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  1. Most likely only heat shields will have this effect
  2. Someone please take screenshots of sunsets on Duna and Kerbin!
  3. More like "Why did you allow yourselves to release the game with hundreds of bugs after delaying it for years?"
  4. I don't see how interstellar travel would be possible except making huge space crafts completely rigid perhaps? Wouldn't the slightest wobbling throw the rocket on a completely different trajectory at such distances?
  5. Yeah agreed, most people don't complain that boosters wobble but that the whole thing does, often throwing the rocket completely off course.
  6. When your imgur image gets uploaded right click on the image and open it in a new tab, then copy the link
  7. Dakota said we will get new info close to the science update.
  8. It would be nice to at least know if the next patch is this year or the next.
  9. And I thought we would get science this year ;(
  10. I hope that Nate will at least give us another photo of Jool while we wait!
  11. I think only one person said that, everyone else is giving their opinion on how to improve it.
  12. Wouldn't it be the best if they made joints completely rigid at this stage of the development and think about re-adding it in some much less interfering way sometime in the future when the game is more stable and doesn't have that many bugs, maybe it would also improve performance by a little bit?
  13. I said the lowest player count so far didn't I?
  14. I think we've hit the lowest player count so far, 81 players.
  15. 87 today even though it's friday.
  16. KSP 2 had 99 players at the lowest point of today.
  17. You think that people are saying these things just to make KSP 2 sound as negative as possible or are they doing it because they are wishing for the game to succeed?
  18. There is no way they started working on them after launch especially the first one, they were probably working on it for weeks before release.
  19. So a couple of days ago they made an announcement about making an announcement when the update will drop (this post) and in it we get yet another announcement that they will announce the exact date when we get closer to the update? Are we at least going to get another image of Jool in a week or two?
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