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  1. Banned for using the word ban too many times.
  2. Are some of the wheel's motors reversed? You might have to set some of the motor directions to reverse instead of normal.
  3. The Wolfhound engine has very good efficiency, but it's locked behind Making History. If it takes 15k DeltaV to get to other planets you either have a massive craft or are wasteful with your dV. To save dV, go interplanetary at transfer windows instead of going right after you launch. Kerbal Alarm Clock lets you set alarms for transfer windows, telling you the optimal time to launch. Transfer Window Planner is another mod that goes very well with KAC, which provides more details for planning interplanetary maneuvers, including showing the angles of the planets. The transfer window times f
  4. I don't think people who were last active in 2013 will respond. @Spaceman.Spiff
  5. The new panels look great! They remind me of Near Future Solar. Will the old OX and SP panels be revamped to match the new panels? Edit: Apparently they are getting revamped, I didn't read the post correctly.
  6. -insert funny way of saying no here- @Spaceman.Spiff
  7. Just recently hit 1,000 hours after playing since 2018.
  8. Instead of using the forum search, use Google.
  9. Dacott Kerman was recently sent to Duna to test drive the new rover, named "Stupidity". He wasn't given proper training before leaving, so he flipped the rover on the first turn. Isawise Kerman - Incorrectly timed landing burn.
  10. Hangar Extender gives you more space to work with in the VAB.
  11. You can go into the persistent.sfs file for your save and copy/paste your kerbals to a different spot on the list. Open it with a text editor like Notepad and scroll until you find the category named ROSTER. From there, find the kerbal you want to move, highlight everything between the word KERBAL where its definition starts down to where the next kerbal starts, copy and delete it, then make a new line after the kerbal you want it below, then paste. To avoid messing things up, it's best to make two named quicksaves, one which you edit and then load, and the other as a backup.
  12. A kerbal's inventory can only hold two items at once. If you want to put the other thrusters into their inventory, you have to remove something. When building on EVA, the inventory range is large enough that unless you're going between two undocked vessels, you don't need to carry stuff in a kerbal's inventory.
  13. I launched a colony mission to Gateway.
  14. I think this bug is caused by a new addition in Physics.cfg. "partRBMassMin = 0.03 // Minimum mass that a parts RigidBody can have - If this is too small then PhysX will not behave when it is dropped as a vessel, this is the default if minimumRBMass is not defined in the part cfg."
  15. I fixed a rover on the surface of Armstrong for a contract. I also explored Hydrus and its moon.
  16. Engineers should be able to build at any level, press I or click the storage container button in the top right to open construction mode.
  17. I'm using Beyond Home with a custom config based on SciFi Visual Enhancements to add the colored glow to the atmosphere since Scatterer is too laggy for me.
  18. I messed around with the new 1.11 update.
  19. I built a new crew transport vehicle to bring some kerbals to my space station.
  20. Breaking Ground because Restock+ adds most of the Making History parts for free.
  21. Banned for banning someone twice.
  22. I brought all of my kerbals on a mandatory training exercise. I also recreated The Skeld from Among Us.
  23. Banned for mentioning the Don't Click This post.
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