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  1. I am excited to see the creative possibilities everyone is going to come up with in the new game!
  2. I like the concept! I'd suggest to be careful with how many nodes you might end up with, considering how many mods are out there. It might be an idea to group certain modsets together in some nodes, as long as they serve a similar purpose. Leave it up to the user how crowded they want their game to be... As for BDB, best I can come up with for integration is to have its progress oriented by the historical (alternate where applicable) timeline: it already comes with a natural progression in its parts in terms of science and power available. If you then split the spacecraft parts up into small sats / probes / crewed / station parts, you should get a pretty good progression out of it.
  3. Any idea what would be causing this logspam? It's continuous during flight, I tried with versions and, both were the same. KSP 1.12.3, JNSQ.
  4. The Apollo XII contract needs an active craft identified as Surveyor-3 on the moon to locate the objective waypoint. So a random craft won't do. That's unfortunate. I can only suggest to try with older version of CC: I suggest 1.30.5 to be sure none of the recent changes are involved.
  5. I have changed the prestige ratings for the Soviet early missions, this should fix the issue. Available on the Github master branch. The problem seems to be that CC is not recognizing the Surveyor 3 craft being in position and as a viable target. Interestingly, an almost identical problem was reported in the BDB contracts, but with Gemini not finding the Agena craft in orbit. That was reported quite recently as well - whereas these contracts have been out for 2 years without anyone reporting such issues before. I cannot help but wonder if the latest changes to Contract Configurator are involved here. So anyway, I've tried to apply the same fix here (Available on the Github master branch): adding an extra line to Surveyor 3 to hopefully let it be targeted again. Players will have to fly Surveyor 3 again to see if this works though. I'd love to hear if this solves it or not. Otherwise I'd recommend manually changing the waypoint generator, copying over your working example, to at least be able to progress their careers with Apollo XII. See above. Every time a science experiment is requested, it is because there are parts available that represent the craft referred to in the mission. The Explorer 1 probe core from BDB has the geiger counter you needed. FASA is an old relic and in no way recommended.
  6. Hold on, this has not gotten the attention it deserves. I saw this was included in the latest update. How does this affect for example Beyond Home? Are all the 2.0 features now applied there as well or would an older planet pack still need to do updates on its own end? Either way it's huge.
  7. That's odd and unfortunate behaviour. I have only one hunch towards a possible cause and hopefully solution: the ATV vessel stays associated with the completed contract and thereby not targetable by a new contract. Not sure why this didn't come out of testing before, but CC can be a little fickle. So I'll add an extra line to the ATV contract that would fix this if it is indeed the cause - but otherwise won't change anything. No guarantees here, if this isn't it, I don't know where to look for a fix.
  8. Yeah that's pretty much expected behaviour. I don't play with Kerbalism so I wouldn't know where to start making it compatible. I'd happily accept a PR for a compatibility patch of course.
  9. They're entirely optional, everything will work without them. There will be a few less things to do is all. Of course, replaying history is not nearly the same without those mods so I'd still recommend them if at all possible. But then, 8GB RAM is really insufficient for a modded install in general, good luck trying to stay off the good stuff.
  10. No it's perfectly safe to do, the mission structure remains the same and your savefile stores the things you've already done.
  11. I strongly recommend to fully remove the mod's folders before doing a reinstall of the latest version. Something has gone wrong with it given the behaviour you're seeing.
  12. The experiments you show requested are not part of the current version of Gemini IV mission. If they are there for you, your install is incorrect.
  13. You're using an older version. The latest version simplified the objectives to only include experiments from the vessel parts associated with the mission, at least insofar as they were made in BDB/Tantares at time of release. If you still wish to continue, try looking up the experiment name in the part search bar inside the VAB.
  14. Elektron 3-4 is exactly identical to elektron 1-2, except for the orbit that needs to be achieved. If that works, the other should, too. Something else is breaking things in your game I'm afraid.
  15. There's likely some kind of bad interaction going on, the mission parameters themselves are pretty standard. The mission calls for 2 craft, in what order are you setting their orbits? You could try disabling the duration sub-parameter and see if it works for you then.
  16. Use this and find out for yourself: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/207018-112x-planetinfoplus-v142-better-info-in-the-planetarium-with-configurable-display/
  17. I love it! I'm amazed you got that far. In the one save where I tried to do the same myself, the tracking station view basically broke down on itself. The only thing I could consider doing is adjusting the contract prestige value. I really don't know why it isn't working for you however, I had no trouble with this myself in testing.
