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  1. Good news everyone! Over the last few weeks I've had some more time to work on the mod and have made some good progress, especially on the recycler: All parts, from both KIS and stock containers, can now be recycled. Parts are now recycled based on their actual state – formerly they were recycled based on the AvailablePart (for non-modders this is basically the base/source/default version of the part used by all instances of the part), so they would use whatever state that happened to be in at the time, rather than taking into account things like variants or motor mass. The recycler's queue now functions like the workshop's (with dragging, stacking, right-click menu etc). If a part contains resources they are now drained before it is recycled. If they cannot be drained (e.g. there isn't enough space on the vessel to store them) they can be dumped. Otherwise, recycling of the part stalls (the part is paused) until capacity becomes available or they are dumped. At the moment, "dumping" basically just erases the resources from existence, but in future I plan to make this function like a drain valve, i.e. it exerts a force on the part when ejected. Similarly, if a part is finished recycling and there isn't enough space for the resources the player must either dump them or have the recycler wait for space to become available. If a part is in the queue but hasn't yet begun recycling (including if it is stalled due to having (an) undrained resource(s)) it can now be returned to an inventory via an option in the right-click menu. Where possible this will be the inventory it originated from, but if it is full or unavailable it will use other inventories instead. It currently will not try to add it to containers of the other type (i.e. parts from a KIS inventory will not be "returned" to a stock one and vice versa) but I may implement this as a(n optional) fallback in future. As a side note this does not work for Kerbals' inventories. As far as I can tell there is no unique identifier for inventories themselves (or at least one that persists after quitting the game) so I have to use the host-part's PersistentID. Kerbals also do not seem to have a unique identifier, and since they can move from part-to-part and there can be more than one Kerbal per part the part's ID is not a good proxy. That said, all this means is that the part doesn't know where it came from – it can still be restored to a non-specific inventory – so it is hardly game-breaking. Items can be added to the recycler queue paused. This is not the same as the existing functionality of pausing the recycler as it only effects newly added parts – any already queued but non-paused parts remain non-paused, and any individual item can be unpaused at any time. I also plan to add this functionality to the workshop but haven't done so yet. Mass which is not converted to useful resources is now converted to a new Waste Material resource. This prevents mass from just magically disappearing. This acts just like other resources in that it must be transferred out or dumped. Currently this resource has no uses or containers but I intend to develop this further in future. (Possible uses: burn it to produce EC; reprocess it to extract additional useful materials). I may also add other by-products such as CO₂ (which could be vented or used in a greenhouse etc), although I won't go much further that that until I get to the resource overhaul mentioned at the bottom of the OP. Similarly, when a part is cancelled any as-yet unconverted material is also converted to Waste Material. If a part is being produced in the workshop and is cancelled it will now be transferred into a recycler if one is available. Otherwise it now also yields Waste Material equal to the mass of resources already processed. I may in future also implement a similar system in reverse (i.e. allow a partially recycled part to be returned to a workshop to be re-built) but I haven't done this yet. Oh, and I have also added the catch-all BDArmory category.
  2. I don't use BDArmory but I've had a quick look at how it works. I'm not sure how to handle their subcategories. I might try to replicate their extra column but that will require some more UI work; otherwise they'll probably just end up in the "main" list like normal categories. (That said, I'll have to do the same sort of thing for the "Advanced Mode" categories (cross-section profile, module, resource etc.) so it may be almost "free" in that respect.) As far as I can tell ammo is just treated as standard resources so it should work without any further intervention (although I may need to add recipes for them). Depending on how they do it I may have to specifically code support for the universal ammo boxes and possibly for any other pre-launch variables in other parts though. All of this will probably have to wait until after the initial release though. I'll probably add a temporary config-based category equivalent to the "all" subcategory in the meantime as that should be fairly trivial.
  3. I don't think it's the perspective – it looks like some parts of the model are overlapping others in a seemingly impossible manner. (Seems to be a characteristic of IVA modelling.)
  4. Whatever I end up naming it I intend to retain the "OSE Workshop" part in some form, if only out of respect to the original author. OSE does stand for ObiVanDamme Space Engineering after all. It also provides continuity with the previous versions of the mod. As such it will probably take the form OSE Workshop <something> (as with the previous continuations OSE Workshop Continued and OSE Workshop Reworked) or similar, although I haven't ruled out other formats (such as <Something>: an OSE Workshop mod/continuation). (Also, wouldn't "Bill's Workbench" be more appropriate? )
  5. @JUSTFoox I do not have a planned release date, so just "when it's done" I'm afraid.
