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  1. I got the feeling that lossless meant that it would "produce the same results". Something along the lines of simulating with the same delta time, but multiple times per second. I imagine that would chew my CPU for breakfast, but I couldn't help imagining myself driving rovers at x10 (at least in a straight line) without the kraken.
  2. I have a pretty basic question about lossless physics: what is the expected outcome of it? I understood that physics should behave the same, but consume a lot of CPU time. What I see during ship ascent is that using x3 or x4 still "compresses" the ship, as it does with stock physics warp. Trying to move rovers over kerbin surface at 10m/s x5 makes them explode. My understanding is that with lossless I shouldn't have any of these issues, but that's not what I see.
  3. I came here out of curiosity to see what the last update fixed. It's always nice to have the logs cleaner Also, kudos for all the nice mods and the work you put on maintaining them.