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  1. Hmmm... that is a fantastic idea. Stealing this! Oh, and you know it's mine when it doesn't make it off the runway or launchpad. Kinda my signature thig.
  2. So, Nereid, I have an interesting story to tell. Or pathetic, depending on your outlook I suppose. This career, I am going for 100% "realism".... meaning thorough testing before manning, realistic mission progression, etc. and as part of that, I downloaded your mod. Over time, I watched Lisa Kerman, a promising day 1 recruit that joined the original 4, grow from a noob to a spacegoing veteran. For some reason, she quickly became my favorite, and had 5 missions under her belt before Jeb, Bill, Bob, or Val even LEFT the Kerbonaut barracks. She had every bragging ribbon to have up to the point I am at in my career... First Kerbal to space, first to orbit, first to EVA, etc. etc...... flash forward to todays mission. Oooooh man, todays mission. Todays mission was a single Kerbal mission to orbit the Mun, gather science, and return home. The rocket had been thoroughly tested with 3 unmanned missions, my homebrew LES was of a new, very tested, and very capable design.... it had every reason to go right, really. But, it didn't. I watched in horror as MunBuster 1 with Lisa Kerman on board, my decorated veteran on her way to pin a few more ribbons on her chest, disintegrate into tiny little pieces at about 1500 meters altitude. My mouth literally fell open as I stared at the screen in shock and disbelief. I had not lost a Kerbal, seriously, in my last two years of gameplay. She was gone, really gone. Lisa Kerman was no more. My heart literally sank, and I felt very real grief over my dead pixel Kerbonaut, who I had spent hours romping around on EVAs in LKO, water, jet flight and testing missions. I had given her an entire fictional identity and personality in my mind, really. Why? It took me a minute to figure it out, but... Your mod. Your mod let me connect to the game in a way that is totally awesome, new, and completely unexpected. I was astonished at how sad I was, going out on my deck to smoke a cigarette and contemplate what kind of memorial I was gonna build. How my now COMPLETELY UNEXPERIENCED field of Kerbonauts was going to continue on with the lack of an experienced veteran leading the way... Jeb was the new veteran, with a whopping ONE flight to his name... a suborbital abort landing test. Sheesh man, I've been playing this game since Beta and my heart has NEVER jumped up in my throat like that before when playing. You sir, deserve a six pack and a pizza. Thank you so much for the great mod, and know that at least for one person, it completely changed how I play this game. This freakin' STUPID ADDICTING DAMN GAME. I need a hug now, because my poor Lisa Kerman is dead. And I'm out of funds to build her a proper memorial satellite.
  3. It's a known fact Dres is a myth. It has been proven over and over again to be nothing more than swamp gas.
  4. As a total aside to the original post... fuel cell powered ion drive probes.......!!!! I think my imagination just exploded. I had never thought of that. Perfect for Eeloo shenanigans. Thanks Foxster!
  5. ShotgunNinja.... man. Where do I start. First of all, this mod is officially number ONE on my MUST HAVES before starting a career. Number two being Mechjeb. It's that important. I am absolutely blown away by this mod... its pretty much everything I wanted, and have been trying to piece together via several different mods, until now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  6. I'd like to see the model change too. It's too... cylinderish. I don't know how to explain it. I'm sure there are others far more versed in actual RAPIER design than I. That being said, I love that engine.
  7. Rendezvous practice. I can't say it enough. Get it to where you can do it in one or two orbits for a meeting, and the actual closing in/docking in 10 minutes or less. In your sleep. Hanging upside down in a closet blindfolded. It will be absolutely CRITICAL to be able to rendezvous easily, as well as a good understanding of dV and the many, many ways of saving it by using gravity assists, to exploring the rest of the system and not getting frustrated. If you nail those two things down - you will be able to go anywhere, at any time.
  8. Hmmm... someone to compliment PorkJet.... we need a PorkRocket! Errrrrr....
  9. LOL damn, man.... a 700,000 launcher... I couldn't even launch that thing once, think I have like 400 grand right now hehe... that is extremely cool, good job!
  10. Hey I thought it was good for a laugh. Majorjim's observation is classic. LOL
  11. A guy in Wurm Online told me about it
  12. Good catch. Have you posted this in the bugs forum?