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  1. I think that sounds like a good Idea!
  2. Jeb-Wan vs Billakin But with aot music instead of duel of the fates because (most of) the sound track is intense music.
  3. So...will it be like a local network or a friend system or will you just be able to make a save public or something like that? And also about that whole dogfight thing you guys were talking about, it would be pretty epic just listening to to people yelling at each other and all of sudden the'res a freaking battle going on outside a space station!
  4. so...can I recreate Anakin vs. Obi-Wan, will things that go between them by ripped apart by intense gravity, and will we be able to make lava boats (and colonies)?
  5. Why is there just one ion engine? will there be more in the future? Or can someone make one that's easy to install for me if there's not going to be more in the future?Purple ion=cool
  6. actually I seem to be having problems with KerbalX so if you need find some other way to share the file that would be fine.
  7. Will thing like the add-ons and the easter eggs be compatible/in KSP 2? Also if you bring back the kraken head you should skelify it.
  8. And if you could post it on KerbalX and give me the link that be awesome.
  9. I have been trying to install some .zip mods for a while but I can't seem to able to make them work. Any suggestions?
  10. No...I don't know how to get mods And I just figured out how to use kerbal emojis! I should probably figure that out though.
  11. What I'm thinking is it has wheels but it's meant to stay in one place for a while. So not like the Jamestown base from "For All Mankind".
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