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  1. Compared to the last time we've seen volumetric clouds, these ones are amazing!
  2. kerbals and parts floating slightly above the ground , landing legs sliding on a small slope as if the rocket weighs 5kg,
  3. I like that scatter in the distance
  4. Weren't all the new planets shown so far in a single star system?
  5. I didn't say that it should be a straight cone like in the atmosphere, I'm wondering why the plume cone in a vacuum has an outward curve like what's physically making it curve outward, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.
  6. You guys are not understanding what I'm trying to say, I know that it shouldn't be going straight like in the atmosphere, I'm saying that the shape of the cone is curved outward instead of the side of the cone going in a straight line like a triangle.
  7. Shouldn't the engine plume "cone" in a vacuum be going straight and not curved?
  8. It would be nice if they could at least implement those footprints, that would be awesome, I would love to take a screenshot of my first footprints on Mun in KSP 2
  9. they are actually spaced 14 days apart.
  10. 5 minutes past 18:00 CET, nothing again I guess?
  11. Isn't it already a delay? In "KSP 2 to be released in 2022" Nate just said it is delayed to 2022 and that's it?
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