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  1. I'm not asking for it tho. It's just hurts Actually, in russian copy of KSP (downloadable through steam game config) not only strings, but also all textures are localised and quality is suprisingly good ! It came as a suprise for me and acutally motivated me to do localization for NFT suite of mods. It was an amazing feeling! However, string localisation sometimes can cause some nasty behavour with some mods i.e. umbra space industries, which checks for engineer's presense through comparison with hardcoded "engineer" string instead of calling proper method to get localized string.
  2. That russglish... I should repost it to some of my friends. It's like a new peak for twisting russian language. It hurts physically and should be banned as psychoweapon
  3. @EStreetRockets I did a clean install of ORANGES on a new laptop and got following b9 error: This is latest version from git repo. Not from releases.
  4. Well see you in a month or so. I know I've made the same mistake… Anyway what are current priorites? Finishing viking or something else?
  5. You just keep finding wierd stuff to add, right? It makes my inner web dev go crazy due to bundle size). Maybe stuff should be further organized in "conceptual" "ETS" and "historical" folders to keep manual pruning managable?
  6. What a great idea! I haven't built some cursed stuff in years Which flavour do you prefer: 1. S1C-able 2.Saturn V able 3. Saturn 1-able ?
  7. Agena Target Vehicle lifts off for first rendezvous attempt I try to experiment with camera angles and time of day to get the best pictures. How I am doing? And it's failure. Just like in real history
  8. Hey guys. So i've been playing with Advanced Gemini recently and I wonder is there any practical reason why it would've been used instead of Apollo and Apollo-derived hardware? How can Advanced Gemini be squeezed between Apollo and Gemini programs logically and realisticly?
  9. I haven't done this in more then half a year so skills might be sloppy but I guess I need new dose of KSP. Here's first test flight of Titan V lifting 7.5 tonnes to LEO without upper stage: And yes, it's kerolox 'cause no way the next gen rocket would use overpriced and extremley dangerous aerozine-50. Of course on operational flights it would use proper restartable upper stage and SRB's for additional perofrmance.
  10. @EStreetRockets It seems that OMS attachment points are not working properly. I can't attach anything properly on theese. Please take a look.
  11. @GoldForestI'm all for Energia. It is such an underutilised rocket with so much potential. It's story really saddens me and it would be really cool to see what is this family truly capable of.
  12. That's some classic KSP-style fairings here. I wonder what those engineers used to reinforce rockets so they wouldn't collapse under such mass. So your timeline Earth have Wakanda for vibranium?
  13. Roscosmos didn't exist back then. It was federal space agency. I hate roscosmos and how it ruined russian space program.
  14. Government: how much money do you want to spend? NASA: YES. Btw from which mod is this cockpit?
  15. Just a nitpick but why are you using ssvp docking system on russian side? APAS was INITIALLY designed for Buran. At least you could've used hybrid docking port like on ISS. It retains probe and drouge while using 12 hooks and having bigger diameter.
  16. TweakScale is a path to many abilities some considered. . . unnatural. Also it is reeeeally good at ruining pixel density so Nertea hates it.
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