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  1. A work around for me (on 1.2.2 as well) is to switch in and out of Camera Tools Mod (default hkey is 'Home' and 'End'), not sure if there's a modless workaround for it.
  2. The whole fuselage and wings are made of the b9 procedural wing parts, and use those textures (including colour/paint). Decals used are the 'nebula decals' but I've since switched on over to blackheart's stickers
  3. While perhaps not for the thread specifically, I had these old screenshots of a Corsair and a Hellcat with as much ordnance stuck under-wing as possible
  4. Hi! Just note that the plane was from a 1.1.x save, but almost everything behind that engine (from airplane plus) is Procedural Wings, with the exception being components from NEBULA Decals (USAAF Decal), and Aviator Arsenal (Command Antenna).
  5. Just wanted to share a Corsair from a while back: Keep up the great work!
  6. Hawker Hunter Patrol:


  7. @tetryds Ah, alright then I will try the .cfg changes and see what comes out of it. I might be using an older version of Aviator Arsenal since I think from memory the 100lbs still display the same behaviour (I don't use them too often, and they might be used in the .gfy above). Thanks for the response however.
  8. Hi, was the bombs ever changed in terms of it falling tail first? I am using FAR just to note. An example:
  9. Bombing Raid on the Island Airfield:

  10. I just wanted to share a series on which I pit my aircraft against one another (including the occasional Player vs AI). These videos use the BD_Armoury Mod and it's included AI module. I have quite a few aircraft (mainly WWII to Early Post War era) made, but some are undergoing revisions. Feel free to make suggestions, thanks for reading. Yak-15 vs Ta-152: MiG-15 vs F9F Panther (Korean War): A6M2 vs F4U-1 Corsair (1v3, Myself vs AI):
  11. Hiya, do you think TweakScale support is possible in the future at all? Thanks for the making the mod, it let me create some of the planes I've always wanted to make:
  12. G'day guys, I've been trying to mod in FFAR/HVAR rockets from WWII from this mod, however, the closest I've gotten is a custom AGM-114 (resized etc.) but it doesn't perform similar to the Hydra-70 rockets. I've been trying to create a custom rocket part with the model of the H70 rocket from the launcher, but strange effects (permanent rocket exhaust in SPH/in-game) and lack of textures, as well as it not performing similar to the original H70 rocket has me stumped. Can anyone help?
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