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  1. For your colony ship, would you consider making something like this? The ship comes from Silent Running.
  2. If there's a career mode (or equivalent), I'd prefer that. It means I can get to know the new parts as they come along slowly, like watching a reboot of a favorite tv show of mine episode by episode instead of just skipping to the last episode. When playing KSP 1 career mode, it was actually the first time I went to Laythe, because of how the progression works, I worked my way outwards instead of barrelling toward Eeloo from the start.
  3. Not to mention Fallout 4 on console as well, but it was through Bethesda's own service, so it's likely to be subject to regulation. If there are mods for KSP on console, the mods available may be limited.
  4. Well, you can't exactly build them without seeing them now, can ya?
  5. I thought it was 8-player multiplayer, in which case it would almost exclusively be between friends. Griefing is usually only a problem in cases between strangers in much larger games, such as Minecraft.
  6. How about (and this is getting really theorhetical) trying to dive into one like you can with Jool?
  7. This is something I remember discussing at some point before, and mcwaffles might have already said something along these lines. But since I'm too lazy to confirm, I'll just share my thoughts anyways. The experiments should have at least some portion of relevance to particular parts. For example, the rough terrain of the Mun from a surface sample leads to the development of the first sets of rover wheels. The thick atmosphere of Eve leads to the development of more in the aerodynamic area, and perhaps some further development of other command pods with better pressure resistance... Better "pressure resistance?" That's an interesting idea. From what I can recall, the real-world Venera 4 was destroyed by atmospheric pressure on Venus. Is it possible that atmospheric pressure could be an important part of choosing parts? It's interesting to think about. Anyway, assuming that it's real, a 2.5m lander can probably has just barely enough strength against air pressure to survive, which means that it definitely wouldn't survive entry into Jool's deeper atmosphere. I guess with the tech tree, KSP 1 has a set of parts for certain named categories, even when they don't always make sense. Is a thermometer a science instrument, or a safety tool? Many would think of it as a science instrument, but it's in a section named "survivability," as if it would help you to know "oh, the thermometer is giving a reading of 500 celcius," what would you even do in that situation with a thermometer? Perhaps those thermal guages on your spacecraft could only show up by having a thermometer on your craft? Anyways, I digress. I suggest splitting the tech tree into two halves: "Engineering research" and "Science research." Considering research in real life, engineering and science are both very important to one another, but neither is actually the other. An engineer can design an engine, but without the science to even provide the theory, where could that lead? Let's say you want to work up to a Metallic Hydrogen engine. You would probably need: Science section: A very high "thermal" level, to account for the extreme heat generated by such an engine. A very high "chemistry" level, since the fuel isn't exactly common Engineering section: A moderate "structural" level, so the engine doesn't get blasted apart by its own force A high "flow" level, to ensure the propellant leaves the nozzle as efficiently as possible. Just spitballing, but I'd like to see other people's ideas for this. edit: didn't quite finish, and accidentally hit "post"
  8. A brown dwarf. Basically a giant Jupiter with glowing bits. Maybe the pic below is just theorhetical or exageratted, but it'd still be a cool idea.
  9. Not the same old white noisy rocks like KSP 1. Different shapes, really. I'm pretty sure the asteroid models in KSP 1 are pretty much re-used, right?
  10. Unique-looking comets. Possibly even meteors, which- if KSP 2 has metals as resources- could be harvested for building ships in space. I'm unsure as to how far they're going to go with this, but the possibilities with black holes couldn't be understated. We may not know everything about them, but it'll be fun trying to use them as gravity slingshots maybe?
  11. My accent turns the common "doo-nah" into a subtle "dyoo-nah" instead, since transitioning between D and U feels most comfortable saying "dyoo" instead of "doo." Although, I can force "doo-nah" if I try. Maybe it's the E on the end converting the sound of the "N"?
  12. Oxidiser is still definitely present, since that's part of the LANTR's main functionality (or, as I like to call it, the NERD). Though it's not exclusively a fuel. I suspect classic liquid fuel will still be a part of this as well since you need to have jet engines working.
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