  6. Oh absolutely. Rest assured there's no need to worry about me though. I'm far from overworked or anything; it's more of a time-management issue. (Most things in the mod need to be worked on several hours at a time since you really need to think them through to understand what's going on. The UI scaling is an exception as it is basically just finding all the values which need to be scaled and adding a multiplier.) Still, the concern and understanding are much appreciated .
  7. Hi all. Sorry for my longer-than-usual absence. Work is still keeping me quite busy so haven't had much time to devote to development. I have however got UI scaling working across both the Workshop and the Recycler, although it needs some refinement here and there. (Scaling a pixel-based layout by a non-round number results in numerous slight misalignments and such which need to be sorted.) Thankfully 1.12 doesn't seem to have caused any issues with the mod so at least I haven't had anything to deal with on that front.
  8. Thanks! I've just tested it with the UI scaling and it would seem KSP doesn't apply it automatically . Looks like I've got something to add to the to-do list. I don't know whether I'll do it before the initial release or not but it will come. On a more general note I haven't much progress to share. (I've been busy with work so haven't had a great deal of spare time.) I have done some work on the recycler though: the UI now resembles the Workshop's, inventory items are separated by container (rather than all just appearing in one long list) and the recycler lists items in stock inventories as well as KIS ones (although it cannot yet recycle them). I've also been playing around with sound effects when buttons are pressed etc although I'm not sure if they'll remain in the final version.
  9. Thanks! At the moment it's fixed, but I do plan to have at least some degree of resizability and I have coded it with that in mind. How exactly it will be implemented I don't know though. One thing I do plan to do though is to have a "large" mode: currently the parts list, category buttons etc are scaled to 75% of those in the editors (VAB/SPH) but in "large" mode they'd be 100%. From a coding POV that's fairly trivial to do, I just need to actually do it. I have also toyed with the idea of a minimal UI which only shows the queue and print progress without the part list etc. I haven't ruled out completely dynamic scaling (i.e. to any arbitrary size) but I haven't any specific plans for it either. The part preview is already the same scale as the editors' so that probably wouldn't change (although it could easily become taller without changing anything else). The progress bars etc are all at the same scale as the stock UI too. The queue can fairly easily be changed as long as it remains a multiple of the part icons. I would also assume it would respect the stock UI scale setting, as I think that applies automatically to all UI elements. (I haven't tested this though so I may be wrong.)
  10. Mine has attachRules = 1,1,1,0,0 which should be all it needs. The second number corresponds to SrfAttach, so if it is 1 it should work fine.
  11. Yeah, pressing R should cycle through all the available attachment points/modes, so it should go bottomNode → dockingNode → srfAttach (i.e. surface attach) → bottomNode (again). On some parts there may be many more attachment nodes to cycle through.
  12. KIS/KAS allows parts to be either attached by a particular node or surface (depending on the part). That part can either be surface-attached or node-attached. Unlike in the editor though you have to tell it which mode you want it in. Notice how in the screenshot it says Attach (bottomNode)? That means it is trying to attach its bottom node to a node on the craft. Hit R until it gets to surface and I think you should be good.
  13. This past week or so I've been mainly working on the queue system, and have made some fairly significant changes to it: Parts can now be added to the queue in stacks. Individual parts (or stacks of parts) can be paused. For items in the queue this means they will be ignored and not manufactured until unpaused. Parts which have already been started (i.e. are partially constructed) are moved back into the queue and display a small progress bar indicating their progress. Queue items can be dragged around to re-order the queue. Parts in the queue now have a radial menu which shows up when you right-click them. This has a short expansion animation similar to stock manoeuvre (maneuver) nodes. Currently this only has cancel and pause/resume buttons but will later allow things like stack size management. I have re-designed the bottom part of the interface and added individual progress bars for each resource. The part icon is now surrounded by six buttons, three of which are currently implemented: pause, cancel and switch target inventory type. Here are some screenshots showing how it currently looks. You can also see the cancel and resource transfer dialogue boxes, resource sliders, the updated recipe window (with dividers and warning icons) and some other minor UI tweaks. The radial menu for the queued items can be seen in the black box overlaid on the first screenshot, which was only added because you cannot both right-click and item and drag one at the same time.
  14. If you don't want that restriction in your game it looks like you can change the volume limit in the part config. For what it's worth I'm working on OSE Workshop and will probably be implementing some kind of similar volume restriction down the line too. It just doesn't make sense not to unless you head-canon it that the container expands the printer part.
  15. Thanks. I do try to be thorough but I'm certainly not infallible so if you do have any suggestions please feel free to make them. Different perspectives are always welcome. If you do make a redundant suggestion all that will happen is you will find out more about (my plans for) the mod, so it's no big deal. All I'd say is most of my short-to-medium term plans are in the OP so if you're not sure give it a quick read.
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