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  1. i found an interesting bug with the titan SRBS im working on waterfall configs for BDB srbs and other mods and i found this bug out if you start the engine using the paw menu it uses the angeled thrust tranform But if you use the staging action it uses the inline thrust transform yes those two boosters use the same template
  2. also did lemon cup contacted you bc he wants to share his plume with you i put some on the titan SRBS and yea its awsome
  3. adiri if u need help making the patches just dm me btw that friend request was a misclick
  4. https://github.com/kochiBR/Kerwis-Chinese-Aerospace-Pack-2.5x here now it gets around the irl performance and burn time most of the tanks were lacking 30% of fuel idk why
  5. btw if you guys dont mind i did some balancing on all parts since some of the rockets lacked performance + added cryotank support if you guys are interested i can send the github link
  6. I have a tiny suggestion on adding the English acronyms on the tags bc currently it works for CZ, but the parts are named with LM
  7. Kochi Industries QD arm [1.9.1-1.12.3] A simple mod that Adds the Ship and booster QD´s You can find me in this server https://discord.gg/gxa7G9fEMh Download You Can Download the mod here Kochi Industries (1.11.2 - 1.12.2) on SpaceDock How to Install: From Spacedock: - Click download and Drop the files in Gamedata Planed Features Both QD´s Revamp Firefly alpha Rocket Known issues Collider on the Arm is weird (But you can use the offset tool to put it in the right place) Required Mods B9 Part Switch Module Manager Recommended Mods KaioShip Kari's Starship Starship Launch Expansion Foss's Mechazila In Game Pics Changelog LICENSE
  8. it wasant a balast they just filled with other equipment like RCS tanks bateries and stuff its quite hard to find pictures of the other apollo CSM´s
  9. Nothing strange on the log no errors and it only happens if you switch the (historic,empty,Universal storage)
  10. idk if its known from the recent alpha that added the SIM bay sometimes in the VAB and in flight the fairing part turns pink but it can be fixed loading the craft again (in the VAB) or F5 and F9 (in flight) probably B9 and SAF having a problem i guess
  11. the curse has been broken we can finaly rest
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