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  1. I would like to have some sort of a hard difficulty where you will need to deliver supplies to Kerbals that are in orbit for example.
  2. The engine plume isn't interacting with the ground, just clipping through like in KSP 1
  3. In KSP 1 the plume just clips through the floor, I would like to see the plume and fire interact with the ground and the effect changing at different angles and distances from the ground.
  4. New terrain textures look amazing, I'm just hoping that kerbals and landing legs won't float slightly above the ground which happens often in KSP 1, would be cool if kerbals and landing legs would leave footprints and marks like in the trailer, then we could for example take a pic of our first footprints on the Mun!
  5. It's amazing how detailed everything will be in KSP 2!
  6. I really like this idea, it would give us an entire new area for exploration not only on Kerbin but on other planets too especially if they make the oceans bottom interesting with maybe some areas that are very deep and some shallow and lots inbetween or perhaps a few underwater caves / caverns / holes scattered around the planet, being able to map the ocean floor in terms of depth and other features etc. Also I think it would probably be better to work on the core mechanics of the game now and leave this stuff for a future expansion/update.
  7. I was thinking besides having colonies on other planets maybe we could be able to setup small research stations in Kerbins different biomes (for example deserts, north/south pole etc.) that would ocassionally give us science points as long as scientists are learning more things about that biome, and perhaps we could launch small vehicles from the station that would need to bring samples or measurements from specific places inside the biome to the station for extra science points. What do you think?
  8. Do you think we will be able to make a colony underwater with large domes where Kerbals would live in, and different underwater power production parts and parts for moving specifically underwater?
  9. I really wonder how the Mun will look like in KSP2, I hope it will look like irl.
  10. For example wind turbines, solar panels and other equipment used for supplying the colony have a chance of breaking and you would have to repair them, and if you don't and the colony runs out of power, the kerbals will become less productive / population will shrink.
  11. I'd like to see how the new UI looks tomorow
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