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  1. When in Duna' SOI and attempting to create a maneuver node for an interplanetary transfer back to Kerbin something goes wrong in the orbit calculations. Because if I make a maneuver node that should make the orbit bigger (burning along Duna's prograde), the orbit line appears to be a smaller orbit (around the sun). This stops happening once you leave Duna's SOI, so you can create a maneuver which appears to give an encounter with Kerbin, but only from Duna's broken calculations, so once you leave the SOI the orbit has gotten bigger instead of smaller. This also works the other way, if you make a maneuver to burn Duna's retrograde, which should make the orbit smaller, it appears bigger until you leave Duna's SOI.
  2. How could I set up a mod to allow you to add a module, specifically ModuleAblator and Ablator storage, only to a specific part in the editor and not to all instances of the part. In other words I don't want a patch that will change the part no matter what, I want a button in game to allow that for any part and possibly change the cost of the part. If someone could point me in the right direction (what functions, classes, or modules I should look into) it would be very helpful.
  3. BUG REPORT: When landed, flying, or orbiting in the SOI of a planet added by this mod which is orbiting the sun (moons of planets added by this mod are not affected) the game will hang from 1-5 seconds periodically. As far as I have observed there's exactly one minute between each hang. The amount of time the game hangs for depends on the distance from the sun, the larger the distance the longer the time. In addition (though I have not tested all the planets) it seems that planets out as far as Neidon and Plock do not have this problem, but at least Havous, and Ervo do. It seems like only MPE planets are affected and not OPM, but I could be wrong. Is there anything running in this mod that could cause a hitch every minute, or is it some stock-bug that's never gotten fixed?
  4. I've just discovered how awesome BDArmory is and I have heard of fabled "communities" of people who will design planes to fight each other. Problem though: I can't find them. The Forum's search feature is either not very good or I can't use it correctly. Where are these BDArmory players? I wish to join in the fun XD.
  5. @Zaffre I found what seems to be a bug and reported it on Github, posting here in the interest of making sure you see it
  6. A supersonic jet carrying 4 passengers (5 if you count the copilot seat). In the event of engine failure or damage the front can separate from the back using an inline decoupler and use its small wings and built-in electric VTOL engine to safely land on atmospheric planets. Uses parts from SuicidalInsanity's Mk2 Stockalike Expansion.
  7. Thanks so much, this'll really be an improvement!
  8. Are there any tools to help with the creation of IVA Internals? Specifically I've seen some kind of drag-and-drop mentioned in the MOARdV's AS Thread. I've tried searching the forums, but to no avail. (For context I'm currently using trial and error to position and rotate the props correctly by text editing the .cfg file)
  9. What, if any, are the benefits of using MOARdV's Avionics Systems Over RasterPropMonitor to create simple IVAs. Since it seems like they both use a similar set of props (namely the ASET props). Does MAS have its own custom props, or are they ported from RPM? I have failed to understand the relationship here. Yes, I am a newb, please be nice .
  10. I found the answer to my question in the first linked thread, I was thinking of !PART[InfraredTelescope]:AFTER[Squad]{} To hide the sentinel telescope in the part list and tech tree
  11. guess that's what I get for not searching around enough, thanks!
  12. I've played KSP for a year or two now and have really enjoyed all the mods created for it, so I want to get started creating my own. Clearly the simplest type of mod is a simple MM patch, but I'm not sure where to look for a general guide for programming them. I have been looking at mods I currently have installed to find examples, but there are a few things I couldn't find an example of, specifically: How to remove a stock part with a patch The Difference between "@PART" (and etc.) and "@Squad" (or other mod name)
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