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  1. Didn't change. Wasn't holding alt, but 'x' for KAS. It was very frustrating to try to see attachment with EVS pop up message in the way.
  2. I can't wrench a part on with KAS and EVS. Every time I click to build the part on it switches me to the target vessel instead.
  3. Quick note that the KSP AVC link doesn't land on this thread (forum index instead). Thanks for your development.
  4. Just to let you know I couldn't get RemoteTech and Galileos to work together and I ended up having to change the config to Body = 6. Body = 5 was Niven.
  5. This is a fantastic mod and I get a lot of use out of it. However I have a persistent want. Most times I'm approaching Kerbin I'm not in the aerodynamic configuration that I will be entering the atmosphere in currently. Or rather I will shed parts down to some sort of capsule subset of parts. The annoyance is that the aerodynamic properties of the two configurations aren't the same so a perfectly planned reentry in one configuration can be hugely different than the other. However if I could apply some sort of manual aerodynamic file from my back pocket (perhaps recorded on a totally different
  6. I use FAR so if nothing else it's the lite version of RC included in FAR.
  7. I'm having a problem with Smart Parts in 1.0.5, namely that staging isn't staging everything. A booster on a radial decoupler which shares a stage with the parachute will behave in two different ways if staged via space bar or via a smart part. Pressing spacebar will arm the parachute and decouple while the smart part is only decoupling the stage.
  8. Is it possible to make the fuel lines much more fragile? Right now two space craft floating next to each other have a strong chance to develop extreme oscillations and fly apart. I'd much rather the fuel hoses would breakaway than the perpetual jiggle machine to eat my craft.
  9. I'm also having this issue. It sounds like something that would be in options but I can't make heads or tails of the options. There's a trashcan icon along with the pause, message, etc. options for alarms but no tooltips means I have no idea what it's supposed to do. In either setting I get the same build up of old alarms.
  10. The GitHub source and release links seem to be backward. The release doesn't contain a GameData folder and has all the bare .cs script files.
  11. I know the default MFD autopilot page is supposed to integrate with Mechjeb but there are some rather useful stock 6-way SAS programs that would be super nice to access in IVA.
  12. I was on one version ago. No longer an issue. [Enhancement] Disable jetpack mouse input while dragging
  13. Would a change away from 0 cost procedural parts avoid that issue? I wonder if it would be relatively simple to change the procedural cost from (0+calculated_amount) to (nominal_value+-calculated_deviation). The final cost would be the same but for mods (such as this) that have to fallback to the static value it would at least be close.
  14. It might be a repeat report but I have an item duplication bug regarding carried containers: Assuming wrench in Kerbal slot #1, carried container in Kerbal slot #2. Inside the container there is also an item (let's say the basic battery) in the container's slot #2. The Kerbal is on EVA near a container mount, "2" is pressed and "X" is held while the container outline is hovering in blue over the node attach point. LMB is pressed to complete the attachment of the container to the mount. The result is that it is the battery from inside the container is attached to the mount instead of the contai
  15. In the VAB in the KCT dialog the bottom button is "Part Inventory." I have another issue with inventory, namely certain parachutes are more plentiful than rabbits in heat. Probodobodyne OKTO 1 Mk1 Command Pod 2 Modular Girder Segment 17 ... RealChute Radial Chute 810400 Mk-R Radial-Mount Parachute 909198 RealChute Cone Chute 1735596 Mk16 Parachute 976598
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