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  1. Honestly for SDV stuff I want Ares V mount for RS68 atleast one that fit ReDIRECT mount, currently even compact one is too big
  2. Straight tank S-IV reminds me the original S-IVB before the diameter was increased to match S-IB, will it be a payload adapter of this size?
  3. Or this, https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/2001-a-space-time-odyssey-version-2.347087/ The exact same plot as FAM but make infinitely more sense
  4. BDB and NFLV on C-3 @CobaltWolf Is the config of AJ260 unfinished? both length have the same thrust, full length one don't even have enough TWR to do anything.
  5. Test C-2 and C-3 again Paylod performance (without S-V) are 100x100 JNSQ C-2 11t C-3 (2 F-1) 18t C-3 (3 F-1+ increase fuel load) 30t
  6. @[email protected] After made C-3 I have a small request, can you add S-IV to 5m interstage? just expand the lower end of the part into that diameter. That white conical skirt part, I think as it's just pure white texture it might be plausible to be stretch without any problems.
  7. Poor lift off TWR (1.10) but otherwise OK, but performance gain from C-3 over C-2 is not quite significant, should be much better with 3 F-1. 2 F-1 can't lift off unless fuel set to 70% probably due to mass fraction of NFLV tank.
  8. Apollo Saturn C-2, how it orignally supposed to be launch. S-II load only 70% to represent lack of common bulkhead. Apollo Saturn C-3
  9. And plug nozzle, if any design have plug nozzle its 90% probability it's him
  10. Something I'm quite confusing, what's the diameter of Saturn C-3? some versions I found use a tankage sized somewhere between Saturn I and V. But in some drawing I found use what looks like a very stubby S-IC (wider than its tall) diameter first stage.
  11. For smaller engines, I can think of 1x or 2x mount for S-IIB and Nuclear stuff. Interstage that fit M-1 should also fit nuclear
  12. I almost forgot, it the past there was a mention of a special mount for M-1. I know it's low priority stuff, is that planned to be a part of Saturn revamp of later?
  13. Is that's FH side booster in the bottom
  14. And still better than most afterwards Therapist: Soviet Atlas isn't real it can't hurt you Soviet Atlas:
  15. Wait, there're more version of C-2? I know one with S-II and another with S-III what's another? Anyways talk about never build stuff, I wonder why I can't remember anyone talk about project horizon yet.
  16. Reading about the public hearing, I'm not understand, how the rocket launch site related to racism? Or in American English "racism" have some meaning that's I don't known? Some that's point out at 2014 IEA is pretty reasonable, even one about road and beach closure is weak argument but kinda understandable.
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