  18. Yeah I just confirmed myself that the mission loads fine under regular playing conditions, so I'm afraid you've got some kind of conflict going on. If you're lucky the ksp.log may provide some hints, look for exceptions and warnings.
  19. No, reputation shouldn't affect this. You might try fast forwarding a bit or just going through other screens on the KSC for a while, it may just be CC not generating the new contract right away, for some reason. Otherwise it's likely to be an issue with a data node not solving, though I can't see any issues for now.
  20. I'd to request an adjustment to the current application of the 'simple experiments' included, being the Simple temperature scan and simple barometer scan. The mod provides distinct definitions for these, making them entirely separate from the 'original' versions of these experiments. They are however only used on one part, the MicroSatWedge. Problem is, ingame there is absolutely no way to distinguish the experiments on this part from the regular versions, since the visible text (such as action name) is all 100% identical to the regular version. This mainly becomes a problem when contracts request a certain experiment to be done, because there's no way a regular player will be able to find this experiment. When I looked into it myself the only thing I could find in fact was a reddit thread about this exact problem, with no definitive solution. So given the very limited usage I'd request this experiment definition to be discontinued; or otherwise be made much more obviously distinct.
  21. So I finally had a few more days of inspiration recently and it pushed me to add what I consider to be the final essentials for this contract pack. I also completed the BDB science/compatibility pass. With all that, after several years of languishing, it is FINALLY time to send this dear pack off to what may quite well be considered the definitive version: ---- **Version 1.0.0 - Many improvements and additions to (Soviet) early missions, making them vastly more interesting - all credits for this go to Wolffy-AU! - Added Nimbus missions. - Added Mariner missions 5-10. - Added Pioneer missions 7-13. - Added Venera missions 4-16. - Added Viking missions. - Added Mars missions 2-7. - Added Helios missions. - Confirmed functionality on KSP 1.12.x. - Updated part requirements and science parameters for Tantares and BDB updates since last release. - Some small fixes and balancing, editing. --- You may be interested to know the full version of the pack (Stock and RSS versions) has just short of 800 missions to enjoy, with the pocket edition now coming in at 370. There's of course a boatload of missions left that didn't make the cut, but there's only so much time and energy one can spend on this. So for me, consider this to be it. nput and pull requests are always welcome, and will of course continue to provide support to maintain functionality.
  22. So, it suddenly dawned on me that I completely forgot to actually release the draft changes. Totally slipped my mind. Oops. Anyway, it's here now for those who didn't already grab the GitHub repo since I made the changes. -- Version 1.2.1: - Improved Local Observation flight subject selection logic to hopefully avoid requesting impossible experiments - Changed max simultaneous contracts to 7, matching the number of available contract types.
  23. The Github master branch should be fully up to date with the latest Tantares and Bluedog releases, do let me know if there's anything I missed in there - but last I checked all contracts loaded well. I still have to work through the science parts of the Apollo contracts, but other than that all compatibility stuff has been done, too (working from CAPFlyer's reports). This includes the OGO missions. I haven't set the prestige values since, at least as far as I'm aware, no tangible benefit to doing so - the credit and reputation rewards are already set separately. The way I see it, anyone playing this pack should already be plenty aware of the significance of most of the missions included, or otherwise be encouraged by the descriptions to read up more for themselves! I guess what I'm also saying is, I don't feel it'd be worth my time go through them all to change it, given the above reasoning. But someone would like to do so and submit a pull request, that'd be fine! For the US missions, all the initial branching off of various programs begins at the Explorer program. Once that gets started, anyhow. Corona-54 comes directly from there since it really is more of a science mission than a recon one, which had a different objective compared to the other Corona missions.
  24. Thanks for checking, that helps build confidence in my intended fix! It's a matter of which filter expressions to include and in which order, to try to avoid incompatible situations. It's quite finnicky but I think it can be done. That wouldn't work I'm afraid, different part of the logic. In any case, I've uploaded what I hope to be a fixed version of the contract on the GitHub master branch. https://github.com/Morphisor244/Research-Advancement-Division In my own test build I couldn't get a problematic experiment request to come up, but I'd appreciate some further testing by other users before I officially push this as an update. I promise to make it official before the end of the week if there's no issues reported.
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