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  1. In another report I've found a few other gems that also use this rocket, all of which tend to indicate that a very low number of people was working on the report sober. How the hell did this become an 800+ pages long NTRS report?
  2. The sections aren't connected by tethers, but by full extensible corridors - large enough to allow crew to pass through them
  3. "Who made those valves?" "Uh let's see... it says 'found lying on the side of the road'"
  4. Integrated Program Plan mars mission, with the living quarters S-IVB sized and the nuclear shuttle attached being S-II sized - the smaller landers are sample return probes to analyze the terrain before putting humans on the surface, giving that this was studied in 1969/1970. I recreated it in the BDB thread some time ago
  5. It also seems to have taken a long time, coming out a year after the Augustine committee was formed - meaning it had lost every reason to exist long before being finished. Seeing how little sense the concept with the Shuttle makes (I think that the engine shroud even clips with the wing of the orbiter), perhaps it was added in a last attempt to make at least one part of this study survive
  6. Honestly I'm not even sure where to post it, but I just found it and just... what the hell Boeing report on the Space Transfer Vehicle, came out in april 1991 so it's kinda related to the SEI but a lot more under the radar afaik
  7. Looks like the Florida OLM has three legs already, while 5 tower segments have been built and one is in progress
  8. It almost looks like one of those Superheavy raptor covers
  9. Oh trust me it isn't just you, there's a reason my screenshots show basically two angles and one is almost straight from the top
  10. Recreated the new Lockmart lunar lander but now the render doesn't look like it was made for the Space Exploration Initiative in 1990
  11. This one shouldn't be too much of a problem, as Starship will probably have little to no horizontal velocity during the final part of the descent - if that's correct, the direction Starship will turn doing the bellyflop depends only on the direction the engines are pointing.
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