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  1. I've been playing a bunch of Squad and War Thunder, and a little bit of Far Cry 3 when I don't want to deal with multiplayer (FC3 was on sale for next-to-nothing one of these days). It's ironic I bought a rig to have a better KSP experience, yet such rig gave me a worse KSP experience while allowing me to play other games. So I ended up with the latter option.
  2. I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules but I'm afraid this specific issue might have gotten buried in the other thread. Basically my max physics delta is at 0.02 (minimum) at all times. When I try changing it under settings, I feel absolutely no difference in-game, and every time I'm back at the settings menu it's again at 0.02. It doesn't matter which value I set it to. I've also tried manually changing it on settings.cfg. Same behaviour. player.log ksp.log Many thanks for any insights.
  3. For the record: RAM has arrived and the difference of using dual channel RAM on the Ryzen 3 2200g is indeed absurd. As expected, KSP didn't change as much but it did improve. Other, more GPU dependent games though... impressive. I was loading Squad with 900p, everything on low settings, and 30fps with a lot of hiccups. After the new RAM, I'm running it on 1080p, all settings on medium, and high 30s fps on most maps. Not ideal but certainly good enough. KSP is still giving me headaches, though, as reported here. ps: I didn't say anything not to double post or hog the thread so much. But thanks, @Harry Rhodan: my RAM was indeed running at 1333Mhz by default, and the XMP setting (apparently unleashing the RAM) had already given me a ~10% increase in fps across the board.
  4. Well, the RAM has arrived and the difference is noticeable in this specific problem (physics lag). I got more fps too, but the clock is still yellow and the physics lag behind quite significantly in some situations (though not all like before). So like I said above, my fps would drop to 17 on large vessels when looking at a planet. Now it only drops to 30ish, and that is considering I increased the terrain settings. That´s looking into a 140 parts station too, so not bad at all. However. When I look at Kerbin through this station, I get 30fps yet 10 real-life seconds equal 6 in-game seconds. Almost a 1/2 time warp! The most used CPU core is at 60% at this point, while the other three are oscillating at 30~40%. If I look away from Kerbin and into space through the same station, fps goes up to 45+ and 10 real-life seconds equal 9 in-game seconds (clock still yellow). That's rather tolerable. One weird thing I noticed though: my max physics delta setting is not saving. I've tested it with min (0.02) and max (0.12 I think) setting and the difference was precisely nil. Same behaviour and performance. Yet every time when I come back to the main and then settings menu, it is set back at 0.02. Looking it up I noticed some people had trouble with settings not saving on 1.8. I'm running latest 1.9, and all the other settings do save. Only this one seems to reset back to 0.02 and has no effect in-game. Thanks for any insights. Edit: tried editing settings.cfg itself to try and use the max physics delta setting. No joy. No matter what I set it to, game is the same and the information on the file actually gets reverted back to 0.02.
  5. That difference did cross my mind. I don't know how precise Afterburner is but it's what I was using to check. 50-60% seems to be the most used CPU core; the others are 30~40% each. Edit: I'll try to get a screen shot.
  6. Yeah. I, too, disagree on the overpriced bit. The game is actually pretty cheap on sales. Heck, it's cheaper than its DLC (now the DLC, yes, I think is overpriced). Anyway. No, they won't delete it from Steam; they won't make it free either. It could go on (even cheaper) sales, but I doubt that'd happen too soon (not until people have bought KSP2, that is). I, myself, won't make the switch any time soon. I do find most games too expensive on release and can only buy them on sales, often years after release. Plus, I do prefer a game that is fully developed, vastly modded (the mods improve this game so much), with a strong community. So I'd only switch from KSP 1 to 2 once the second is at a similar stage, if ever. It's a risky thing, development-wise. I like racing simulators and this reminds of rFactor. I never made the switch from rFactor 1 to rFactor2; a lot of people didn't. Eventually we just moved on to other titles, as it was never the same.
  7. Just in case, I've deleted \DMagicutilities folder from gamedata. It was seemingly just a leftover from Contracts Window I had tried out at some point. I've increased Max physics delta-time per frame to no result whatsoever. I suppose my fps is now a bit lower on map view (mid 30s), but the clock is still yellow most of the time with any vessel, and all the time with any vessel larger than a couple dozen parts. On small vessels and looking at space I get 60+ fps, on larger vessels I get more like 30ish. But in either case the clock is yellow. I'm finding it rather bizarre that I'm having a problem now with a Ryzen 3 2200g that I didn't have a Celeron N4100 (both cases with onboard graphics). Sure, I had (much) lower fps and worse-looking graphics, but I didn't have this slow-mo feeling all the time. To complete my bafflement, both CPU and GPU are just chilling at 50~60% and 40% respectively.
  8. Interesting find, thanks. I do not have dmagic's science mods and never had. I did have contracts window at some point. The mentions on the log seem to be related to orbital science, which I never had installed. My science mods are [x] Science! and AutomatedScienceSampler. I see the latter is referencing dmagic stuff so it's probably something to integrate those mods, in case I did run both?
  9. Duh. Sorry. KSP.log Player.log I've noticed that my settings got messed up. I moved only the gamedata folder from old to new computer. So Max physics delta-time per frame was at 0.02, all the way to the left, which is probably not ideal and could help explain part of the problems.
  10. Fantastic hear, thanks! Quick question: what happens if I ever remove this mod for whatever reason after having a few vessels with decals on my save? Great work!
  11. So I've recently upgraded from a celeron with Intel HD graphics to a Ryzen 3 2200g with Vega 8. Huge improvement, as you can imagine. But mainly two things are really bothering me. Sytem has 8Gb RAM, out of which I allocated 1Gb to VRAM. 1) A few words, both in the game and in some mods, are in my native (windows 10) language. Which is weird. Everything else is in English just fine, it's just a few random words here and there. Slightly annoying but not unplayable. 2) With current 1080p and medium settings I get 60+ fps on the main menu and with small vessels in space. With large (100+ parts) vessels and stations, I still get 40+, which is pretty good on my book. But. If I look at a planet with atmosphere (tested on Eve and Kerbin), my fps drops to 17. Same thing happens on KSC, I have 17fps. If, in the very same scene, I move around to have the space on the background, fps goes straight back up to 40+. What is going on? Is there some specific setting I'm messing up? I've tried several, none made a difference. Eva around a station orbiting Kerbin was a chore; I think due to the physics slowdown to compensate, everything was in super slo-mo. Playing on my celeron the looks were very ugly but I didn't have such problems with everything slowing down as much. 3) My clock on the top left is yellow some 95% of the time. I've heard this happens when physics has slowed down because of poor performance. Well, why would it slow down when I have 40+ fps? I went to check CPU and it's 50 to 60% in use, 70% at max with huge vessels. And yet physics is slowing down pretty much all the time? Disclaimer: I have quite a few mods, but none of them are visual or do anything to graphics. I think the only parts mods are Hullcam, Surface Lights, and KIS/KAS.
  12. Question: is it possible to just write on the parts/crafts? It's be pretty cool if one could have (for example) the name of the craft or mission stamped onto it. Congrats and thanks for the release!
  13. I bought an electric popcorn machine. I always have lots of butter at home. I haven't been to the movies in years. And I don't know what I'm doing because I don't think I might changed your mind.
  14. I'm now wondering if we will have the option to only change suits back in Kerbin. "Hey, I totally need to take the 3 year journey back home to change my suit!". Or... (one day) have the ability to carry suits around with KIS.