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  1. The star chart is a thing of beauty! Thank you. Ah well. Space exploration is dangerous. I guess there will be a naming of schools and monuments coming soon. If I may ask.. I get where it's easy (for you, anyway) to move celestial bodies. But how is that vessels around those bodies will be destroyed? A complete renaming?
  2. I just joined the discord server and saw. My my.. I shall call this cataclysmic event - the StarCrusher Kraken. I was slightly bummed for a few minutes, but then saw the opportunity for an interesting story line with what I've already got. I'm curious. I have a fair bit of infrastructure set up in Alpha Centauri A in orbit of various bodies. Will orbital things stay with their respective bodies? To include things in orbit of AC-A itself? Things being relays, stations, ships.
  3. @StarCrusher96 In the current release, Alpha Centauri A has Alva, Blalo, Orus, etc Alpha Centauri B has Kaith, Cail, Syro, etc. Is some shuffling going to happen?
  4. Between systems. It would be spiff if Kespilon Kirilani turned out to be closer to Nova Kirbani than to the Kerbin system. Thanks and thanks for this awesome mod.
  5. I just watched the full interview. Pretty exciting stuff. It looks like we'll be able to have multi-faceted games with more than just one thing happening at a time. It seems to me that the big challenge for the modders will be less about the actual mod and what it brings and more about how it will be fit in with the colony and resource driven scheme that it appears the KSP2 will have. On a personal level, I'd like to see things like warp technology have the possibility of very difficult resource dependency trees - or easier, more approachable resource trees for those of us (like me) who are a bit lazier and more (in the words of JadeofMaar) hand wavy. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype!
  6. There is room up at the top of the sail. Usually the Officer of the Deck and a couple lookouts. It's pretty close up there though. Nuke boats aren't designed to hang out on the surface.
  7. That is so awesome! Sitting up in the sail and driving. Memories of stuck on the surface north of U.K. In the winter. In a 100 year storm. So.. much... barf..
  8. My first was a TRS-80 model 1. Trash80 basic didn't cut it so I learned assembly.
  9. A day of hard work in EVA - even with the help of the robotic arms - and the upgrades are complete. "Looks like you lost your workshop, Thomus. But we have so much room and we got another pair of warp coils. The numbers say we'll do 7.5C. We can carry enough resources to go to Nova Kirbani and back easily without the ring." observed Val - tiredly. "Aye me lassie. Ah never used tae workshop much anyhoo. Shall we go an' git oursel's moved in?"
  10. I think that with the Heisenberg, that there is a great deal of uncertainty around all of it.
  11. "Hey Thomus" called out Val "we have new orders. Rendezvous with the repair and refit station - KR-5 - for upgrades" "Guud, lassie! I expect they'll upgrade our accomodations an tae capabilities" A short transit and a rendezvous. "Ohh.. look. I see what they're gonna do. They'll move Sweetie on over to the new ship! Oh.. we're gonna have so much room!"
  12. Here's a super basic warp craft that works MK1-3 Command pod RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit (not strictly needed) Z-4K (2) battery banks (ya gotta have electricity to start the monster) S2 "Planets Edge" Warp Core. S-1 Warp Coils (4) Ensure filled with fusion pellets and graviolium
  13. Make sure that: - you've added a warp core - make sure it has fusion pellets and graviolium (click the graviolium cheat) The warp drive will not work on the surface. You have to be more than 1 planetary radius in orbit for it to work. ~650KM for Kerbin is generally safe. Post a picture
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