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  1. @king of nowhere Congrats on yet another grand tour! Once KSP2 releases ISRU (probably in the colonies update), I'll make an Ultimate Challenge thread for KSP2.
  2. @fulgur Congrats! Your mission has been added to the Hall of Fame.
  3. Flag planted, nothing was destroyed. I tried to put a flag at the center of the Tracking Station dish, but it doesn't have collision. Does a flag inside the building below the dish count?
  4. I'm excited for colonies and interstellar, in KSP1 I never had any reason to continue saves after the first few Duna/Eve missions.
  5. Yes, landing on every planet and moon is the goal of the grand tour. For the ultimate challenge specifically, there needs to be a kerbal present. Jool and Kerbol are obviously excluded since they don't have a surface.
  6. @king of nowhere Congrats on your 4th kerbalism grand tour! Your mission has been added to the Hall of Fame.
  7. Part 4: Caen and Avu Mindo is getting closer. Before that, some easy landings. 4.1: Caen, for real. 4.2: Avu Next time, I land on Mindo.
  8. @Leganeski Congrats on your grand tour! Your mission has been added to the Hall of Fame. Those mods are balanced, the least balanced one is Explodium Breathing Engines but it is still allowed. With how buggy KSP is, this is fine. You have proof that you landed there, so it counts.
  9. I had a similar issue with my grand tour. In the main menu settings, disable always show closest approach to target.
  10. @camacju Congrats on your low mass grand tour mission! Your mission has been added to the Hall of Fame.
  11. Part 3: Inner System The reunited ship visits Elaan, Yroptos, and Windswept. 3.1: Reticulum (yet again) 3.2: Elaan 3.3: Yroptos 3.4: Windswept Next time, I visit Caen again then land on Mindo.
  12. Part 2.5: No Bugs Here I found the solution to the bug, turning off always show closest approach stops the game from crashing. With the crash fixed, the mission can progress. 2.5.1: Reticulum's moons 2.5.2: Mindo, finally Next time, I figure out how to get back to Reticulum, then visit Elaan.
  13. Add this command to launch options: "[FULL PATH TO KSP]\KSP_x64.exe" %command% Steam will open KSP directly like before the update and -popupwindow will still work.
  14. Part 2: Dropping off the Mindo lander The nuclear booster and the Mindo lander leave, and encounter a bug. 2.1: Diredul Caen Leaving Caen to go to Diredul. There is a problem, however. Right as the maneuver is about to finish (with 43 m/s left), the game crashes. It happens every time and I'm not sure what's causing it, something to do with the Diredul encounter? I still haven't found a solution, any help would be appreciated.
  15. Part 1: Reticulum Week World Grand Tour departs for the Reticulum system, Asite Par's closest neighbor. 1.1: Reticulum transfer 1.2: Reticulum landing 1.3: Ribo Next time, the booster will go to Mindo to drop off its lander, while the main lander plants flags in the rest of the Reticulum system.
  16. This (and several other modded grand tours in Mission Reports right now) is why I added a section for modded planets. Congrats on finishing the grand tour! You are now the first person in the modded category of the Hall of Fame.
  17. Part 0.5: Mindo lander Not going to Reticulum just yet, finished up the ship first. The average FPS is 8. Launch 5: Spare parts pack Launch 6: Mindo lander Fully assembled ship, with labels. The ship is now fully assembled and ready to depart to Reticulum. Since Asite Par is in its L5 point, I don't have to wait for a transfer window since the two planets are roughly the same distance away at all times.
  18. After seeing the Week World Planet Jam on the KSP subreddit, I decided to do a grand tour of it. I immediately regretted it after seeing Mindo's gravity. Despite that, I'm still going to do the mission (or try to). Mod list: Week World Planet Jam 0.7 Near Future Technologies (except Aeronautics and Propulsion), Station Parts Expansion Redux, Restock+, Simple Fuel Switch Full mod list: Part 0: The Craft The craft is split into 7 parts, the booster, the main lander, the utility module, a scanner/service probe, two atmospheric landers for Elaan and Reticulum, and the Mindo lander. Launch 1: Booster Module Launch 2: Main Lander + Utility Launches 3 and 4: Atmosphere landers The plan is to go to Reticulum, then split the craft. The craft has to be split after leaving Asite Par to comply with Ultimate Challenge rule 5. The booster and Mindo lander will go to Mindo, while the rest of the craft does landings in the Reticulum system. After the Mindo lander is dropped off, the nuclear booster will return and the whole craft will go to Elaan to drop the second atmospheric lander. Next time, I launch the Mindo lander and some extra parts, then go to Reticulum.
  19. Good luck on the grand tour! If you plan on submitting this to the Ultimate Challenge thread, you'd have to bring the landers with you out of Mesbin orbit. Once you escape, you can send them wherever on their own.
  20. Rather than a radial attachment point, you could use an engine plate with the shroud disabled then attach a structural tube like Aerodynamic Kerbal said. The engines on the half stage will only use the fuel tanks on the half stage without fuel lines. Something like this:
  21. @Alpaca Z Congrats on the first single stage grand tour! Your mission has been added to the Hall of Fame.
  22. I think unmanned landings would be better, especially from a realism standpoint. IRL space programs can't disable radiation like you can in KSP.
  23. The mod KSP Part Volumes allows all parts to be placed in containers and be moved in EVA construction:
  24. Do you have a quicksave from your last mission before you pressed the button? You might have to redo some of your progress but the facilities will be back to how they were.
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