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  1. why can't i transfer crew from one part to the other everything works until i press the part i want to move to, nothing happens. i tried with mods, with no mods. different parts, different vessels, everything it isn't working
  2. how bad will this be on an 8gb dd3 machine? i really want to use it with stuff like BDB and tanteras but my machine is 8gb of ram
  3. what music do you listen to while playing ksp? i personally listen to Queen and David Bowie, amazing music!
  4. The problem is with the mod, he updated a lot of stuff so they won’t work with the craft, (they are made for the older of this mod) what craft do you want t build
  5. how bad will it be if i run this on a 8gb machine?
  6. I would love to help with the craft files, anything i can do?
  7. I don't think it's much of an internet issue since it was working fin and BDB was downloading in he background and this issue has been persistent since i first looked at this mod not only that one time. but even if it is my download manager can handle kf i is on github,(or drive or anything really other then dropbox). So i would really appreciate it if you could put it on github p.s. I don't want to make it seem like i am ungrateful this mod is great and certainly the only mod that justifies a mod only play through, so thank you!
  8. i am using a 2.5x rescale mod, and the mountains peak through the clouds. is there a way to adjust the settings so that this and other stuff don't happen?
  9. @Beale can you use another repositry for craft files other then dropbox please? 90% of the time it gives there was "something wrong with your download" maybe google drive or as a .zip might be better
  10. How cpu intensive is this mod i only have an i5 4th gen, and is already at 80% most of the time playing ksp is this mod too much or will it be ok?