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  1. as the title says. "why do we need an updated kerbtown successor?" just LOOK what you can do with kerbtown: if someone took these capabilities to the next level, made a fleshed out explorable zone, whatever celestial body it was made on would instantly become the COOLEST celestial body in both vanilla KSP or any KSP planet pack. but they cant because kerbtown isnt updated!
  2. Hey, im making a trully massive interstellar vessel in the VAB (182meters long, longest part is 110meters long) and i started noticing some errors in the log when FAR does voxel cube calculations on it. Is that normal? KSP.log attached: https://gist.github.com/c0356625f8ed2b46e710e69480d74eb5
  3. Ah, ok. i understand now. sorry, i got Rock confused with Dirt, which isnt whitelisted by Rational Resources. thats why i was asking. Although, maybe RR having a option too make the trebuchet and onager multimodal engines that switch from Ore or Rock might be cool, no?
  4. Hello, would it be possible too have an optional MM patch that gives the Trebuchet and Onager an alternate mode with near-identical performance too Rock but it just runs off of Ore instead? i think itd make sense considering both are pretty much unprocessed junk. And i dont think rational resources has configs for Rock yet.
  5. yeah sorry, i just found that out myself, i shouldve waited before i made the post here. i shouldnt have assumed it was this mod.
  6. Did something change in a recent update on how .restockblacklist and .restockwhitelist files are read? im using restock and some other mods, specificially mark 3 and mark 2 expansion and mining expansion, all by the same guy. And one thing i noticed is that, they have .restockwhitelist files in their mods but they still show up with parts of the models untextures (just white). their .restockwhitelist files look like their made properly, so i wouldnt know if its something they did wrong on their part. also, if i remove .restockblacklist, how much will it impact my RAM usage? a lot?
  7. Hey, i think theres a bug with one of the MM configs. If i have Snacks alone enabled, then it works fine. Or if i have ALL the snacks submodules (Stress, hydrazine, and air) enabled, it works. But if i enable Snacks Stress.cfg, but keep Snacks Air.cfg disabled, it errors. i think a certain patch is maybe configured wrong that ends up giving air too parts even when i have air disabled. heres the error in game: KSP log (theres a bunch of spam in it but i assume thats just from b9 partswitch fatal error) : https://gist.github.com/ee66b88c2c94559ba5935e21bb5bcae4
  8. edit: fixed it, i think. was probably just a rogue patch somewhere, that assumed snacks air was going too be enabled, or maybe partdatabse.cfg in the ksp root folder. regardless, i dont think its a snack related issue so itd be offtopic here.
  9. thanks! anyways, relevant too my previous post, i noticed its only certain kinds of vessels that cause the bug, others work fine. i think its a "bad part" that causes it too error out, maybe the kind of engine or smth. i tried a vessel with only stock parts, and it works fine, and a part with B9 and procedural wing parts (the ones on the problematic vessel), but it also works fine. then i tried the problematic one, and the broken flight data thing happens. will keep testing too see what causes it . Edit: ok i can literally recreate the problematic craft part for part and save it in a new file and launch it, and not get any issues at all. at this point im just gonna call it cursed and move on, its completely unreproduceable on my end. no clue what happened too it.
  10. well, im not using the Kronometer mod. Can you give me your modslist? so i can see what i have that you dont?
  11. im getting NRE spam and the flight data tab is all buggy- nans, infinites, and 0s on all the read outs. however, i think it only happens too some ships, not all. see here: KSP.log: https://gist.github.com/28f1463e1b1fb07d3ac8f569b002330a player.log: https://gist.github.com/07f4ac69f45a271446e8aa70082fc130 ship .csv data in ferram aerosapce log folder : https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2fxgtg81pcix0a/Stuka_2021_07_16_20_00_41.csv?dl=0 craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/voxnfmw6zn6pkqx/Stuka.craft?dl=0 if theres anything else i can send too help with this, please tell me. i have no clue why this is happening.
  12. same problem, when i download the files it looks like more like source code rather than something that owrks. i cant find a single .dll file in the GameData, and ingame the procedural wing parts dont work- they dont get the proper configuration options and all that. edit: yeah, looking at the github, doesnt have a proper packaged release but does.
