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  1. That actually happened when I did this, but I by the time I wanted to take a screenshot, it was too late (the orbit slowly changed for some reason)
  3. It was ridiculously hard to do, even with the "Lowne Lazy Method", because I did not put enough SAS units on, and it was refusing to align fast, but I managed to do it in the end.
  4. I ran out of areas in the Kerbin vicinity, so I went to Duna and set one up there. It's still crappy, but surprisingly it stays in contact with KSC even if Duna and Kerbin are on opposite sides of Kerbol, except when they are right in front of Kerbol, of which I can't fix until I set up a relay network somewhere else. And here is the relay dish itself
  5. I would give a screenshot, but my brother is using the computer that I use for KSP. The error message just said "Kopernicus couldn't load the custom planets due to a loading exception. You should not load your save file, as it might get corrupted because of the missing planets." or something like that.
  6. Kopernicus is giving me a loading exception error, and I have no idea how to fix it. Any ideas?
  7. I understand that you can't land on smaller asteroids, but what about large asteroids the size of Gilly? (if that is even possible) Why can't you land on those? Squad, I demand answers
  8. it didn't work. Kopernicus loaded fine, but it said that it couldn't load the custom planets in, so that's unfortunate.
  9. Maybe not the most interesting thing, but for a newbie like me that barely knows how to land on minmus, this was exciting for me.
  10. I caught this eclipse after landing, and I just had to post it here.
  11. Maybe. Tbh it isn't that annoying, but I would like to be able to not have to constantly yaw and roll to stay equatorial. What's strange is my planes don't do it, and I usually use Jebediah for any of my flights, rocket or plane.
  12. I use a ton of RTGs, so electricity isn't an issue, and the reaction wheels I use are the largest available I think
  13. I might link that as well, but the 1.6 version still works fine
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