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  1. Oh ***. There goes the planet.
  2. Light speed is too slow. He's gone right to ludicrous speed!
  3. As far as I know, it is planned. Great. Now I'm picturing the Kerbal's space stations as giant hamster habitats.
  4. Monarchy. After free and fair elections, I counted the votes and discovered I had been elected their king.
  5. I've been using the old one. It seems to work. (Although I haven't been playing much lately, so I cannot vouch for high levels of testing.) I am glad there is an official .20 version now. Thank you.
  6. "The Evil Daystar" works for me. Oh, you meant the one in game. Usually "the sun" if I need to, maybe Kerbol. I usually don't talk about it, so I don't have a usual name for it.
  7. That's the old version; how this originally worked. Currently, you have a "tank" full of a resource called "spare parts" that you transfer into another "tank" on your spacedock in the same way that you transfer fuel or monopropellant. Your original vehicle is not disassembled to provide the parts.
  8. razark

    Moon Base

    But what if the base is on Minmus, or Ike, or so forth? Munbases are a subset of moonbases, just like Mun is one of the moons in the game.
  9. Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Bach, Joan Baez, Beatles, Wagner, and the Bedlam Bards make up the large part of my KSP playlist, along with the original game music.
  10. If you do actually get RemoteTech to work with your beautiful piece of work, would you be able to control RemoteTech's flight computer?
  11. Running Windows, 1152x864, windowed, half-res, and fastest rendering. Edit: Changed it to full res, and that does fix it.
  12. How are we determining "played", anyway? In one sense, Kerbal is my "most played" game today. I've had it running for about 23 hours straight now. In another, it's not the "most played", as I've been playing other games, and haven't touched that computer in almost 23 hours.
  13. "It was just a joke" is another way of saying "Stop looking down on me for acting like an ass". By bringing what seem to be obviously male characters into the game, while not providing any obviously female characters, some people feel that gender has already been brought into the game.
  14. I imagine that I might feel differently if I was female. I honestly don't care, because this game has never really been about the characters, it's always the ships. The characters are just there as a little filler detail to me. I think the genderlessness may have been mentioned just to get people off their back so they can work on functional parts of the game. Note that they are still willing to entertain the idea, and didn't say "Shut up, it's not like it actually matters."
  15. If I remember correctly, the official Dev position is that Kerbals are genderless. They may at some point change that, but they feel that there are other things to worry about now, and worrying about female Kerbals at this time has about as much merit as making sure your hood ornament is polished to a high shine before you've even decided if you're building a car or a boat. If they do add them later, they will add them. Begging for female Kerbals is going to get you as far as asking for multiplayer.
  16. Are you really that hard up for some female attention?
  17. KSP? Most played? Not a chance. Windows Solitaire? Now that's a time sink. Kerbal has no chance of catching up. Not to mention Freecell, and Civilization, and Tetris.
  18. I figured that might have something to do with it. Curse my old computer!
  19. For some reason, the new version seems to have the fuzzy filter turned on. Previously: New version: The only difference between the two is the mod version. It's still useable, just not so nice on the eyes anymore.
  20. It was there in .19. It does save some time figuring out which way to point.
  21. No problem. Just glad to see this is still getting updated. It's one of those small things that adds much to the game.
  22. Woohoo! It's back! If only it had a download link... Edit: Found it on Spaceport http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/lsi-spacejunk-cargo-bay/
  23. And the people cheered! My flights have been extremely too quiet lately. Amazing how a little thing that really doesn't have a use makes the game so much more alive.
  24. I would love to see this play well with RemoteTech, as well. Require a relay connection and have time delayed data and commands due to distance.
  25. Super Mario Bros. was released in 1985. You got started on retrogaming early. My first computer game was my dad saying "Here, sort these cards so I can load the program." The first computer we had in the house had to be soldered together from a kit.
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