still good to make sure.) Surface features can be hard to find sometimes, but in the debug menu under the Breaking Ground category in the Surface Features menu, you can toggle an option that puts large arrows above every nearby surface feature.
  12. Try moving the camera to be inside the fuel tank so you can see the head of the docking port, and then grab it.
  13. I think you can alt-click on an item in the inventory to fill the entire stack, so you can put 1 repair kit in each slot and alt-click each of them to male or a full stack.
  14. I started a new Snarkiverse save and the views are incredible.
  15. The pink lines are from the scan, and it shows where ore is.. In the map view, select the Mun and there's a resource tab on the toolbar where you can change or remove the lines.
  16. Anomalies don't save across games. Some anomalies are even in different places in different saves. The anomaly found messages only show up in career mode, where you get some milestone funds for discovering them.
  17. You can set the steering and friction force higher by changing it from auto to override in the right-click menu. You might need to enable Advanced Tweakables in the main menu settings.
  18. 9.5/10, I see you pretty much everywhere.
  19. I got Admin Kerman in one of my older saves.
  20. I sent some crew off to Duna to join the base modules I previously launched.
  21. The hitchhikers might be overheating despite the heat shield, or aerodynamics are tearing it apart. Try spinning the craft around the reduce heat. A video or screenshots would help figure out the problem. If you're really desperate, you can turn on Unbreakable Joints and Ignore Max Temperature in the debug menu (Alt+F12).
  22. Comets spawn in the same way as asteroids, only in much larger orbits. Comets have the same size classes as asteroids except for new F, G and H class sizes. Contracts will appear to collect samples from comets, there might be other comet related contracts but those are the only ones I've seen.
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