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  1. Probably when I first landed on Duna. Bounced on touchdown, entire engine/lander stage just blew up, capsule was fine but stranded. Of course I launched a rescue mission posthaste.
  2. *cough cough* Stellaris Plantoids *cough cough cough*
  3. And if Ovin's size/density is a problem (which has also come up in this thread), they can easily just... scale up the size (but not mass) a bit. I doubt they're at a point in development where it's impossible to change the parameters of a specific planet, if such a point even exists.
  4. I feel like this or next Show and Tell are very plausible for a new feature video, based on a post on KSP's Instagram maybe 2 months back about filming of the next one being in progress. They also seem to release every 4-6 months, and the last one was 5 months ago. As far as game release date goes, all we know for certain is it's coming out in fiscal year 2023 (April 2022 to March 2023), but before the end of 2022, which gives a 9-month window. Personally, I'm hoping for/assuming a summer release.
  5. I'd love a Trappist-1 analog, like a red dwarf that has planets in super close orbits around it.
  6. I think the video is unlisted on their channel, but the link here still works for me.
  7. Fair. I think I was going off of the rotating rings; there's a shot in the trailer (that I can't figure out how to attach, but it's at 1:36) that shows a ring pretty similar to that with a 2.5 meter center, which would suggest the parts in front of it go from 2.5 meters to 3.75 meters, then back to 2.5 at the tip. Then again, I don't know how much trailer footage will help/hurt my case.
  8. Perhaps a "heat shield" paint color, so you can add custom heat shields to craft with the paint editor? It would add weight and cost, and potentially require ablator, but I think the potential of more heat-resistant spaceplanes would be worth it.
  9. Like this one! There's no real scale here, but that bridge at the front has to be AT LEAST a 3.75 meter part.
  10. We should be getting close to another one of these; they seem to be releasing every 4-6 months or so! Plus, they had a post on Instagram about them filming a new one.
  11. I feel like Ovin will be a relative outlier with its high-gs; they have said they want to introduce planets that have unique challenges (like Rask and Rusk, or one that is somehow supposed to require a spaceplane to land on) instead of just having every planet be bigger. A few large and high-g planets like Ovin sprinkled in probably won't hurt anything too much, but I agree it would be dumb if "bigger planet" was the only problem to solve from mission to mission.
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