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  1. I have a pod leftover from a rescue mission, but it seems that I cannot remove it. I've deleted it in the tracking station and it disappears but when I return to the vessel that had been tracking it, it comes back. The pod for a new rescue contract is also not appearing.
  2. Following an incident where the top half of my rocket was sheared off during ascent, I checked in on the surviving(temporarily) crew as they plummeted back down: It appears my science module and 4-crew habitation pod merged. There are some mysterious forces at work here.
  3. I'm still hoping gas planet 2 will appear sometime...
  4. Do asteroids actually run out of fuel? I remember seeing that planets don't, and while for asteroids it seems they should for obvious reasons.. I haven't seen anything about them having a limited amount of fuel.
  5. I've been doing pretty well in hard mode, had lots of funds and such.. Until I decided to purchase every part I could in the tech tree. The next mission after that, I managed to blow up my launchpad, and not enough funds to repair it Going to be launching from the runway for a while it seems.
  6. I did try making a K-Drive some time after the update. I managed to get them to interact normally for a moment, but it seems the landing legs break pretty quickly, either due to the update or a bad design of mine.
  7. If it helps at all, I can say my FTL egg's method of propulsion still works
  8. I have an assemblage of struts that can get kerbals off of Eve with no fuel.. Probably one of its best uses.
  9. If you didn't already, you have to select to show debris on the drop down tab on the top of the screen.. But if you did then yea, it likely got removed.
  10. Yea I spend time writing it all out (Usually during my classes..), then run it through is KSP
  11. "Oh yes finally! Took me so long! Oh no... No no no stop spinning.." I was excited when I first 'docked' two ships, but since landing legs were the only thing to 'dock' with at the time (.15 I believe), they had some side effects..
  12. I think I might deploy a bunch of red lights to mark a landing site for planes/rockets on another body..
  13. I think mine would be getting everything I build to work first try with no problems.. Rockets, planes, rovers and whatnot.. I even built a craft back in an older version with only one of every part and landed it on the Mun, then returned all in my first attempt
  14. Well haha, that is pretty amazing. So it pretty much decelerates you until your velocity is zero no matter if you have your velocity meter set to surface or orbit? This could be used for a pretty nice lander drive, you won't have to use fuel I think this and the warp drive could be used in a reliable craft now with no need for any fuel.. I wish I could have found something great like this by now I also wonder if this can be used to 'land' on the suns 'surface'...
  15. From what I remember, it was actually a decline in acceleration.. Ad it also gets unstable as when one breaks, it starts spinning out of control.
  16. Ahh yes! The day has arrived where we can put away our jet and rocket engines, and use a Kraken drive on our boats!
  17. Ahh Geb, I remember that I always found it funny seeing the big hulk of metal attached to the pod and not affecting it at all.
  18. Wait, it can lift an orange tank off the launchpad?? Well, hopefully you can find a way to maximize its acceleration as well to maybe FTL Egg acceleration, plaster those kerbals against the walls with 137g's of acceleration! ..Although that might have been a serious Kraken attack, as I usually don't obtain 500km/s before leaving Kerbin
  19. So just how controllable is the new craft? I will not be on my PC until later to try it out, but it already sounds like it is going well Soon we will have fully functional Kraken drives
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