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  1. First heard about the game around 1.8, 1.9, then I finally bought it and started playing literally days after the 1.10 release.
  2. Nope, but that jet's cockpit area is looking like an F-16 right now. Beautiful! Also, @Misguided Kerbal?
  3. Hello everyone! Chapter 5 has been delayed to a Sunday release due to complications with a certain spaceplane that will be used in the coming chapters, detailed below. I have experienced issues with landing the Space Shuttle from a space trip, so I hope you all understand the final approach will not be displayed on any Project Astra chapter. The launch, mission in orbit, re-entry, and touchdown will be the only parts of an STS mission shown in photos. Hope you all understand! In other words, development on the coming chapters are going rapidly! Chapter 5 will focus more on a politica
  4. Hey there! Just wondering whether the shuttle is compatible with Modular Launch Pad's shuttle launch tower, and is the shuttle compatible with MechJeb? Thanks!
  5. Awesome! What would their new names happen to be? Tantares is a massive mod, and my VAB lags a fair bit since I'm using older hardware, so its a hassle to search.
  6. Hey there! I'm wondering whether Proton and the Salyut 1 spacecraft are still in Tantares' latest version. I looked up the build guide for Proton and Salyut 1 on the wiki, but I can't seem to find the parts in my VAB parts list. If they are in the mod, what's the general name used for Proton and Salyut 1 parts? Thanks a lot!
  7. I'd say 30-50 mods probably, leaning towards the 50 side. I just can't live without Kerbal Engineer, Bluedog Design Bureau, and Tantares. All amazing mods!
  8. Chapter 4: Reach for the Stars The date, November 1, 1974. The location, Baikonur Cosmodrome’s Heavy Launch Pad Delta. The star of the show that day, the Soviet Union’s fifth N-1 rocket standing proudly on the pad. Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin and Chief Designer Sergei Korolev were in attendance, watching the N-1 from five kilometers away in a fortified concrete bunker, through television screens. “This better work, Chief Designer” said Premier Kosygin, his mind drifting towards the amount of money the Soviets had spent on the space program. In the end, he thought, it was all
  9. Once more, delays occurred and the Chapters continue to be pushed back. Not all of this is bad news though, as the school year has ended and my focus now turns to Project Astra! I expect to release a new chapter at least every two weeks, maybe more frequently. With a lot of time on my hands, my new goal is to release new chapters to all of you guys! Some changes will be made to the coming chapters, notably the elimination of certain NASA programs to allow for a more ambitious goal. The tables will also turn against the Soviet Union in the coming chapters. I expect Chapter 4 rel
  10. I plan to hopefully have one chapter out tomorrow. A mix of delays and schoolwork have caused repeated delays. Don't worry, the next few chapters are written and ready It certainly is, and thank you! As explained above, I'm just having trouble getting time to film. Chapter 4: A Scarlet Moon will be releasing tomorrow, April 4 (hopefully). Stay safe everyone!
  11. Hello, everyone! I am very sorry for the inactivity, but I was focusing on other things and my laptop's fan began whirring loudly so I had to give it a rest. Chapter 4 will release either tomorrow or on Monday, as I have a video to record tomorrow. Chapter 5 will follow suit on March 7, with Chapter 6 on March 8. With my time freeing up, I will now be able to focus on Project Astra once more. I would also just like to thank you all for supporting the project so far! I promise that more content will be rolled out soon, as well as more interesting ones. Stay safe, everyone!
  12. Announcement Hello, everyone! I am deeply sorry for the long delays, but my laptop's fan whirred extremely loudly, so I had no choice but to give it a rest for a day or two. Parts 2 and 3 will release next weekend as major changes to the Atlas V will have to be made since it is not capable enough to reach Duna (Mars). Thank you for bearing with the inconveniences so far!
  13. Update Part 2 and 3 will be releasing within 24 hours! In those episodes, I will be adding changes to the Rover and Skycrane, launching two satellites to provide comms, and launching the Rover itself! Keep an eye out for the next episodes!
  14. Interlude 2: The Future of the Soviet Space Program Soviet Premier and Communist Party Chairman Aleksei Kosygin had been sitting in his chair peacefully, reading through KGB intelligence reports of American military assets and contemplating whether the USSR would be able to conduct a prolonged war with the West when Soviet Space Administration Chairman Sergei Korolev entered his office. Premier Kosygin would look up from his papers, place them on his desk, then stand up to shake Korolev's hand. Premier Kosygin - "Chairman Korolev! I was not expecting to see you until the Committ
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