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  1. i know that RealPlume, ShipEffects, RocketSoundEnhancement add sounds to the game such as rubmling and SRB crackling but i was wondering if anyone managed to run those mods together because i couldn't find any info about compatibility on the net. in case it's incompatible, which one of those mods do yall perfer and why?
  2. @Next_Star_Industries any news regards update? been trying to get this mod to work for the past couple of months and i'm overwhelmed by it
  3. so apparently after downloading Scott Manley's project along with BDA the parts has been loaded without any problems. issue IS solved. thank you for such a dope mod
  4. i see... the instructions you provided under the post were to install BDArmory Continued or higher. / NOTE: Only for BDAc or higher! the link you dropped here is for Scott Manley's project which is a different thing i didn't had because there were no instructions to install it. problem solved i guess. i'm giong to try it now, will update how it goes
  5. @Gameslinx hey does this made to be compatible with your BeyondHome pack as well?
  6. when i get into the tracking station or the map the orbits are not showing at all, not for anything. not planets, crafts etc. i don't use toomany orbits and i don't seem to find anything related to my issue on the net. can someone please shed some light on what might me the reason?
  7. UPDATE: after deleting the folder mentioned above RGturret folder is the new thing that prevents the game from loading. at this point i don't think everyone is just installing this mod the wrong way.. it's time for an update
  8. the download is fine n all but it stuck on part loading, more specifically the KTech/Parts/M808BMBT folder.
  9. anyone who's wondering what exactly it fixes here's my problem with KSP that this magic trick fixed in under 10min you are god among men
  10. gonna try that now. will update how it went @HebaruSan bro i just wanna know how did u find it? i've been sitting on this for like 10hrs today only for this to come up and fix everything in 10minutes
  11. i have a collection of mods i've scavenged for a long time now. (around 320 mods some of which configured to fit my playstyle) and it worked perfectly until today. i tried to install a couple minor mods and it all went to excrements. the game stopped loading, and stuck on ''loading asset bundle definitions'' or ''loading part upgrades'' i tried to reinstall the game, and even tested the mods separately in a fresh install (i lost my my sanity around the 160th folder and i think i'm going insane, everything works!) i have exception detector and i know how to read log files a little bit. the thing is that there are nothing that indicates to where the problem might come from, i deleted the mods i tried to install but nothing changed. i need help of someone with a big head in those things to help me solve the problem or to show me the way so i can do it myself. it feels like i lost literally everything in this game including the game itself and i'm gonna have to download everything from the beginning. which is not acceptable of me and i'd rather patiently wait for KSP 2. looked up for info on the internet and tried multiple solutions (none of them worked obv)
  12. it's probably because u run 1.12.2 i had almost the exact same issue as you and it would be dope if @TheKurgan will update the mod to fit 1.12.2 since i haven't seen any other weapon mods with such aesthetics
  13. can you add an interstellar patch so i can use it alongside stock kerbol?
  14. hi everyone, i try to install city lights with SVE for almost a week now and tried many different configs\textures but all the time the final result is a flickery mess i can't stand. i am not considering myself a modder and i'm probably lacking some knowledge so if anyone can shed me some light on what should i do to make it work properly i'd be hella happy;) also i think it's important to mention that i managed to get it to work a couple of times and even launch the game multiple times without this problem but the next day it's all the same. i am losing my sanity here
  15. yes but how u actually read it tho? i'm trying to mod ksp for more than 1 month now and i am losing my sanity here
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