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  1. Will the near aerunatic EELO engine get a Systemheat Integration? like the other kerbal atomics and FFT engines?
  2. Thanks! So now KIS isnt a hard dependancy anymore? im definitely gonna use Pathfinder now.
  3. With 1.11 having its own inventory system for KSP, will there ever be a version that supports the stock inventory system over KIS? or a patch for use without KIS?
  4. Hey, im trying too make a Module Manager Config for FFT and Systemheat for the B9 HX Reconfig parts pack, too make the HX reactor work as a systmeheat/FFT fusionreactor. However, i get some erros when i try using it in the editor [EXC 18:20:45.594] InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element System.Linq.Enumerable.Single[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] source, System.Func`2[T,TResult] predicate) (at <fbb5ed17eb6e46c680000f8910ebb50c>:0) FarFutureTechnologies.FusionReactor.Start () (at <dd0d9fbb879b40a1bf10e65441345bd8>:0) U
  5. How would a systemheat config look for an engine that can switch between 2 modes? say, that Project Eeloo bimodal nuclear air and nuclear space thing in Near Future Aeronautics (i think). Would you just have too add: "engineModuleID = Shcramjet" (with "Schramjet" being whatever the modes name is) too the ModuleSystemHeatEngine ?
  6. Could the error be related too cryogenic engines by nertea adding b9 part switch options for the vast majority of fuel tanks in ksp? idk why but i just had a hunch that migbt be related. Perhaps its the order the patches apply in?
  7. I have a bug, i think its from when i use Tweakscale on a part with B9 partswitch ability, i start getting a NRE and a error whenever i place or rmeove a prt on the vessel. but sometimes i think its just if i have any parts that have b9 part switch and tweakscale on the same vessel, rather than both on the exact same part. https://gist.github.com/a1da609a4e41b74f518a59b10fa50889
  8. Hello yall. I dont usually post on the KSP forum, but i am now because im honestly at my wits end. there was this one kopernicus planet pack, probably very obsolete and out of date by now, but i remember it for adding nearby stars in the KSP universe. It was unique cause it had stuff i didnt see in any other planet pack, like a planet with a moon, and that moon has a moon, and that moon also has a moon, which is very cool, and a star, i think it was a pulsar, that rotated once every second. i dont really need it for any new KSP game i plan on starting since, as i said, its probably very
  9. Will Kerbalism feature compatability with Galaxies Unbound: A stellar Oddysey? found here: it adds a lot of new systems, i assume they need radiation definitions? and i didnt see it listed in the compatability list.
  10. i got this bugged UI when i tried opening the manage operations button in the main pathfinder UI on the tool bar. https://gist.github.com/51135d2bb27d9a7ea6540ac8da447dba ksp.log
  11. im getting errors about kerbal skills when i mouse over certain parts in the editor or open up the manage operations menue, am i missing some mod? i installed kerbal stats since i thought it would help fix it, but too no avail. also getting some errors about KIS Inventory, when i place certain parts, : https://gist.github.com/321nick/b0f2aa0c753a64be161e2a47af7f7f36
  12. https://gist.github.com/ae7edf23dbccab866ba559b13a2c0a5b i get an error when a craft with breaking ground robotic servos is finished in a construction mission, and when i fly the newly spawned vessels, the servos are really buggy. every part attached too a servo acts as if its apart of the ship (IE no collisions, resource connected, controllable), but is physically detached- when i turn the ship, the main part with reaction wheels moves, but the robotic parts stay in place, and when i fire the RCS thrusters attached too the parts they just go flying off at high velocity, still thrusting. i hav
  13. https://gist.github.com/5040d42e6ab0f7de2b8833bfa24904a0 i get an error whenever a mission is finished. i think its harmless, but just in case, does anything seem off? log in the link.
  14. are these weights intentional? the large truss piece only weights 325kg (which seems sensible too me), but the smaller one weights 1.5tons?
  15. sorry if this is a dumb question thats answered somewhere obvious, but i cant find it, but... how do you turn on stale air/ stress resources? i see the files in lifesupportresources folder, but idk what to do with em edit:sorry im a fool, i didnt realize the file extension was .txt instead of .cfg, i guess i just change it and it works then right?
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