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  1. Currently it can load without error, but there isn't any ground object added to Kcalbeloh system planets.
  2. There won't be any issues if you don't enable homeswitch setting. 确实打错了,应该是True Yes, it is mistyped, should be 'True'.
  3. Does it work normal with other home-replacement planet mods (e.g. Beyond Home)? It would be easier to locate the issue if we know whether it's due to modification on Kerbin.
  4. I will also try it later anyway. It also takes me a lot of time to figure out how to make those settings work properly. I would not recommend changing the SMA because it will change the SOI of the stars. They may not be able to have so many planets after moving closer to Kcalbeloh.
  5. An ALPHA version of new homeswitch settings is available in my discord server. The download doesn't include textures. You need to merge it to v.1.0.1 download. (v1.0.1 ONLY!!!) To remove Kerbol system, you need to enable the corresbonding setting. Let me know if there is any issue.
  6. What is Community Planet Enhancement? Community Planet Enhancement (CPE) is a planet modding project opened to the KSP community. It aims to remake all stock planets to make them more aesthetic and more interesting to explore, without changing any physics parameters of the stock system. Who can participate in this project? Anyone with good knowledge and skill of KSP planet modding. How can I participate? Step.1: Join the CPE discord server. Step.2: Show us your skills of planet modding. It means to make sure all team members have the ability to make good stuffs. You can show your published/WIP mod, or simply some screenshots of your work. For new modders, we encourage you to join Kopernicus server instead to learn and improve your skills. You are always welcomed after you have learned enough. Step.3: Pick (a) planet(s) you want to remake. Step.4: Announce your plan in the corresponding channel under the CELESTIAL BODIES category when you start working. Showing your progress is always encouraged. Step.5: Submit your work to moderator(s). What if I want to make a planet but someone else has already started/finished? You can either: Ask the person whether he/she is willing to work together. Go ahead and make your own version. Later the final version is chosen by voting of the judging committee. Who can be a member of the judging committee? Anyone who has submitted their work. Anyone with good planet modding skills and elected from KSP forums. Note: Judges cannot participate in voting related to their own work. What is the requirement for submission? Keeping the main features of stock planets. For example, the main color of stock planets, main biomes, Kerbin and Laythe’s land distribution, Duna’s ice caps, Dres’ valley, etc. Without changing any physics parameters of the stock system. Radius, mass, orbit, atmosphere, temperature, etc. File lists Kopernicus config (Only edit the following nods unless necessary: ScaledVersion, PQS, Ocean, Biomes) Height map Normal map Scaled-space color map PQS color map Biome map EVE config and cloud maps if needed Scatterer config if needed Other things you can make Sunflares Skybox Planet Icons TUFX Profile Any other things related
  7. It didn't remove Kerbol system. It's possible, but I won't recommend you to do so yourself since the MM patch is a mess. I can try add an option for this if possible.
  8. No. dV map is hard to make for interstellar planet mods because a dV map depends on which planet to start. Update v1.0.1 Installation guide can be found here. Change Log: Rename Aciore as Anehta since the original name can be associated with a bad word. Better rescale config. Add build-in rescale config for all celestial bodies in-game. If you want to play with 2.5x or 10x size universe, there is no need to install a rescale mod for the stock system. Also, it is toggleable in mod settings whether rescale is applied only to Kcalbeloh system or all celestial bodies. See here. Better skybox; add an option in mod settings to disable the bundled skybox if you don't like it. See here. Adjust Tot's orbit and size. Adjusted the mass of Noi and Enots. Be careful before loading a save if you have any vessels on Tot. Improve Iomena's terrain. Be careful before loading a save if you have any vessels on Iomena's surface. New sun flare for Sunorc. Add sandstorms to Sera and Ahtpan. Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.
  9. There shouldn't be much performance impact. It's recommended to run with a computer with at least 8GB RAM. For reference, if you can run AVP or Spectra, you will not have any problem running Kcalbeloh with EVE and Scatterer.
  10. It's usually caused by a lower version of Singularity. You can install the newest Singularity to fix it.
  11. I believe GU allows system switching, so that might be it. This is because the parallax config of GU is written for older parallax, which means it doesn't support parallax 2. To fix the issue, either GU needs to update its parallax configs or you need to roll back to parallax 1.
  12. Hi! I found an issue with scans with the light requirement. It always looks at the position of Kerbol to determine which part of the planet is under light, which can cause annoying issues in planet mods adding other stars. This bug can be reproduced with many planet packs. Is there any possibility to fix it? Thank you!
  13. It seems you are still using homeswitch and rescale together. Currently they can't work together for unknown reasons. Anyway, I will also include a stock rescale config in future updates. That will not work. It's a KSP/Kopernicus bug and cannot be fixed on my side.
  14. Currently homeswitch and rescale cannot work together for unknown reasons. The KSC icon drifting is a visual bug caused by home planet being too far away from center of universe (Kerbol/the Sun). I have tried to replace the Kerbol system, but since the scale of Kcalbeloh system is still too large, it doesn't help the KSC icon drifting issue. I can talk to Kopernicus or KSPCommuinityFixes development team to see if it is possible to be fixed. The rescale setting only applies to Kcalbeloh system bodies. If you want stock system rescaled, you need to install some other recale mod for stock system. If there is any issue, you can tell me what rescale mod you are using and I can take a look.
  15. Thank for reporting! It's a known bug mainly affects the visual effect. See below: Currently rescale and homeswitch can not work together for unknown reason. I don't recommend using them together.
  16. Technically it's easy, but replacing Kerbol with Kcalbeloh will make it almost impossible to transfer to another planet in earlay game. Currently it's not a good idea using parallax scatters with homeswith. I can but it's not my top priority at the moment.
  17. Currently not, because one of my dependency (newest Kopernicus Expansion) is not on CKAN. I will ask KopEX development.
  18. Official Release: v1.0.0 After more than a year of development, I'm glad to announce that Kcalbeloh System has finally come to the official release. I really appreciate everyone who has followed this mod. Also thanks to everyone who has provided suggestions, bug reports, or any other forms of help. The official release doesn't mean the end of the development. I have some plans for future updates to make it better. Happy launchings!
  19. It has configs for radiation belts. For science I heard there are some issues. Actually I'm not very famailar with Kerbalism.
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