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  1. The contract shouldn't be requesting a specific situation when it isn't available (at least that I know of), since biome (#1) and situation (#2) are the very first filters it uses to select experiments. Do you have a screenshot and/or save file with such a contract active or offered? Also, if you got X science in there, could you check in its database ingame, which situations it shows as being applicable for temperature scan and crew report (the experiments giving you issue, in any case). I'd like to try to rule out the experiment's own situationMask value here, i.e. what the game provides as available situations for any experiment.
  2. I'm not sure there's anything to be done about that, if I'm understanding you correctly. The contract already filters experiments on the situation level (meaning checking what is available specifically for flying high, in this case). Do you have an example of a contract giving you trouble in this way? And what specifically about it is an issue?
  3. Just to be sure, the GitHub version had removed the moon target body requirement already, since it could lead to possible errors such as reported with Pioneer 1 and 2 above.
  4. So the most basic issues have now been fixed on the Github repo, get your update there if you need it. I fixed Pioneer (both 2 and 3 were affected in stock version), Skylab, Gemini VI-A (stock only, for some reason it hadn't been changed with the rest, all of which had been set up correctly already months ago - didn't throw an error however so I missed that) and Pegasus. All contracts should now work again. I'll look into the different experiments being asked as well, will remove the ones that don't come with the parts sets that represent the actual craft to make it simpler and obvious what to use. Will take a bit of time to get that sorted though.
  5. Which situations an experiment can be run in, is defined on the side of the parts pack (experiment definitions file). If you want to adjust any contracts to give only certain situations, you have to manually edit the contract files yourself to limit the situations it will generate. Refer to the Contract configurator wiki for how-to.
  6. I'm aware of the issues and will try to look into applying fixes and updates to match the recently official BDB releases. Soontm
  7. It's seems odd to me you're getting this many double requests, though I'm aware it does happen occasionally. More importantly though, did you delete the biomedata file with this contract already active in your game? Because that would be my first guess as to what could cause this issue. To be sure, could you run another contract that was entirely newly generated after you deleted the biome data? If it happens again, there's something darker going on.
  8. I'll look into this on the end of Pioneer-2, I could see a possible cause there. The alternative cause is that you are in fact trying to recover Pioneer-1 when instead that craft should end up destroyed as per the mission objectives. I could see contract configurator throwing the error at that point, since the craft that needs to complete the objective stops existing before its completion.
  9. Well bust, I could've sworn that worked. Oh well I'll just break out unnecessary target body bit.
  10. Did you test it in action? The contract should complete as soon as any sub-orbital situation is achieved, since the body is not specified for the reachstate parameter. You're right about IMP-C, the perigee value provided by the NASA catalog seems unlikely, especially given their own pre-launch analysis here: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19650007660. The only other values I can find for the supposed orbit are on Astronautics and Gunther's space page, but there's no sources to corroborate these values (229 x 261206 km; https://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/explorer_imp-a.htm). Still, that makes more sense for a Delta-C to achieve, so I'll apply these values instead. As for the experiments, each experiment has a number of parts that potentially suit the requirements, but these have seen quite a few changes in BDB since I designed the mission. I may have to re-evaluate this, but that'd take some time. There's no real fix for experiments being hard to identify on my end, since what is visualized in the interface is not the experiment definition and can vary per part. For now I'd suggest using the OSO photometer, Nimbus or Mariner 2 have microwave spectrometry parts. Explorer 29 date is indeed faulty, thanks.
  11. Thanks for spotting that, I'll fix it so Soyuz-5 requires going up with 3 crew like it should.
  12. Looks like a bad install I'm afraid. Try to reinstall from the latest release to doublecheck, Apollo is in there already.
  13. There's a few focused extensions beyond that already, mainly in the dev branch. I still have to get around to finishing what I've got in the works, but don't expect there to be much more to come. It's a lot of work and I've too many other things on my mind.
  14. Definitely recommend using the stock version for KSRSS, it should give the correct targets for all missions, though the altitudes may not be 100% the same (relatively). All the Apollo missions are present in the pocket edition too, so likely there's something wrong if you're missing out. That said, if for any mission set you want to do the whole thing instead of the pocket version, you can replace the entire subfolder of said set with the one from the stock version and you should be good to go.
  15. The condition should only be checked after both craft have entered the specified orbit, so no it won't be checked off at launch. If that doesn't work, I'll have to look into separating parameters some more.
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