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  1. I hope we'll get even more crazy stuff in BDB2, like Apollo Shuttle IDK if KSP2 aerodynamics model will be good enough to make it work or not
  2. Can you elaborate us how? So we don't have to go watch it out of the curiosity. Like Armageddon level bad or worse? Thank you in advance.
  3. This thing should be a mod...not for KSP but for Rimworld SOS2.
  4. Is there any mod that have those big Aerospike?, I know Nexus one but that's too big for this
  5. Found an issue on new system heat boil off, some parts still have old boil off active and LH2 still boiled away despite having sufficient heat capacity
  6. If taken to extreme like 4 LRB and 6 F-1A stretch S-I maybe 7 of any of advanced Hydrolox engine on a regular (or stretch) 2nd S-II how far it can go? Or even sillier, making a custom Tri/quad coupler and launch it on V-3X/4X
  7. I extract payload from straight Saturn payload adapter but my craft control is locked, and speedometer show 0m/s. Orbital parameters all shows n/a
  8. Also, @CobaltWolf is there any plan to change the J-2 variants into part switch like on RL-10? Atleast on non deployable one
  9. Yeah the upper stage is the biggest problem here, nearly all of DIVH delivered HLV required a new upper stage
  10. Just noticed something AJ-260 is far more expensive than S-1b shouldn't it lower as it's supposed to be a low-cost replacement?
  11. Honestly for SDV stuff I want Ares V mount for RS68 atleast one that fit ReDIRECT mount, currently even compact one is too big
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