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  1. It adds a non-stock inventory system for Kerbals and parts, allowing more parts to be placed into an inventory. It also brings a better system of the stock EVA construction mode allowing you you detach and attach additional parts outside of the VAB, ie whilst in orbit.
  2. What game version are you on? might help to post a log file and a pic of your gamedata folder. Mine is fine in 1.11.1 with KJR installed.
  3. @Dolin Could you please help me understand the meaning of "HAC Position" when using the shuttle approach and entry assistant.
  4. hi, how do I get rid of built up waste? can it be dumped or does it have to be disposed of by a supply vessel and returned to earth?
  5. I'm using RSS,RO,RP-1,EVO all on 1.11.1 with the Kopernicus BE. I guess what was meant is that it's not "officially" supported and bugs may occur on unsupported builds. The only issue I've had on mine is Saturn shadows but others have had that too, albeit I'm not entirely sure what version they are on.
  6. guys I have sorted the issue. Like a muppet, I altered some attachrules in my RO configs for the Canadarm and by my stupidity included the PDGF changing its ability to surface attach Thank you guys for your patience and efforts to try and help me! I can now continue my build calmly........for now
  7. yep, just hold the thought there for a moment, I may have spotted something in the RO configs I created for HT2 and HTRobotics......
  8. would it be possible for you to share the config file of the PDGF part so I can check the attachments/nodes are the same as the ones in mine? its literally just cycling between bottom node and docking node....
  9. hmmm, pressing R just switches it between "bottom node" and "docking node". the bottom node is the side that attaches to parts surface and the docking node is the end the arm end effector docks to... In the VAB I have no issues surface attaching this part to any other part that allows surface attach, which the PMA does.
  10. most of mine are configured for RO but parts such as the PMA and the grapple fixture shouldn't make a difference as they're mainly just rescaled.
  11. so the part I am trying to attach is a PDGF from Benjee10 HTRobotics which I believe is bundled with his Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit. And I am trying to attach it to The Pressurized Mating Adapter from Habtech2.
  12. nope. Just get an error saying this node cannot be surfaced attached. But I know it can be surfaced attached because I already attached a couple onto a surface in the VAB.
  13. OK so it turns out that I didn't actually place the part onto a surface, it just slowly drifted away. Now I've tried attaching with the X key and the H key, and I get and error that says "This node cannot be surface attached". the part only has two nodes, one is a Module Docking port and one is a bottom node attachment point. doesn't attach on either node.
  14. you my man are my saviour! I removed it with construction mode and grabbed and placed with KIS. Thanks a BUNCH!!
  15. So as you can see, I am grabbing a part to try and move it to Kerbal inventory so I can place it, but it will not go into Kerbal inventory. The mass of the part isn't an issue and also the available volume isn't an issue. In its config it just has ModuleCargoPart. Is there something I am missing here?
  16. Do parts that are KIS friendly that can be placed in a KIS inventory need to have a specific MODULE in the config? Is the standard ModuleCargoPart sufficient? The part I want to place I am unable to transfer to Kerbal inventory, the mass isn't an issue and the volume isn't an issue.
  17. I'm having a real hard time try to get to grips with KIS. I've read to documentation that's with it but still not quite grasping it. when I press H it only gives me detach mode, parts that I want to place that have a ModuleCargoPart in the configs wont let me put it in a KIS Kerbal inventory. Basically I'm trying to place a PDGF onto a PMA so that i can grab it with an arm to move it, but I just cannot figure how to do it in construction mode or KIS. Construction mode will only let me place parts onto another part that has a node attachment and not surface place, and KIS I'm at a loss with all together which is a shame. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. So whilst in the VAB, Kerbals have their personal chute and an EVA jetpack in their inventories, after launch, their jetpack disappears from their inventory leaving only their parachute. Anybody else come across this issue? edit: just checked and they actually disappear as soon as the vessel is placed on the launch pad.
  19. I had RSSVE installed before this, do you think it may be necessary to delete a cache or something somewhere?
  20. My bad, I tried forced orientation but didn't realize there was reverseOrientation. Thanks I'll try it.
  21. How does Saturn behave in this way if Most of it's configs are actually from RSSVE?
  22. Yes they are configured for RO with true to life masses, fuels, fuel amounts, engine configurations, solar power generation and around 30 days of life support for the Soyuz. In regards to the chute, would the game not just grab the drag cube values from the part configuration?
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