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  1. My best guess is that you're just going too fast. At high speeds, even the smallest inputs can have huge effects, which can lead to things like flipping rovers. For planes, this usually isn't a problem, since they usually just go straight on the ground, and by the time they're going fast enough to cause problems if they turn, they're probably in the air. (Another thing that sometimes happens, depending on which wheels you're using, is that every single wheel will be automatically set to respond to steering inputs instead of just the ones in the front, which can lead to excessive turns. You can toggle steering for individual wheels in the popup windows.) Assuming the wheels themselves aren't the issue, though, you could try spreading out your wheels more, lowering your center of gravity, or just going slower. Hope this helps!
  2. I'm pretty sure emotes for EVAs have been confirmed--your profile picture even seems to be one. As for adding the ability to move freely around the ship's interior, something like that would almost certainly add a bunch more problems to solve (what if you have two crew modules docked together, should you be able to move between them? What if two crew compartments clip together? etc.), but it could be possible.
  3. 2909 because a while back there was a typo and we jumped 100
  4. I think adding relativistic effects could maybe be done, but I doubt it would go farther than making the seconds tick by slower on ships moving close to the speed of light. Then again, I am far from an expert on either game development or relativity, so I really don't know.
  5. It was a long time ago, during the original marketing push back in 2019, but there was an interview where they said there wouldn't be black holes on release, but they were leaving the door open for future updates or modders to add them. It has been a couple years, and the game's scope is thought to have been expanded since the initial announcement, so this could have changed, but as far as I know, that's the only official word we have.
  6. I believe it was confirmed at one point that there will be at least one additional star system besides Kerbol and Debdeb, though they still haven't given an exact number of total stars. EDIT: Found it!
  7. You could try setting the HUD to its smallest setting, and then cropping it out of the footage. You could also just turn the HUD off for short stretches of time, and then stitch together footage from a bunch of different flights.
  8. This is all really cool to see! That new engine looks awesome, as does the asteroid (and the Mk1 cockpit, it all looks cool), and the design process is interesting to get a look at as well.
  9. It wasn't a single Kerbal, but once when I was hiring more from the astronaut complex, there was a Chris Kerman and a Hadfield Kerman in order, right next to each other. To this day, I have no idea whether or not it was a coincidence.
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