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  1. Small question that was probably asked before; Say I have some mods installed manually, or I had a bunch installed with CKAN, which was later deleted. I am installing CKAN again and want it to take over the management of already installed mods. How do I do this? CKAN sees the mods with "list", but GUI window remains empty when Filter(Installed). "Ckan.exe scan" does nothing. CKAN folder also has "history" with .ckan files in it, but nothing is picked up from there.
  2. Just now I had a problem of RCS thruster breaking, getting fixed, instantly breaking again upon use, getting fixed again, and then again breaking as soon as it thrusts. As far as I understand reliability in the mod this should not occur on the time span of three minutes. It also reproduces after switching back to space center and then back to ship again. As soon as you want to use thruster it breaks again and no amount of fixing prevents it.
  3. Another question - why isn't it possible to change mode in flight? To go from conservation of velocity to conservation of angular momentum? If one plays mod in a career it's kinda difficult to amass enough cash to make one of each just to compare, if you're stuck with one mode for whatever reason. Especially if there's no easy way to get the module back down to KSC to recover it (because of heat and drag)...
  4. Is there a way to reduce drag on a 25KK part? Or, well, any part? It's a bit frustrating to see this elegant aerodynamic-looking rockety ring resisting air flow with the might of a brick wall of the same size. And I kinda want to be able to get it back down to the surface in a manner other than an inflatable castle.
  5. What does this "density" parameter affect in practical terms? I was never able to collapse a fairing through pure atmospheric stress at the default low value, so why would I want to increase mass of a fairing? Does it affect how it handles thermal effects or something?
  6. This time I just installed it from CKAN on top of everything and ran a body with 4 wheels and nothing else. Wheels did not break, but colors remain: I haven't seen this with any other capsules so far, if it goes away somehow I'll let you know. Edit: it was "critical temperature gauge" mod.
  7. The car's body fabulously cycles through red, blue and yellow hue on the launchpad for few seconds, and then wheels break from overstressing. 1.4.5, modded
  8. Three out of four attempts to start "Dawn of Space Age" mission instantly crashed the game, with no crash reports or error messages. The game also crashed when attempting to restart this mission when it did load. A crash report prompt showed up but then also failed with "class could not be created" or something like that
  9. Found the issue. Projectiles only work if textures are set to full res.
  10. No projectiles are rendered for me, what could be the problem? Clean install.
  11. Ah, ok I guess I've become desensetized to fluff text thanks to Squad, so this part didn't register at all.
  12. Atmosphere analysis can't be run in water, I think. Also, text does not specify that the contract is at three locations, not just water in general.
  13. It was not a request, just a question about functionality. Thanks for the answer.
  14. What is the best way to maximize thrust while retaining attitude control with throttle? Setting engines to "main engine", turning OFF vertical speed control and enabling T-SAS+Killrot still causes throttle to jump around wildly between about 40% and 100% several times a second. Is it possible to keep engines at 100% and only reduce throttle at some of the engines if attitude adjustment is needed?