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  1. you must rename it "it-it.cfg" (or better, copying and then renaming the copy, so that the original is still there). Inside it, there is a "localization" node, and then a "en-us" node. rename that one to "it-it". If your game language is set up as Italian, then it should show up after a restart. Make sure you are looking at the right place when in-game, Mechjeb has a lot of windows, and the one you are translating may not be the one you think (I am not underestimating you, it happened to me quite often). You can also check the other languages to see how they did it.
  2. This is a stock bug, that has been around for many years. Just tested on a fresh install to confirm
  3. Restock doesn't add any parts, it just improves the textures of the stock parts. Do not confuse with Restock + , which add a couple of useful parts but is an optional part of restock.
  4. you're right, it wasn't related I have collected a bit of information, though on a modded save, so maybe not parallax's fault https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B7AqzEtNMvjjgkW5v-sZBhu3hjCSgRhx/view?usp=sharing ^Here is the bug when zoomed out https://drive.google.com/file/d/165d7f9QvycXX9ghSpwPHAV0gaLk8TNHJ/view?usp=sharing ^then zooming in https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PD6jAEBGVUhdgs0a--qonivdGw9QDqW/view?usp=sharing ^now on the side It appeared only on EVE, the other planets I have tested so far are working fine. It occurs once you get close to the
  5. Really excited about the new stuff coming I also had a question related to the configs of parallax. What does "edgeLength" in TessellationSettings do ? For some reason, setting it to 1 seemed to break Eve's surface, with terrain sections overlapping themselves and landed rovers blowing up on loading. (Not really a bug report since it lacks proper logs and screenshot, but wanted to learn more about the potential causes of it)
  6. Assuming you are now on parallax 1.1b, it is because collisions are not yet implemented yet in that version, the stock collider still applies. You might be able to change the terrain's offset in Parallax_StockTextures' configs (I am not sure).
  7. parallax 1.2.x works only on KSP 1.11.x I suggest downgrading parallax to 1.1b, or updating KSP to 1.11.2 (most mod have been updated by now)
  8. In parallax's config file, there is a line toward the bottom called flatMinmus, I think that's the option you are looking for. It's in gamedata/parallax/config/ParallaxGlobal.cfg
  9. If you only have parallax installed, you might want to switch to regular Kopernicus to get a more stable experience, since Kopernicus now support all versions up to 1.11.2 Breaking ground's surface features are just a point of interest here and there, e.g. a volcano or a pile of rock. Parallax, however, enhanced the whole surface texture. It used to be only visual, but it now adds physical height variety. When parallax is installed, surface features still spawn and can be analyzed as usual, but there is no additional science stuff.
  10. @TheSpaceMonkey This is what the OP says about donations
  11. Yes, I have kopernicus stable version 1.10.1-34 installed. Besides, parallax 1.1b worked fine with said version of kopernicus.
  12. I wanted to know if parallax 1.2.1 was compatible with KSP 1.10.1, so i tried it. Instantaneous crash when trying to load a vessel, with the unity popup and everything. I expected it, so I'm just posting in case anyone had the same question as me.
  13. The reason why it tells you you're already around Eve is because it says "create a new maneuver node ... after the last maneuver node". When calculating, Mechjeb will consider the orbit obtained after all maneuver are executed, which in your case will be an orbit around eve once your two burns are executed. Mechjeb is just thinking about the future As for the delta-V difference, I have no idea, but this is why you should always have a fuel margin. Maybe it has to do with unaccounted for inclination, or a lack of precision due to the ASAP requirement
  14. This is because, as of 1.1 , parallax is only visual, terrain physical height is still stock. However, the 1.2 beta version includes experimental collisions, and they work pretty well. If you are interested, you can go to github, download it and try it out (it might be buggy though, it is a beta version after all)
  15. Tried out a rover on EVE, and got the same behaviour. My FPS counter is steadily at 30 and shows a drop to 15 during the stutter. It happens no matter if you are moving or not. On a more positive note, you weren't lying when you said you had done some optimization: my framerate doubled! (moho: 35 ==> >60; eve : 15 ==> 30; mun: 20 ==> 45)
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