  13. like mike said, it might make sense for stock jet engines since most of the engine is just abstracted as being within the hull of the plane - airplane plus or SXT actually have some jet engines with models for the rest of the turbine, which are really cool. but for the Fireflash, it looks like the whole nuclear reactor is within the model, and that the engine seems too be mostly complete ,isnt it ? or am i wrong and the fireflash is supposed too be way bigger than just the model?
  14. as i said, its not the other parts. its the engine itself. its 12 tons, everything is a small fraction. there was a better picture but i didnt save it - spawn it alone and you can see the center of mass is way outside of it, if you want.
  15. As the title says. Just a mod that adds duplicates of the stock making ground robotic parts, in 2x and 3x scale. hell, it wouldnt even have to be _all_ of them, i just want the servotrons so i can have a solid engine mount for big VTOLS with BIG VTOL ENGINES, without them being all wobbly. too be honest, its probably not a matter of scale of the parts, but just the joint connection strength between them, and esp the robotic parts themselves between the "base" of the part and the part that rotates. Maybe its possible for a MM patch or smth to do this, but i wouldnt know. id give it a try myself but im too lazy and id have too learn a lot.
  16. Is the Near Future Aeronautics Nuclear Jet Engine's CoM being WAY far forward, outside of the part itself even, intentional? Image for reference, theirs some other parts but all pale in weight too the nuclear jet engine and yet its still way off it:
  17. As the title says, using the beyond home mod, whenever i make the transition from being in rhode sphere of influence too barycenter of destiny and fates sphere of influence, i get NRE spam too the log. and it persists even if i exit too main menue, and quicksaving/quickloading. im using Kopernicus, and kopernicus expansion continued-er, and GU and BH with scatterer and EVE and TUFX and planetshine. im also using textures unlimited with magpies patches for many parts, and snacks and rational resources and Scansat. in my previous save, even when i left the sphere of influence of the barycenter of destiny and fate, the NRES also persisted. KSP.log : https://gist.github.com/7319294a5c3d59093388ffb5a7443f84 output_log.txt : https://gist.github.com/a38572f1a1a1168b64439f76493b8a3c Player.log : https://gist.github.com/8c0c3a140e612638d61dad5121b98578 any help would be much appreciated specs are 32gb of ram, intel i7 6700k, rtx 3070.
  18. do you have to go through EVERY .cfg file and change every variable manually too adjust the look of every part affected by magpie mod? i think its a tad too shiny and i like the bottom image in the cfg visual aid, but changing so many numbers feels like it would be misery for me. If anyone else has done it before, and can put the .cfgs publically, thatd be awesome. or if anyone knows of a better way.
  19. Thanks for the response on my Question However, now i ask another Should i be worried about this pop up? i got it when saving a vessel, and then loading it again. i didnt restart KSP between saving it and looking at it in the VAB saved vessels list, which is weird that it would show a module as missing when i just saved it. https://gist.github.com/a7b404311b670556442f7121567a54a9 https://gist.github.com/b00a6f982e0cf3b74a5233ee053cb078 https://gist.github.com/d9b00af89e07a1af3220d4e0c34f73de logs are linked, player and output and KSP.log.
  20. I want EPL features in Pathfinder, but im not personally a big fan of a lot of the EPL Parts. If i install EPL but ONLY the plugin, and delete all the non-EVA parts (so the mallet and survey stakes stay), will pathfinder have the necessary parts too replace most if not every function in EPL?
  21. Hey, have you considered adding an option for Volume restraints? basically, just take the dimensions of the payload object during a mission recording (IIRC these are values the game already calculates and uses- you can see them in the VAB / SPH and in the tracking station for inflight vessels) and then when the mission is recorded in addition too weight restrictions anything larger than the volume deployed also is invalid.
  22. will there be support for WBI OmniStorage part module? so that hwen you increase part size the total volume of the part too be divided into seperate resources also increases? i tried it recently and when a part is scaled the total volume in WBI Omnistorage stays the same.
  23. How would FMRS work if im also using KSTS and Stage Recovery? idk if KSTS would properly record it if theres a staging incident.
  24. Any way too install this, but only the parts that affect OPM? i have other options for the stock planets, but OPM might not have proper configs for scatter and EVE, and id like if i could use this mod too add them, but not entirely sure how too have only the parts that affect OPM and not stock.
  25. Can you add support for glide-back boosters? ie boosters with wings that glide too a landing like a plane? IRL There was a concept or something with booster wings like this: Idk how hard itd be, in all honesty. but itd be cool.
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