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  1. Everybody's on Apollo and Saturn stuff nowadays, so here's my attempt at a LLRV replica-ish: Sadly I couldn't use the Lunar Orbiter this time
  2. Again, not true. The only debris that has reached the wetlands is SN11, which was not a normal occurrence, and as already stated the recovery is the issue that requires planning not to impact the enviroment badly. Leaving some steel debris for some more time where it alredy is is definitely less impactful than a badly executed recovery
  3. Starship is being built to be a launcher. It is a launcher that can also get to mars What does that even mean?
  4. That's the goal of the space company in question, yes, that's what space companies do. Are you asking why a space company doesn't invest much in saving earth? We can and should protect earth, but spacex has nothing to do with it
  5. ...how did you get from Spacex seeking to fill 6 acres of wetlands to "screw earth"? From the news article you posted "Texas lost 52 percent — 8.4 million acres — of its wetlands from 1780 to 1980"
  6. But the infrastructure wasn't built in the "dwindling and precious environment", it was built separately from that and leaving it alone. The only time stuff ended up there was with SN11's debris, and it wasn't normal at all, not to mention that there's only two more iterations of starship (three if SN15 will refly) that are going to do the hop that ended up that way
  7. Well, debris from that did hit land, so it seems kind of justified
  8. Maybe, but unless they want to do polar orbits from Boca Chica they won't ever pass there, no?
  9. Ah, got it now. Thank you Since they were all suborbital before making it to orbit don't they count too as "first suborbital flight with tourists"?
  10. I'm aware, I said it will have the first full civilian crew. Also, do you mean that it will be technically the first *suborbital* flight with tourists but that there were already orbital flights with tourists? I'm not sure I understood correctly
  11. Isn't the high bay becoming a bit clogged up? It's the only place where they can stack starship (SN16), basing on BN1 the only place where they can scrap them (probably SN15), the only place to stack superheavy (BN2) and supposedly also the place where to scrap them (BN2 again if it survives the hop)
  12. Serious question, would the crewed New Shepard flight this July give BO any first in the space industry? Not internal ones like the obvious first NS flight with people, i mean more like inspiration 4's first full civilian crew
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