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  1. I wonder what mod set are you guys using with KCT. By following all recommendations from both BARIS and KCT, I endedup with multiple part failure mods (BARIS and OhScrap), which I read on this topic that is a bad idea. Would you recommend BARIS + KCT + ScapYard + StageRecovery? I wonder if they will all play nicely together
  2. Hi! I have been making some tests and the solution I provide on my PR over this mod has some issues: - Lossless time warping messes with maneuver nodes. - I think the rate of universal time vs real time is not constant because we're modifying maximumDelta. Thanks @damerell for providing an explanation about that. I think I understand it now. There's certainly a lot of things to be done here, including testing, before it makes sense to ask @linuxgurugamer to review and merge any PR. Sorry, I got too excited. I've changed the PR to draft, so it is still publicly visible, while
  3. Hi! I've been giving TimeControl a look, and it offers HyperWarp, from their page: So they are implementing the lossless physics we are eager to have here. I think this is the same that this mod was aiming to have, as per what the main page says. TimeControl seems to only offer this Unity-styled window to do time manipulation, so I'd rather this to be integrated as it does on BetterTimeWarp, that makes everything feel stock. After all the tests I've been doing, I think I've found a clean and simple way to do this without code injection and made a PR on the repository: ht
  4. I'm offending you and that's the least of my intentions. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help.
  5. I'll try to bring this discussion back from the dead. I think stock physics are fast, but not precise, and this mod intended to change this, so that they would be more precise. Judging from gifs, this was working, but it's not right now. We still didn't reach a consensus on what was needed to execute, and now that we're saying that injecting code is not permitted, we also need to find a moment to call it. On what to execute: As per what @sarbian said, a fixed value for fixedDeltaTime should suffice to keep it stable on all warp levels. What I found on unity docs about tim
  6. This was it! My tests consisted on waiting until the menu was open, but I was using [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.SpaceCentre, true)] to load it. So it was actually working, but I checked before my dll was loaded. Thank you
  7. Hi, I've been trying to debug a simple test mod with this method on KSP latest version. I'm running the batch without errors with Unity 2019.2.2f1. Running ksp_x64_dbg.exe shows "development build" on bottom right. I can Attach Unity Debugger from Visual Studio 2019 and everything looks fine. The issue is that breakpoints cannot be hit. Opening Debug > Windows > Modules on Visual Studio shows that no symbols are being loaded for any assembly, which seems the main issue. I'm compiling the mod as a C# library targeting .NET Framework 4 and I've tried changing the Debugging i
  8. After thinking about it for some days and reading through the front page post again, this is what the mod should be doing. So this is actually a bug. Check these 2 gifs, from the front page: Without Lossless Physics Warp: http://gfycat.com/ObedientFlawedArctichare With Lossless Physics Warp: http://gfycat.com/DeepSkeletalKoala I just constructed a sample vessel to imitate this and mine just flips around, as physics are not lossless. I'd love others to try out and see if it's just me. What I would expect from the lossless physics is to keep the simulation frequency constant o
  9. I got the feeling that lossless meant that it would "produce the same results". Something along the lines of simulating with the same delta time, but multiple times per second. I imagine that would chew my CPU for breakfast, but I couldn't help imagining myself driving rovers at x10 (at least in a straight line) without the kraken.
  10. I have a pretty basic question about lossless physics: what is the expected outcome of it? I understood that physics should behave the same, but consume a lot of CPU time. What I see during ship ascent is that using x3 or x4 still "compresses" the ship, as it does with stock physics warp. Trying to move rovers over kerbin surface at 10m/s x5 makes them explode. My understanding is that with lossless I shouldn't have any of these issues, but that's not what I see.
  11. I came here out of curiosity to see what the last update fixed. It's always nice to have the logs cleaner Also, kudos for all the nice mods and the work you put on maintaining them.
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