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  1. Dres exists and is quite underrated.
  2. Granted, but now every computer that runs on Windows is forced to run seven instances of its operating system simultaneously. I wish for world peace.
  3. Granted, but look is literally all they do. They don't read them nor respond to them. I wish I had a better graphics card.
  4. The E in the "fel" part is pronounced like the E in "beer". The A in the "smak" part is pronounced like the A in "Martin". The stress goes on the last syllable. "FELL-smack" is also fine.
  5. True! The user below me has never been naked.
  6. I created and unleashed a being far worse than the Deep Space Kraken.
  7. Szia! Imádom a videóidat! :D

    1. Felsmak


      Köszönöm szépen! :) Tervezek több magyar nyelvű videót csinálni a jövőben, például egy James Cameron's Avatar paródiáját.

  8. Hello, Felsmak! It's been a shame seeing no new videos on your YouTube channel for so long. Are you out of the animation game for good?

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    2. b0ss


      That's so wonderful to hear, I can't wait until then. If I may ask, what program do you use for modeling and animation? You're a real expert at re-creating the "not-so-fresh indie Unity videogame" aesthetic style, haw haw.

    3. Felsmak


      Haha, thanks! I use 3ds Max. If you're curious, by the way, the next video will (probably) be about Pete travelling back in time.

    4. b0ss


      very exciting. you're pretty creative.

  9. The rocket is almost completed!
  10. Kind of reminds me of Salad Fingers!
  11. As the horrible person I am, I feel quite content about it, actually!
  12. Played KSP for the first time in a very long while today. Decided to try out the new asteroid telescope thing, so I stuck one on top of an Apollo-esque spacecraft and sent Bill, Bob and Jeb on a trip they'd never return from, because I never bothered to give them a parachute. Got a lucky encounter with Eve. I said: "What the heck, why not land the capsule there? The atmosphere will slow it down enough to land without a parachute, right?" And so it begins. I am Felsmak, and this is Jackass. They burned up. Bummer.
  13. The Great Naked Space Man's lunchbox rocket is nearing completion.
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