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  1. made an updated version of my Low tier SSTO didn't work as well as the previous model tho, and barely made it out of orbit, i might need to minimize surface area of the wings and replace command pod for a lighter one, maybe upgrade swivel to a mainsail or reliant
  2. made a low tier SSTO today in my career save
  3. is there any chance we can get a station variant of the cargo bay with no floor? or maybe a cargo bay with a deployable roof (like the mk3 cargo bay)
  4. is there a chance of adding more expanding modules like the wagon in phase 2 or 3 since i absolutely loved those parts.
  5. what adds that dam? looks really nice that plane tho!
  6. i really hope Pathfinder gets an update and some new parts
  7. i presume the screen works like the old ones and displays screenshots. unless you have even more wizardry to show us haha
  8. you know what, I'm going to start a career and commit to it, tried it originally but that 1.11 when the bouncy landing gear was still a thing and would just destroy all of my contract planes instantly on landing. gives me a reason to install all those contract mods too.
  9. hey i love playing science mode but hate career mode, but have run dry of imagination after almost 1000 hours of ksp. wondering if there is a mod or if a mod could be made that adds contracts to science mode, since there are some really cool mods like that add really good objectives and makes stuff like underwater exploration more enjoyable and gives it a reason.
  10. OMG THIS IS REVOULTIONARY!! also those parts looks awesome!
  11. what ended up happening to sea quest was it scrapped or just pushed to the side, same with the rover and others
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