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  1. But thhay are no 1.13... I hope will to be thhis in KSP2.
  2. Will be really cool to add a new building to the KSC, the museum. When you make a great achievement, a new thing appear in the museum, wich describe the mission, the vessel, ect... And maybe, in the Astronaut Complex, when you engage a kerbal, they are a little biography of the kerbonaut.
  3. The kerbals could live into sort of hobbit hole. I dream of live in a hobbit hole.
  4. Le Lynx


  5. Can I be rated for my europa rocket, then? It is a rank for one people, or one rank for one rocket?
  6. It's not just the French who are at fault, they are also the german stage and the italian fairing involved. But, this isn't the place to discut of this. If you want, i will to create a new post on the esa errors of managements.
  7. @jimmymcgoochieIf you like british rockets check my Europa!
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