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  1. Ok so theres been no progress for like half a year at this point so im just gonna quickly finish a few of the scatterer configs when I actually have time and release it. Don't expect quality, except for maybe a few planets.
  2. I can promise we will release a scatterer config at least.
  3. I replaced the NERV with Nozzle because ending an acronym with an acronym is kinda odd
  4. Call it the Lox-Augmented Nuclear Thermal high Efficiency Reconfigurable Nozzle, or LANTERN for short (the h is silent because I'm too lazy to find a better acronym)
  5. sure thing. currently i have one planet left around Klaus, Pneuma, the Iron Eve. Currently i'm trying to get the atmosphere to look like something that has a lot of iron in it. Cooper is completely unstarted, so if you want, you can make scatterer configs for those planets. add me on discord as Shbibe #5413 so we can talk easily.
  6. Dont expect fast progress because i have school and i also play ksp normally a lot too and chances are I'll forget about modding because im liquided of at rocket league's ranking system. ill have sudden bursts of motivation and make like 4 planets in 2 days and then forget about this for 2 weeks
  7. i won't give up or lose the files (hopefully) i promise
  8. so... Event Horizon Visuals was cancelled so I, someone with literally zero modding experience, asked the original creator, @Heliocentric, for permission to carry it on. Here we will monitor my progress and learning of Scatterer and EVE when I get to it. Images represent current state of the planets. Currently nothing is focused on full realism, rather trying to emulate what the stock atmospheres would look like with scatterer (obviously). Clouds will not be added until I finish scatterer this is now a joint project between @Shbibeand @Jane Monroue
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