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  1. I'm guessing it's solely just aesthetic purposes. They've mentioned colonies being modular before, so I have to assume that you could place those lower to the ground if you want.
  2. Master Plan: 1. "Gift" rival player a metallic hydrogen factory for their colony 2. Crash into it 3. Profit
  3. NSR stands for Nuclear Saltwater Rocket, a design for a highly efficient future engine. Boulders are big rocks.
  4. Day 45: I've successfully traveled back in time to Day 6. KSP 2 is not out yet.
  5. I mean, I got your point. It comes down to whether the lack of news is indicative of them being on the grind, an approaching major announcement, or some problem with the game. Based on what we've seen and heard recently, I think it's most likely the former. Besides, the devs were on winter break just recently, and this past Friday wasn't a scheduled Show And Tell day anyway, and they've said things won't necessarily be shown off every other week as it is, etc., etc. I think we're probably still a bit too early for a serious marketing/hype buildup, but I fully expect something to happen at PAX, and a summer/fall release seems quite plausible.
  6. *begins frantically scouring list of space-related dates that also fall on a friday this year* How about July 15th? (Apollo-Soyuz Test Project) Or maybe... like, November 11th? (Gemini 12) Or how about... uh... June 17th? (STS-51G) In all seriousness, I'm betting somewhere between June and September.
  7. Reentry effects have been on my wishlist for a while now. I can't imagine how cool this game will look when it's all put together.
  8. I don't think we can accurately estimate how completed the game is at this point, as they are certainly still withholding information about what they have done so far. We've seen colonies, we've seen interstellar engines, and we've heard some (although not much, I will admit) about the progression systems for each, so I think they have the systems down at this point, but are choosing not to share them. A few shiny planet shots keep people engaged just as well, and don't give away too much about gameplay too early. The current marketing strategy seems to be more "keep people from panicking that the game is canceled" than "build up hype for release", and so I think their silence on certain details now is more indicative of a marketing decision than the state of the game. Once marketing really kicks into gear again, which I figure will happen around PAX East in April (fingers crossed), I'm sure we'll get more details on some of these things.
  9. Buying in-game currencies or resources with real money that can then be redeemed for in-game objects or bonuses. Sometimes the objects in question are completely optional and not necessary to gameplay (skins, etc.), but some games that lean especially heavily on microtransactions are structured so that the purchasable currency is both necessary to progress, and is hard to come by in natural gameplay. As such, they tend to be frowned upon by players.
  10. They basically confirmed this in the clouds show and tell a while back. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/201418-show-and-tell-clouds/
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