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  1. Idea: Variant without the roof and one that is like a tub like the back of a ute/Pickup so we can make cool looking pickups/utes and a ramp that fits with it so we can have something like the tesla cybertruck
  2. part idea: a section of the chassis that has a hole cut into it that a 2.5m or 1.8 m part can sit into on its side like a fuel tank or a hitchhiker module, etc
  3. he means how will gravity work artificial gravity work on the parts since the parts are meant for rovers so people are standing up but there in orbit
  4. could you do like a mk2 greenhouse but expands like the wagons modules in the original buffalo?
  5. or what if there were solar panels that expanded out like these, they are compact and folded then could be deployed outwards when ur rover stops for a science study or recharge.
  6. Part idea: it's the wagon from the original buffalo mod pretty much but made of glass and it's a greenhouse. so when it expands the greenhouse is active. the greenhouse still works when not expanded but just produces alot less or can just look cool by itself. just a suggestion as the original mod had no greenhouse parts in it which made some long rover missons seem unrealistic
  7. omg that looks amazing i love how the rover isnt just a box like the orginal and curves around
  8. why do the electric props in heisenbug use so much power also the same with the submarine engines and the VTOL prop engines in buffalo is there a way i can change this cus they look great but i can only use them for like 2 seconds before there out of power also cant wait for buffalo 2
  9. i like 1.12 but the new wheel module makes so many mods unable to work due to the new wheel models and system and most stock rovers on the mun or any other planet and now drift cars also crafts slide a ton. even rovers and bases any mods that can fix the wheel model and revert it back to 1.11's wheel model and physics
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