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  1. The Great Naked Space Man 3D

    The rocket is almost completed!
  2. Rigged Kerbal 3D Model

    Kind of reminds me of Salad Fingers!
  3. The Great Naked Space Man 3D

    As the horrible person I am, I feel quite content about it, actually!
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    Played KSP for the first time in a very long while today. Decided to try out the new asteroid telescope thing, so I stuck one on top of an Apollo-esque spacecraft and sent Bill, Bob and Jeb on a trip they'd never return from, because I never bothered to give them a parachute. Got a lucky encounter with Eve. I said: "What the heck, why not land the capsule there? The atmosphere will slow it down enough to land without a parachute, right?" And so it begins. I am Felsmak, and this is Jackass. They burned up. Bummer.
  5. The Great Naked Space Man 3D

    The Great Naked Space Man's lunchbox rocket is nearing completion.
  6. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    The names Voon and Naal strike me as oddly familiar.
  7. The Great Naked Space Man 3D

    Thank you! I hope everyone likes the spaceship! That thing was tricky to make, especially those triangular windows in the command module.
  8. The Great Naked Space Man 3D

    I made a sneak peek at the upcoming video. Are you mesmerized?
  9. Cassini's last year at Saturn

    It has been three days, and I still can't believe Cassini is gone.
  10. Cassini's last year at Saturn

    It's a meme referencing an action prompt in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This prompt reads "Press F to pay respects", hence the F.
  11. Cassini's last year at Saturn

    And now it's official. Cassini is no more. Rest in peace, you magnificent thing!
  12. How famous are you?

    0/10 Hi, nice to meet you!
  13. My Renders

    "A Laythean NIII-iiight! Like a Laythean DAAA-aaay!" Seriously, though. These are nice pictures!
  14. I just realised the Mun has been renamed

    I just realized that the other planets in the Solar System were released five years ago. Now I feel old.
  15. oi from a ...

    1. Felsmak


      Did you just have a stroke?

    2. WinkAllKerb''


      don't be so com A Z a çç xDr pero ...