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  1. Game is runing on native resolution for me so that will be 1920x1080, with 2x antialiasing set in game and application control in Nvidia control panel, Scatterer TAA is turned off. Sorry for the late reply. Here i took a Max settings screen capture in case its needed. Think that is because Scatterer is using Temporal Anti-aliasing it tends to cause that, i noticed it too before i had turned it off now its gone. Super sampling Anti-aliasing Temporal Anti-aliasing
  2. Have i done something wrong or is this intentional? So i set it up like this, and my test vessel is [very fancy ikr] and then when i go to launch it it dose this Why dose it run the same experiments and just waste it no reason? Also tried it with Dump duplicates off same thing happnes I guess its trying to get the 2nd of the same cus the second test run also gives a bit of science, but like is there a way to turn that off?
  3. The M1 will Ksp just fine, but due to you the amount of ram you have you will have to lower your expectations when it comes to moding the game. Here are a test i found on Youtube.
  4. So Scatterer right good stuff, but why is Laythe doing this? its like an extra shiny exosphere. GameData Folder; Player.log[Link]
  5. A bug? i have encountered, EVE wont save cloud colour settings no matter what i do, click apply then save in EVE Cloud manager, it shows it how is supposed to be But if i even return to space center and go back to the tracking station, i just makes all clouds white, So i can seem to get any dust stroms working :c
  6. Got you, i ended up deleting it, Also i found the Duna-DustStorms in the config and it has been turned off so i turned it back on again, Changed to Open up EVEcloud manager apply them then save and it works just fine, that is until I reopen the game then the dust storms become white like any other cloud
  7. Talking about updates I went looked through the old releases of SVE and did find one that give me proper Jool rings Cool Pic of em, scatterer v0.08+ did break the clouds completly for Laythe and screwed up shading for the rest but that was just a config conflict so i just removed SVE_Scatterer config files complelty, that fixed everything with the clouds but Laythe still keeps its "exosphere" looking layer, but that is very minor so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now i wonder if there is a config out there that just add dust storms to planets. As for the SVT folder checked and it's just empty i just forgot to delete it. [Have a old zip file i use for the GameData folder ], tho yes Ksp has come far in terms of terrain quality now, maybe I should just remove it from my archive in general but well I am a bit lazy lol. Again thanks for the help.
  8. I can't seem to get the Jool rings to work, they are there but really faint? I remember them being BIG and majestic. Picture below; I can't see the dust storms on Duna, what i mean by that is i cant see any duststroms from space on Duna nor find one when landed on Duna and time warping either, and overall duna looks all wonky in general Picture below; Laythe is doing this thing where it has a ghost like atmosphere, it moves around when I move the camera. Pictures below; What mods i have goten so far are; SVE v1.4.1 with HighResTextures, Kopernicus v1.12.1-139 EVE Redux v1.11.7.1, Scatterer v0.0838. Had to delete; [To fix the visual glitches with Scatterer] GameData\StockVisualEnhancements\SVE_Scatterer Choose to delete; [Just dont like city lights, fook light pollution am I right?] GameData\StockVisualEnhancements\SVE_Configs\SVE_CityLights.cfg Screenshot of the game data folder, Player.log[Link] Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the advice, i ma get to testing now. Just in case i am also redownloading all the mods, to make sure i dont have any corrupt copys. Edit; So i tested it and it just doesn't wanna work with any other mods installed apparently. So more testing properly this time with some brain cells turns out, EngineLightRelit kills Navball docking alignment indicator. Why i dont know but it does Log Before and After EngineLightRelit, Before Player.log After Player.log
  10. I will try that but i remember it working without that but that might have been a different version. Edit; I made sure the craft i was controlling has the control point set as the docking port. right lick docking port > control from here made sure the docking port it self was targted on the traget craft I have docking port staging enabled if that can affect this? Edit 2; I ma try with a fresh install of ksp, and see if it works there, and give the logs for that too if it dosnt. Gamedata and it works, Now to go through installing one mod at time and testing what is breaking it, I ma go cry somewhere
  11. Ah sorry about that didnt know that file.io yeets files after the first use i will use google drive now https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K95YssxSmjKOcCFsqGJ4K_RBbgqQSV5j/view?usp=sharing
  12. So i got back into ksp and wanted to use this mod again, found this version, Downloaded it, Put the GameData folder in Loaded up the game and it just dosnt work, the indicator never showed up made sure i targeted the docking port, but nothing A screnshot of my GameData folder And logs https://file.io/OLIqYX9ywSWJ I have changed the UI and NavBall scale if that can effect it.
  13. Hey so i insallted it for v1.12.X of ksp like just put in my GameData folder, and it just dosnt work Used Ckan to see if i just missed up the install somehow?, made sure i was trageting the docking port it self. just dosnt work what gives? Nvm i ending up geting this insted, worked first try
  14. Well on one hand, we wont have to set up new files for mods or worry about our save data getting corrupted, and are getting to have Kerbal Alarm Clock and Transfer Window Planner as stock features basically making the game almost complete in my option, but if there will be no more feature updates then I think mods like, Trajectories, and Navball docking alignment indicator will never become stock, and thats just sad. Though the post is worded like its just the free updates that stopping so we might end up getting some payed DLCs in the future Payday 2 style XD if thats the case too bad cus I am broke :c
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