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  1. I think the next feature video is due to come out in September, so I can't imagine anything too substantial will happen until then. And really, I feel like anything they could put out now would only increase doom and gloom among that specific crowd. "A 30-second video of a rocket taking off from Kerbin? No wonder the game got delayed until 2023, it's obvious they haven't designed anything beyond the most basic game mechanics!"
  2. Her signature would certainly suggest as much.
  3. I think most people agree with that sentiment, but the ones who don't are just way more vocal. Such is the way of the world, I guess. 2024? Pssh, according to my own definitions, KSP 2 was never delayed at all from its early 2020 release date. 2019 was just 3 years long.
  4. Yes. Until today, the release window was "sometime in 2022, idk"
  5. Well, when it was originally announced, their window was January 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020. (But I think we can all agree that one doesn't really count.)
  6. Alright, then! Obviously, any delay is a bummer, but I can deal with 3 months. It's way better than a year and a half, anyway. It's especially good to hear you guys still sound just as passionate about the game, and I'm excited to play it (whenever that time may be)!
  7. No, March 2023 or earlier is still FY 2023. Consoles are coming out "later", so they'll probably slip into FY 2024, but the leak said Calendar 2024 to begin with, so it sounds like it was just fake.
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