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  1. I make up entire stories personalities in my space program. Nothing about the usual veterans, mind you, but usually from rescues. I once had a Kerbal named "Bobkin" and I liked joking about him being an alternate universe Bob Hoskins. He later died from a landing attempt on Eeloo, and I named an Eeloo probe after him (i.e., Bob Hoskins). edit: corrections, the stories unfold as I play the game directly, so I don't make those up. P.S., I wouldn't mind seeing at least a little bit of Kerbal lore. We already get KSP lore in the part descriptions. The drain valve was made by some guy who t
  2. Was the poll supposed to be in "choose all that apply" instead of "choose only one"? Anyway, some of these could be "show and tells," like looking at more planets and moons like they always have. They're only small videos usually less than a minute in length, so stuff like the technical background and the physics would be more likely part of a dev diary. That is, unless you were trying to refer to the "KSP 2 episodes," which are usually greater than 7 minutes, and go into a relatively good detail about many different things. Episode 1 - "Next Gen Tech" was about the new engine type
  3. My bad, never thought about that. I thought they were just biome maps in the game files. Why were Gilly, Bop, and Pol's biome maps weird in version 1.2?
  4. This doesn't seem so different to the maps that are already on the KSP wiki. It's not necessarily a requirement since I can achieve the whole tech tree without biomes anyway, but it's annoying to do so. Besides, this was about how KSP 2 can improve this sort of stuff. I really hope the next game will have something like SCANsat.
  5. Knowing the biome you're in is ok enough, but the stock surface scanner can do this too. I'm looking for a layout of every single biome on the body's surface, akin to survey scanner ore readouts. That way, I know the biome that I want to go to, not just the one I'm in.
  6. Ok, that's similar to what I said, but it's just between two players. Although, how does the game know when to make the request? What if "player A" leaves Duna, where will he appear after leaving Duna's sphere of influence? A ship at escape velocity will eventually force a re-synchronisation, regardless of permissions. I've had many cases in KSP where the game just doesn't know where my ship is going, or it tells me that my ship will encounter a planet, but then the prediction disappears last minute and says "haha, that was never going to happen". I don't know if KSP 2 could warn playe
  7. I suppose what you mean is this: when player "A" sits in x1 timewarp around Duna for a long time, and does a bunch of stuff for a long time, he is unaffected by timewarp. But, if player "B" does a hohmann transfer for a year to Duna, the game calculates where "A" would be after 1 year, and everything is caught up again? It works, but it leads to issues of the authority of "B" to do something like that, and if it's done at a time convenient for the other player. I'll re-use an analogy I mentioned earlier: Let's say player "X" is performing station construction around Jool, while player "Y" ente
  8. Or we could go with the first suggestion of this thread, an earlier idea I already proposed, which makes more sense: I think the voting system is probably best. How it basically works is this: Let's say a player only wants to timewarp for about 5 hours to do an orbital maneuver around Kerbin, while another wants to timewarp for 5 years for a hohmann transfer to Jool. A timewarp happens for 5 hours, and the Kerbin player peforms their maneuver. After this, the Kerbin player says the Transfer player can timewarp as much as they'd like. Of course, in KSP 2, these timewarps should have a m
  9. I am still of the belief that everyone should be under the same Universal Time (UT). Let's say that someone who stays in x1 timewarp on a planet mines ore, while another player goes for x100000 timewarp between planets, simply trying to complete a hohmann transfer. The x1 player's ore is not finished, still without leaving x1 time. The x100000 player finishes their hohmann transfer, and is now in x1 time as well. Since that timewarp happened, does the ore mining get affected by the timewarping of the other player? If not, should it be, and why?
  10. That would be quite difficult to figure out though. Let's say this time bubble system is specific for each gravitational influence (I.e, the planets, the moons, and kerbol.) If a player needs Duna itself to remain in real time because they're moving across the surface in a rover, and another player wants to timewarp for an amount of time where Duna takes half a rotation around the sun, what happens to Duna? Does Duna remain in its same position around the sun for the entire timewarp, or does it move around the sun at sped-up time, while the planet's own daily rotation remains in 1x time,
  11. Timewarp in multiplayer would be rather tricky. I can guess one of two things would be used: The 'host' of the multiplayer server is the one who controls timewarp Timewarp is voted upon by all the players in the current game, and the lowest requested timewarp amount will occur.
  12. One thing I've also been very annoyed with in KSP 1 is trying to figure out what biomes I need to go to in order to get more science points. The Mun has 15 biomes. How do you tell them all apart?
  13. I meant tricky for the developers to organise it for proper balance. I suppose the tech tree should still be made as accessable as possible, no matter where you go, but it may take a while before you have the parts necessary to get somewhere that you could've gotten to in just two launches. Requires some heavy re-working of the tech tree to achieve something that isn't too quick or too sluggish.
  14. Still, we don't know exactly what alters these expressions and how. It seems one way, but I don't feel like it's documented properly. I'll return to the thread when I perform some tests.
  15. It would be a cool feature, but eventually, a lot of planets would look the same. They'd end up being Kerbin clones with different terrain. At the very least, I suppose the effect of terraforming is purely on the atmosphere, so you see a planet's atmosphere become more visibly blue as terraforming progresses. Turning these planets into Kerbin clones just doesn't make them special anymore. Going a bit off-topic, I could offer one aesthetic suggestion for the colonies: Seeing the light of your colonies from orbit. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement, just calculate the total amount of light
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