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  1. Sadly I am one of the LEAST musically inclined humans on this planet. But fear not, our "Master of Music", Howard M (the M is for Music of course), is working his magic on all your atmospheric vibration needs.
  2. Tim Cox was a dear friend of ours, one of the most kind hearted individuals I've ever known, and an incredible artist. As the video explains, he evolved the look and feel of the kerbal models and their design for KSP2, along with many of the new rocket parts. I've made sure he also lives on in his own creation, as Tim C. Kerman. You can see a shot or 2 of him in his black and orange space suit in the video as well.
  3. Levin is a BADA55 and I'm glad he finally gets to share a tiny slice of the super difficult and iterative work he and his team have been doing. He has helped me grasp aspects and details of the game I never even knew were there.
  4. I love that we get to share the stuff we're proud of as we go.
  5. @DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE The Kerbal in the wide flailing gif is neither Jeb nor Val, and the license is from Washington State, on behalf of the peoples of Kerbin. I'm glad you and so many others have been patiently appreciating our efforts.
  6. I'm glad someone noticed some of those details but it says December, not October.
  7. https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/dev-diaries/developer-insights-6-kerbals-the-first-new-look/ Hope you guys like it. -Paul Zimmer (The 3D Animator & Content Engineer)
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