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  1. Coffee. That's no food? Make it stronger!
  2. Having a switch between liquid fuel and oxidizer would be nice for building planes, too!
  3. Agreed. Sometimes I have to strut parts on planes due to the "wet noodle" effect and it would be nice if that would not impact the performance that much. Fun fact: 4 small struts cause a significant difference in performance. They cause more drag than 4 Goo containers (same mass). 0_o PS: Some screenshots from my testing:
  4. Oi! I was strutting all kinds of stuff on my SSTOs to make them more rigid. Thanks for the science!
  5. I'm saving Eeloo for a rainy day. With the new aero model I feel like doing Eve again maybe. I already landed a probe on it for a contract but maybe I should do it again. Haven't got any water samples from Eve yet.
  6. This. I went to Duna on 4 LV-909s yesterday. Honestly, at this point I'm not sure what I would use the NERVA for. Too damn heavy.
  7. And here I was thinking about how I could launch my space station sideways... Good idea with the test series!
  8. I'd like planes and spaceplanes to be more relevant for science gathering. I know, tall order but it would be nice.
  9. Oh thanks! I don't use that many struts but every little bit counts sometimes.
  10. They are referring to the graphics. How the water looks, how some ground textures have a visible repeat pattern, lighting, no clouds... Basically, it doesn't look on par with the latest Battlefield/CoD tech. Although, some clouds and stuff would be really nice to have, Squad! <3
  11. 1.02 makes my game crash when I reenter with a large SSTO plane due to a memory leak. So, that's not exactly a source of unlimited happiness for me. But the ideas behind 1.0 were very good and they only need a couple of fixes and some balancing.
  12. Can confirm, OOM crash after reetry with a large SSTO (16 Rapiers). RAM usage of KSP was over 3.3 in the Task Manager.
  13. I liked science mode when it was new and career when it was introduced but it got old. Now I'm back to sandbox and a new, better challenge: learning to adapt to all the new features and building planes again. (Squad, pls give us more light-weight structural parts that don't mess with aero, thx!)
  14. Ferram, it makes me so happy to see that you already have a new, improved idea and are taking FAR to the next level! =D
  15. I've been around since KSP keys were given out for a donation of $7. My thanks to the entire developer team, you guys rock! KSP was a lot of fun in the earliest versions and has blown my mind with almost every update. Congrats to 1.0!
  16. Hard and a satellite contract has a payout of 13k or was it "science around Kerbin"? I didn't really look into it after I noticed how much building upgrade costs. If I have to repeat a mission several times for small progress that's grind to me. I play KSP to relax, not to have a second job. I want to land on Tylo and fly a spaceplane to Laythe, not hang out in Kerbin SOI for kerb bucks. ;P Whatever removes the grind works for me. Right now "hard" is just as easy as - "normal", it just takes longer and makes the game boring. It's not challenging in any way, just repetitive.
  17. My idea was to make building rockets harder (or easier for new players) without adding grind to upgrading your space center facilities. Atm, if you want to upgrade R&D to make use of docking ports you will need over a million kerb bucks. That's the equivalent of 90 satellite missions on hard. If you fly missions to the moons it's slightly better but still very grindy. I don't think it's unreasonable if players want docking ports, proper ladders and larger solar panels before they go interplanetary. And it would certainly be nice to have kerbals with EVA capability and some navigation support like conics. The only way to get those things atm is: a) to grind missions for many, many hours; to cheese money by leaving satellites in orbit or stranding a kerbal on flag-planting duty. Both are less than ideal options. Moving building upgrades to reputation means you can customize how much grind you want for building upgrades without interference for the rocket building part. You can have money pay-out at 50% and reputation at 200%. This forces you to build economic space ships but allows you to research all the quality of life stuff like conics, docking ports and RAM jets in a reasonable amount of time.
  18. Well, you can already turn rep into money and even go negative by doing so I believe. (Haven't used it yet.) PS: I see cats are very popular... =3
  19. I was playing career (shocker, I know...) on hard and it felt really grindy. Paying for the rockets is easy but upgrading the Space Center takes forever. So I set the money gain to 200%. Now every challenge to build small and cheap rockets is gone. I want my cake and eat it! What if we would pay for the Space Center upgrades with reputation? We could still have the challenge to build very efficient rockets and small monetary payouts without turning the building upgrades into a huge grind. It would even be kinda realistic. When a space program is doing well it would be easy to use its good reputation to get funds for a new building. It would make reputation useful and more than a theoretical currency. Please share your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!
  20. Equatorial orbit around Kerbin? Sure, can use the sat from last launch. Oh, 180° inclination? Well, damn! xD
  21. The barn looks amazing: [h=1]#BringBackTheBarn[/h] Please!
  22. I'm not sure but most likely somebody on the Uber Ent forum posted about it. Or was it GPG? Anyway, it was July 2011 and I got KSP for a donation. I think those $10 were the best value per buck I've ever gotten out of a game. KSP is the best "Early Access" game in my book (Minecraft being the #2) and I'm doubtful any other game will ever beat it. Well, there is Dwarf Fortress but that's a very special case. =3
  23. RCS thrusters work even if other parts block them, no worries. I can hgily recommend this useful mod to balance them (to avoid rotation during translation): http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/35996 This mod is also super useful for building planes and VTOLs because it shows your center of mass for dry weight. Basically: Get the red ball inside of the yellow one and your plane will be well balanced during the entire flight - unless you have a very unusual design.
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