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  1. Make sure to compare values with the original without rescale to make sure everything is working correctly. The values you mention in your last sentence are from my 3.5x scale config, not from the generic rescale configs.
  2. I would recommend the original rescale configs, not the later continued version. They're really just config files, they don't need to updated to a new ksp version unless Sigma dimensions itself changes the syntax needed.
  3. Sigma dimensions alone is not enough, you need a rescale config that tells SD which values to adjust and at what scale. There's a bunch of standard options available for this (common one being Rescale) but it's easy to adjust them for your own preference.
  4. Contract Configurator by itself does nothing. It's a framework for adding other contract packs. Given your screenshot you most likely installed it incorrectly. Make sure to drop the CC map under gamedata entirely.
  5. Sure if you're up to adding contracts that's definitely welcome by any means - I don't have time/energy to continue work on it myself for the foreseeable future, though I will provide support where needed of course. The best way to contribute is by using GitHub and creating your own forked branch - then making pull requests whenever content is completed. I recommend using the desktop app to make it easy for yourself. I'd prefer if you contact me through messaging to talk through the details if you're going through with it.
  6. It could very well still be problematic. Last year I tried building a Skylab contract where a parameter had to be satisfied replicating the solar panel repairs to the station; the check was intended to make use of the EC generation (which is a resource for KSP) to have to exceed a certain amount in order to complete. However, *any* amount of generation completed the parameter regardless of what I did so I had to ditch the whole idea.
  7. If the exact same keeps coming back and you're not able to get any others, most likely you've not yet unlocked the requirements for changing it up. But without detailed info what's happening that's all I can give you for now.
  8. Take a look at the recommended mods in the main post, this pack doesn't work well with stock parts only.
  9. Unfortunately there's always a bit of black magic involved in contract generation. Sometimes it takes a LOT of iterations, refreshing, fast forward or declining other contracts before a specific contract is generated. From experience this is mostly true for contracts with random elements in them, such as the field research ones or similar. Another thing you should keep in mind is contracts which depend on data nodes to specify certain targets, or even requirements. Those won't be mentioned anywhere as the cause, but if those fields aren't returning good values the contract also won't ever
  10. While an interesting concept, to me requiring locations for specific types of science doesn't make the most sense. It may also be very limiting for certain playstyles. Instead I would suggest to consider coupling the science types to experiment types. This way you could advance structural knowledge by performing materials science and surface samples, for example. Gravitational studies, geophysics, radiation... all could be their own branch.
  11. You'll find that all the 'normal' missions are inclined to their historical specs, which is indeed less natural in any system other than KS/RSS. Personally I used Gravity Turn in Jnsq to launch to the right inclination, though it's not perfect for high inclination
  12. As a general rule for Kerbalism compatibility - or any other mod that redesigns many core game systems like that - support should be made from within Kerbalism itself, NOT from all the other mods that it breaks.
  13. There's a whole bunch of ways you can go about this. An easy solution would be to add a MM patch that changes the tech tree position of the part in question to your liking (or edit the part's cfg file directly). Another is a MM patch to disable/change the parameter, or again a direct edit of the contract cfg file. You could also change the part requirement to a different part or add a different part as an alternative unlock, making the part requirement satisfy for any unlocked part. Of course, keep in mind if this would work with the rest of the contract, meaning can you actual
  14. Then you are missing the configs for the planets you have installed. In case of GU, there's a separate download for the EVE configs.
  15. Yeah I looked through the whole thing - following instructions to the letter is principal advice #1 for installing mods, so when they didn't match the package I got confused. I'm simple like that I know.
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