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  1. 0_0 This is COOOL!! What kind of hydrazine was used by the way? Mono or UDMH or simple? For toxicity purposes)
  2. I know, just my brain did a funny and forgot this word... I wonder what the next update will be named... atlas shrugged?)
  3. "slaps an enormous abomination built from countless bodies, knee high in blood, after prolonged dark magic necromantic ritual"
  4. That letter "E" at the end of "BDB in russkiy" is especially cursed for me. I don't know which app was used for this, but even 4th grader in Russia would do a better job "translating" It is pure linguistic abomination. And what on Earth, Mars and Venus is this "flighp" at the boattail? What have slavic languages done to you?!?!?!
  5. Tried TOO cursed for what I'm attempting to do... Need something, less offensive? Less sreaming "here I am, I am here I am crazy" BTW any tips on how big proton core is supposed to be? Also, LR's are too long, do not fit into the short interstage
  6. Guys, so I'm currently doing something unholy and need suggestions What a good engine would be for the upper stage with 1 smallest ldc tank to fit into small ldc interstage? aj's have bad twr (<1) lr's do not fit that small interstage profile. pic for context: Edit: also need some tips for sea level engines with thrust with approx 550+ kN. Bigger is better. But with 1.5m profile I don't have tantares for those neat staged cycle hypergols.
  7. Is this… like a proton, but with delta cores?! Oh god we have sinned… P.S. If it's not, I think I know what I'm gonna do today …
  8. Nova good, nova cool! Is there any hope for the craft file of, at least this amazing first stage? (wanna hurl mercury to Pluto)
  9. Now THAT'S what I've been waiting x-15 for. We are going to the Moon with this baby. Saturn V is waiting
  10. I'm not asking for it tho. It's just hurts Actually, in russian copy of KSP (downloadable through steam game config) not only strings, but also all textures are localised and quality is suprisingly good ! It came as a suprise for me and acutally motivated me to do localization for NFT suite of mods. It was an amazing feeling! However, string localisation sometimes can cause some nasty behavour with some mods i.e. umbra space industries, which checks for engineer's presense through comparison with hardcoded "engineer" string instead of calling proper method to get localized string.
  11. That russglish... I should repost it to some of my friends. It's like a new peak for twisting russian language. It hurts physically and should be banned as psychoweapon
  12. @EStreetRockets I did a clean install of ORANGES on a new laptop and got following b9 error: This is latest version from git repo. Not from releases.
  13. Well see you in a month or so. I know I've made the same mistake… Anyway what are current priorites? Finishing viking or something else?
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