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  1. Please try with a different browser and/or disabling any browser plugins. If you still need help, please copy the exact and full error message you're getting.
  2. I understand, and I'd bet that is a good plan. Oddly enough, I don't really use mods, so I'm no expert in that regard.
  3. Thanks for the report. I've added the coords thing as an issue here: https://github.com/Ezriilc/HyperEdit/issues/54
  4. Yes, and I apologize for the long delay. But also, I've been told that our latest BETA-3 works in KSP 1.4.3.
  5. It will work if you follow the directions. I promise.
  6. Instructions are on our site: http://www.kerbaltek.com/hyperedit Just put the .dll file inside the Kerbaltek folder (inside GameData; make it if you don't have it), and remove any other copies of HyperEdit.
  7. I apologize for the long delay. I'm hoping to have the full release published soon. When that happens, the update to CKAN will also happen shortly after.
  8. I'm having a... workflow issue. To be honest, I could use some help.
  9. Practice makes perfect, and HyperEdit definitely helps me with new craft designs and mission plans. My favorite craft builds are on my site (Craft Kitchen), please help yourself. "Kolsys" is my best ship.
  10. Yes, eventually. I'm having some IDE issues. In the meantime, you can use the BETA-3 we have up, as it seems to also work in KSP 1.4.2.
  11. Yes, that is a known issue. I believe that changing scenes (like to Tracking Station) and back will fix it. EDIT: Also, you can see that issue here: https://github.com/Ezriilc/HyperEdit/issues/14
  12. I've tested our current BETA-3 with KSP 1.4.2, and it seems fine.
  13. We recommend that you don't go straight from the surface directly to orbit another body. Edit your orbit to be around the body you're on, then edit it to orbit the other body. The current setup makes it easy to install and use, by simply extracting to the game's root folder.
  14. Yes, the procedure in the FAQ is for normal use, and the Experimental (BETA) versions have an additional set of instructions for using the BETA versions. I suppose I could improve the language of our mod pages. I'm open to any input as to how it should read.