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  1. The space agency is called "Space Agency of the western hemisphere", or SAoWH for short. It's known for its long acronyms and lack of creativity in naming, and every rocket, spacecraft, kerbal, station and base will have long acronyms as their names. Despite its name, it's actually just a small country that forgot its own name throughout its history and is now called "Small country in the west of earth" with SCiWE as its acronym. The naming schemes in this country always cause troubles in international relations. Even though it is a very small and unimportant country, its space technology is surprisingly advanced. So basically: SAoWH, acronyms and this is the flag: https://imgur.com/a/CXsSqsP
  2. The Agency is called "SAoWH" or Space Agency of the western hemisphere. It's known for long acronyms and every rocket, vehicle and station will have a bad acronym as its name. That's all the lore I've thought of so far haha this is flag: https://imgur.com/a/WQC35OO i hope the link works
  3. I'm quite interested in joining! Are testflights of rockets as "simulations" with reverting allowed?
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