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  1. Very Hard to make this work for 1.8.1 , instead i reccomend evo , which is basically rve 64k with rssve that works even on 1.11
  2. going into the ksc screen and clicking on the scatterer icon and enabling kopernicus ring shadows should fix it , if it does or doesnt let me know
  3. found this while casually scrolling trought spacedock , looks cozy , we need more mixes of these mods so people can choose
  4. Well Well Well , Another update was delayed because *drums* i found a way to export space engine assets into cubemaps for my doing , but first if it works correctly i will need to ask the space engine devs for permission on the assets , but dont get hyped , this may not work!
  5. oh and forgot , the new downloads have the fixed lightning and auroras , still cant figure out the venus sorry
  6. thanks ,well my birds have it mow too , love ur configs tho , i hope they gonna start selling vaccines for humans and animals soon
  7. nice , well i got tested positive again. sorry for the school , gonna try your tufx config now
  8. Thanks!, god damn alberro , never thought you would come here, how u been doin?
  9. aight thanks for the confirmation , il make it unpublic but il see what i can do
  10. Release1.2 change log this update was more of a fix then a update that adds anything changes : decreased cubemaps to 48K for better performance
  11. Release1 called Fancy changelog added 64K terrain cubemaps from rve added 16K cloud cubemaps from rve added juicier night city lights added city light glow to clouds at night Known issues : many atmospheric bodies such as venus are experiencing loss of atmosphere texture and scattering that will be fixed in release2 sometime week from now Earth Aurora doesnt load also should be fixed in release2
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