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  1. Ha, thanks for that! I found it not long after posting, and it has found no errors. I guess my problems are just KSP being KSP.
  2. Hi all; Lately I've been having KSP freeze up, and sometimes my entire computer freezes up. Before I just assume it's KSP being KSP, I thought I would ask here. I installed new RAM; I suspect it might be conflicting with the old ram and wonder if there's any way to test for this. Thanks!
  3. EngineerChip is probably from Kerbal Engineer Redux. You can find a download in this post. If it is the same chip in this .craft, all it does is is display useful information about your ship while in flight.
  4. Thanks for the help on updating. I'll test this out soon and we'll have people back to playing on the most exciting body in the entire Kerbal Universe, Dres!
  5. Kerbulator launches correctly, and I can open the "new functions" window, but there is no GUI in that window to input functions. It is just a blank grey box that won't go away. This is on Linux.
  6. Looking at how these work now, a lot has changed since Dres Space Program worked. It would be great if you'd have a peek at the github: Thanks!
  7. This looks really good. New challenges with the comfort of all your old favourites.
  8. I think you might mean mesotherms. Being the other might be a bit... messy.
  9. Awesome. I got a new user going, it works properly, and I should be able to repair my normal account using just a little more time than I have right now. Big thanks to you all!
  10. Thanks, @Nuke; I'll try that out asap. Do you offhand know if a user can be made from the commandline? My Windows literacy has diminished somewhat. @Dman979: Trying to give @sjwt a run for his title?
  11. My computer setup is a little odd. I dual-boot windows and linux, and have both their core programs on a SSD. The SSD is very small, though, so I had managed to set up Windows to use the main drive for much of its storage; directories like Program Files made their way there, connected to C: with Junction links. It was never wise to my clever trick. But now, trying to install a newer version of .net, I needed it to see more space on C:. I tried moving Users to the data drive and linking it up like I had done before, but I botched the job and now can't log in. Safe mode works for logging in (with some small issues) and I have tried moving everything back to where it should be, but no luck yet. As I mentioned, I have access to Linux, and full use of ln there, and I can see in Windows (using a program called Junction Link Magic) that many of the links that used to exist have vanished. So, can anyone help me out here?
  12. Odd that OPM is in the list. I thought Galileo specifically mentions it as not compatible.
  13. This was a really fun addition for the game that has been missed. I'm glad you've brought it back.
  14. Weather would be interesting. I would love to see some exo-weather making planet exploration a little less dull. And Kerbin could have weather belts- very calm weather around the equator to avoid the entire problem of messing with beginner rocket launches and launch windows, to more adverse and variable as you go further towards the poles.
  15. I loved these wheels! Thanks for updating them - they get to go right into the game.
  16. Another really interesting balloon mod is JoePatrick1's KerBalloons mod. It's more focused on weather balloons but has very well done balloon swelling on atmospheric pressure. Might be interesting to check out?
  17. Odd question here. I run on linux, and so I have the stripey planets problem because OpenGL hates .dds files. When I started KSP up today though, KSP properly loaded the OPM textures. No more stripey planets. Even on a clean install with only OPM and Kopernicus, I no longer have stripey planets. What happened? Does anyone have any idea how my linux KSP suddenly runs OPM correctly? My computer has ghosts.
  18. This is really very nice. I am certainly going to try it out.
  19. No good I'm afraid. And I'm out of time for tonight; I also tried exportBin = false but that is worse. Good luck! edit: for now I have commented out update = true, which I guess means that no changes are being made to the Mun? Also, @GregroxMun, Laythe, and only Laythe, has the stripey texture problem that many OPM users (including me) on Linux suffer from. Do you know offhand what is different about what you did to it? Thanks! Converted the .dds to .png and flipped it vertically. Linux doesn't use .dds properly.
  20. I found the problem. This section... Debug { exportBin = true update = true } ... is no good. Remove it and the mod loads fine.