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  1. You can go into the persistent.sfs file for your save and copy/paste your kerbals to a different spot on the list. Open it with a text editor like Notepad and scroll until you find the category named ROSTER. From there, find the kerbal you want to move, highlight everything between the word KERBAL where its definition starts down to where the next kerbal starts, copy and delete it, then make a new line after the kerbal you want it below, then paste. To avoid messing things up, it's best to make two named quicksaves, one which you edit and then load, and the other as a backup.
  2. A kerbal's inventory can only hold two items at once. If you want to put the other thrusters into their inventory, you have to remove something. When building on EVA, the inventory range is large enough that unless you're going between two undocked vessels, you don't need to carry stuff in a kerbal's inventory.
  3. I launched a colony mission to Gateway.
  4. I think this bug is caused by a new addition in Physics.cfg. "partRBMassMin = 0.03 // Minimum mass that a parts RigidBody can have - If this is too small then PhysX will not behave when it is dropped as a vessel, this is the default if minimumRBMass is not defined in the part cfg."
  5. I fixed a rover on the surface of Armstrong for a contract. I also explored Hydrus and its moon.
  6. Engineers should be able to build at any level, press I or click the storage container button in the top right to open construction mode.
  7. I'm using Beyond Home with a custom config based on SciFi Visual Enhancements to add the colored glow to the atmosphere since Scatterer is too laggy for me.
  8. I messed around with the new 1.11 update.
  9. I built a new crew transport vehicle to bring some kerbals to my space station.
  10. Breaking Ground because Restock+ adds most of the Making History parts for free.
  11. Banned for banning someone twice.
  12. I brought all of my kerbals on a mandatory training exercise. I also recreated The Skeld from Among Us.
  13. Banned for mentioning the Don't Click This post.
  14. Banned for posting twice in a row.
  15. 2358: You see a rocket with a sign saying it will take you to the top of the building. You get in and launch, but when you land you're only on the next floor.
  16. 2365: You enter the lobby of the new building. There's an elevator that leads to the top, but it's closed for repairs.
  17. I took 7 tourists on a flyby tour of Rhode's moons.
  18. To make a refueling base, you need a drill, an ISRU converter, cooling, fuel tanks, docking ports, and optionally, space for Kerbals. There are three docking port sizes, the Jr which is 0.625m in diameter, the standard port which is 1.25m, and the senior port which is 2.5m. For reference, the top of a Mk1 pod is 0.625m, the bottom is 1.25m, and all Rockomax tanks are 2.5m. For the base, you can build a + shaped design, with one side being ISRU, the second being drills, third fuel, and fourth docking ports. You can then put solar panels on top to provide power. If you have Breaking Gr
  19. I upgraded the solar truss on my space station with KIS. When I launched the station, the solar panels were on a piston to give them clearance, but when I designed a new crew capsule later, it was very big and when docked, was very close to the panels.
  20. I experienced Rapid Unplanned Disassembly™ I rescued 2 Kerbals from low orbit and decided to land near the KSC. Shouldn't we be slowing down and facing backwards? At least the parachutes deployed... a bit too late though. F9! This time, I remembered the service bay existed and used it to slow down.
  21. 5341: You pay $5 on the previous floor. On the next floor, there is a maze. There is a door that leads straight to the end from the start, but you need to pay $5 to go through, and you're out of money.
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