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  1. I'm having an issue with time warp. Every time I enter time warp my orbits get shifted around -- tugged on in a radial out direction that's consistent across all crafts. The issue occurs on all craft when I activate time warp Higher multiples of time warp cause the "tug" to be more severe Ksp.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4p5zjuwdycvymu1/KSP%20-%20Copy.log?dl=0 modlist: https://ibb.co/H21yMKP
  2. Hello. I'm sorry about not providing you with my ksp/player.log file earlier, but I was doing testing on my own. It appears to not be a Kopernicus issue, as while initially removing/re-installing Kopernicus would cause the orbital shift to occur, it has now started happening without it.
  3. I've had an issue with the last two versions of Kopernicus. Every time I entered time warp (not physwarp), with severity depending on the level of time warp I enter, my orbits shift slightly radial out in a fixed direction. I only noticed this after several voyages missed their destination entirely despite originally matching up This applies to all vessels and I have thoroughly isolated Kopernicus as the issue
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