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  1. @akron I was playing with the Mariner 3/4 Argo probe the other day - absolutely love those solar panels! - when I noticed an issue with the science experiment config. I put the details in a github issue. It was a great flight otherwise, really enjoy your work.
  2. So yesterday I was doing some timewarping during an interplanetary transfer. There was some stutter involved so I started keeping an eye on the console log, when I noticed this little entry: As far as I can tell Kerbalkind has avoided going the way of the dinosaur and I can't find any new holes in Kerbin either. But clearly this is a dangerous place!
  3. Main advice in any case like this is to go for a completely clean install and add the suspected offender back in without any other additions and go from there.
  4. They really shouldn't, there's no part requirements in there for them. Fry intended them as a way to provide performance accurate historical engines in an RO game.
  5. Yeah that's not right. I changed the RSS version MM patches to use :needs instead; get dev version from Github for the fix and let me know if there's any further trouble.
  6. 3MV would fit best with the existing probeset, nicely complete the successful Venera lineup!
  7. A very common reason for faulty KER dV readouts is having the root part be somewhere else than the final stage. This throws it off, invariably resulting in KER reporting higher dV than you actually have. I should know, I still make this mistake sometimes.
  8. All contract packs should work with 1.10+ unless otherwise stated, contract configurator was recently updated for it and there's no other meaningful changes to the game in this regard.
  9. I have sent you a PM with the ksp.log. I did some further investigation into the exception, having setup a new stock 1.10 install. In stock with CC only, I cannot reproduce the issue on a new save. That got me to try reproducing it on an existing test install again (in ksp 1.8.1, but with CC 1.30). Interestingly, the exception was present on an existing save with various craft in orbit that I could activate - renaming them produced the issue consistently. However, starting a new career save and launching a first craft, renaming it didn't throw any exceptions at all. I've no idea why things go wrong down the line somewhere, but hopefully this helps.
  10. I tried reproducing the issue on an otherwise stock game, with only a basic EVE config. This showed no issues that I could find. In my main install I have JNSQ & TUFX, which showed consistent flickering around the space center.
  11. Just tried renaming an existing vessel using your 1.30 pre-release version, on ksp 1.10.1. Same issue, made no difference.
  12. I can confirm the flickering, noticed very similar effects going on as shown in the video by @Beetlecat.
  13. I'm quite sure comets are still on the to-do list for Kopernicus.
  14. This was tested on cc versions 1.28 and 1.29, on ksp versions 1.10.1 and 1.8.1
  15. @nightingale I'm noticing some exceptions being triggered, specifically upon renaming an active vessel. This results in the following exceptions being thrown: It actually repeats a whole bunch of times per event, resulting in the game hanging up for up to a few seconds before going back to business as usual. I haven't been able to determine if there's any lasting effects related to this, but possibly contracts which require science to be reported may be affected. This issue also isn't new to the latest version: I tried the various 1.28 iterations and was able to reproduce the issue consistently. 1.27 or earlier wouldn't load, since I don't have a pre- 1.8 install anymore, so can't say beyond that.