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  1. Sorry I'm pretty new to module manager. I know there are scripts such as @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant]] { @RESOURCE[MonoPropellant] { @amount *= 1.3 @maxAmount *= 1.3 } } which multiplies every parts monoprop by 1.3 but is it possible to do the same with mass?
  2. That's such a good Idea. A little annoying having to constantly pitch in circles when a MJ maneuver gets to sub 1 m/s. And having the thrust vector aligned with the CoM means it's not aligned with the nose vector, the vector MJ actually uses for pointing.
  3. No. I've tried making it use the realchute system but it was a complete failure on my part. You might try posting in the realchute thread.
  4. Hope to see this updated soon. I used to use it back in .22 and I simply don't know what to do without it.
  5. Hey Laz, I havn't played in a long time but I was excited to play lately because of the Dragon v2 unveiling. Anyways, if I remember correctly last time I played the SuperDraco nacelle's could be attached radially to the capsule but it could also be attached to "nodes" because attaching them radially would cause "phantom torque." It can be visualized by using RCS Build Aid and when the engines are firing the capsules will start spinning. But the latest version doesn't have nodes on the Dragon v1 or v2 so the engines can only be attached radially. Is there a technique that I don't know about to
  6. Just wondering, is there a guide to making a mod's parachute use the realchute system?
  7. Once you deploy the scientific module thing on the JEM, your FPS should go back up.
  8. Add this to the pod cfg of what you want to add it to. MODULE { name = MechJebCore }
  9. I keep checking here every few hours to see if you've released it yet, I can't wait.
  10. I quite like 4, with the nice small wrinkles. I think the smaller wrinkles are more realistic on such a huge object because you know, the MLI will be glued down or whatever as much as possible. I'd say 3 is a close second.
  11. Thanks Laz for the update. I was going to say there was a bug for me with the Hab where all the stages disappeared and the game seemed to bug out, but the update fixed it. Off to Duna.
  12. The new pulse jet superdracos are awesome! I don't know what kind of sorcery it is, the effects are great.
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