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  1. i got this bugged UI when i tried opening the manage operations button in the main pathfinder UI on the tool bar. https://gist.github.com/51135d2bb27d9a7ea6540ac8da447dba ksp.log
  2. im getting errors about kerbal skills when i mouse over certain parts in the editor or open up the manage operations menue, am i missing some mod? i installed kerbal stats since i thought it would help fix it, but too no avail. also getting some errors about KIS Inventory, when i place certain parts, : https://gist.github.com/321nick/b0f2aa0c753a64be161e2a47af7f7f36
  3. https://gist.github.com/ae7edf23dbccab866ba559b13a2c0a5b i get an error when a craft with breaking ground robotic servos is finished in a construction mission, and when i fly the newly spawned vessels, the servos are really buggy. every part attached too a servo acts as if its apart of the ship (IE no collisions, resource connected, controllable), but is physically detached- when i turn the ship, the main part with reaction wheels moves, but the robotic parts stay in place, and when i fire the RCS thrusters attached too the parts they just go flying off at high velocity, still thrusting. i have KJR but i set in its config too exclude the servo part modules, so idk if thats affecting it or not.
  4. https://gist.github.com/5040d42e6ab0f7de2b8833bfa24904a0 i get an error whenever a mission is finished. i think its harmless, but just in case, does anything seem off? log in the link.
  5. are these weights intentional? the large truss piece only weights 325kg (which seems sensible too me), but the smaller one weights 1.5tons?
  6. sorry if this is a dumb question thats answered somewhere obvious, but i cant find it, but... how do you turn on stale air/ stress resources? i see the files in lifesupportresources folder, but idk what to do with em edit:sorry im a fool, i didnt realize the file extension was .txt instead of .cfg, i guess i just change it and it works then right?
  7. i got a Fatal error on Duplicate configs for the B9 aerospace S2Structural part. sorry, i dont got the logs cause i already started KSP again, but.... i thought tweakscale had proper patches for B9? did i do something wrong? im using Tmasterson5Tweakscale patches if it matters, but i dont see anything B9 related in there. edit:heres the log, i still get 1 fatal error, i took out the S2.cfg from tweakscale patches and that fixed one of the errors (but id like too use it), but now i get another one. https://gist.github.com/18b329275403c3cb3e17d67960651b7a edit 2: yeah, removing tmasterson5tweakscale patches from game data fixes the error. im gonna assume its a faulty patch on their part
  8. i like the idea. would it be possible too also have options too have a module manager patch that lets u adjust the parts of your craft and their collision with all other parts of the craft, without individual unique parts? like, so i can have the surface of a cargo bay collide with wheels of a docked rover?
  9. hey, have you thought of adding additional parts? like especially alternatives for the ground assembly line? iirc its the only part with the GroundAssemblyWorkshop or AssemblySpace partmodules, yet its strange shape makes it EXTREMELY unwieldy in putting inline on a space faring vessel. i would not mind if there was alternatives too it.
  10. i noticed that the SSTU centrifuges, even when expanded, dont offer any extra habitation or work as a habitation multiplier for USI-LS. would support for USI-LS be possible?
  11. will it be considered as something possible too add in a later update?
  12. does this mod support Global construction? it is similar too EPL in that it lets u build vessels in situ, but its also different in some ways too. i think support of it would be nice.
  13. wheres the alternate config that lets the variable angle Vtol-engines use FSVTOL part module for smooth dynamic adjustment of thrust angle?
  14. nice! will you be updating too fix this bug soon? glad too see you figured it out regardless